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Hamburg, Germany

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Four small boys from Magdeburg conquer the world in 2005
and bring millions of screaming girls to follow them through the monsoon.
Meanwhile Tokio Hotel have grown up
and visit Nina and Haacke in your N-JOY afternoon.


Ancienne Belgique

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Dream Machine – This is the new album from Tokio Hotel

Berlin / Magdeburg –

The music goes on, the red balloon rises. To heaven, into the universe. You yourself are floating on a string. Feels somehow high by listening alone. – These thoughts could come up with the one who heard the new album of Tokio Hotel for the first time. It will appear on March 3.

Actually a nice picture.” Bill Kaulitz grins. This is quite true. After all, the record bears the name “Dream Machine”. The four in Germany are once again on the scene. A comeback is not, says Bill’s brother Tom Kaulitz. “We never felt like we had stopped.”

Tokio Hotel have “always made music”

We have always made music,” says the guitarist. “We only had the problem that Somehow our personalities were more interesting.” The Magdeburgers wanted to create this twist again, as in the album almost three years ago (“Kings of Suburbia”). There should be no tabloid press. Focus on the music. Only the hype remained – before the Kaulitz brothers then escaped to Los Angeles.

The other two lived at the home. Bass player Georg Listing celebrated his 29th birthday. Drummer Gustav Schäfer became a father. Teenie stars will also grow up. Like their music. At least something is close.

The band of Tom and Bill Kaulitz was almost exclusively present on old posters

However, the band did not leave any earlier. In the production of the new record a bit of “nostalgia” had been there, says the Magdeburger. While Tokio Hotel for their German fans were more present on old posters than on big stages, the friends had returned to the musical origin.

Without a producer, without prescriptions, with “incredibly much unhealthy food”, they joined the studio in 2015. “And then we saw where the trip was going,” says Listing.

“Dream Machine” is the dream album of Tokio Hotel

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(premiere 21.06.2006)

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