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Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz Crushes It!

Even if Bill Kaulitz and the guys from Tokio Hotel are currently very focused on the preparation of their Dream Machine tour and work in the studio, of course, the fun can not be neglected. And that is why the singer and Tom Kaulitz squealed on Halloween.

On Instagram, Bill Kaulitz keeps his fans always up to date. And, of course, the singer presents himself in his cool Halloween outfit a few days ago. The 27-year-old disguised as Zombi, and his twin brother Tom could also be seen in his gruesome outfit. No wonder the fans are enthusiastic about the look. The frontman of TH seems to have liked Halloween, because under the common picture with his brother he writes: “My favorite time of the year“. Later, the two guys went to a Halloween party together with some friends. Cool!

Bill Kaulitz is celebrating with Tom Kaulitz!

Later in the evening, the singer posted a picture and did not overlook the fact that Bill Kaulitz had him cracked. But even if the front man of Tokio Hotel certainly had a lot of fun, now again calls the seriousness of life. Currently, he and his band members are back in the studio to work together on new songs. In just a few months, the four guys finally break out and start their Dream Machine tour around the world. Until then, the 27-year-old, together with his brother, will certainly be celebrating some parties. Hopefully he will keep us up to date on Instagram.


Tom Kaulitz, and from left, Shay Todd, Bill Kaulitz, and Shiro Gutzie attend Treats! Halloween with Absolut Elyx in partnership with Utsinger Entertainment at the Los Angeles Theatre on Friday October 31, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Invision for Treats Magazine/AP Images)


Just Jared’s Halloween Party at THe No Vacancy Club

Other hot bands in attendance included ….
Tokio Hotel‘s Bill and Tom Kaulitz
(dressed as an evil clown and evil Indian, respectively).

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

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Tokio Hotel Find Their True Love In America:
Halloween Candy

MTV helps satisfy the German band’s collective sweet (and sour) tooth.

By James Montgomery, with reporting by Kim Stolz

There are three things Tokio Hotel really like about the United States: fast food (particularly In & Out Burger), Hollywood movies (particularly those starring Angelina Jolie) and, strangely enough, American candy (particularly any brand they can get their hands on).

Naturally, they were rather upset that they wouldn’t actually be in the U.S. for the single greatest candy-consuming day of the year: Halloween. Seems they’re due back in Germany to continue work on their new album, which meant that after Thursday night’s sold-out show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom, they’d be packed on a plane and sent home, candyless.

Of course, when we heard about this, we decided to help. So, we surprised the guys backstage at the Roseland with a heavy-duty Halloween candy bonanza. In between stuffing Sweet Tarts, Warheads and Twix bars in their mouths, TH frontman Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother, guitarist Tom, actually managed to get a few words in too.

“In Germany, we do not have Halloween, which is a shame. We do have some of this candy though,” Bill laughed, surveying the mounds of sweets before him. “We have M&Ms, we have these things here — Ritter Sport — and these too, [Kinder Surprise Eggs]. … I’m not really into chocolate; I really love all the sour stuff. … I just like the surprises [in the Kinder].”

“What kind of surprise is in there?” Tom asked bassist Georg Listing, who unwrapped the Kinder to reveal some sort of boat/duck contraption. “Is that a boat? Maybe it’s a sex toy?”

Other highlights from our candy-filled rampage with Tokio Hotel included Bill’s confusion over Pixy Stix “Are they sour?”, and Tom’s love of candy cigarettes “It is bubblegum! We are all non-smokers, so this is good!”. Most important of all, despite their boasts that they like their candy as sour as possible, neither of the Kaulitz brothers could finish one single Mega Warhead ball.

“Gack!” Bill sputtered, spitting his Warhead onto the floor. “It’s too sour for me.”

And then, just as the candy frenzy was hitting its high mark, it was time for the guys to take the stage. So we bid farewell to the Kaulitz brothers, and wished them luck on their new album. But before they went, they had one message for their fans here in the States.

“We wanted to say thank you, and we will be back in December to play some radio shows. Also, happy Halloween!” Bill said, before asking, “Can we take some of this candy with us?”

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