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(1st & 8 of Sept ~ 28th of Mar, 2015)

Original Post by: Tokio Hotel Birthday Project

Every year during the first week of September I donate supplies to my local animal shelter in honor of the Tokio Hotel guys’ collective birthdays (Georg too because I can never remember when his birthday is since he had to be a rebel and be born outside of September). This year I’d like to turn that into a fandom wide birthday project.

My idea is to have everyone donate something, then take a picture of yourself with your cash donation receipt or the supplies you’re donating, and on the twins birthday post it and your birthday wishes along with #HelpingAnimals4TokioHotel. Do the same thing again on Gustav’s birthday.

Hopefully they’ll notice the hashtags and all the pictures and it will make them happy knowing their fans are trying to make the world a better place.

If you have no shelter near you and don’t have a favorite charity already, I’ve listed some major animal charities after the hearts. If you can’t spare any money, then donate your time. Just do something good and post a picture of it (or if that’s not possible, describe what you did) along with #HelpingAnimals4TokioHotel.

Don’t forget to @ the band on Twitter and tag the band & all 4 guys on Instagram. On IG, you can also include the following hashtags –

  • #HelpingAnimals4theKaulitzTwinsBirthday
  • #HelpingAnimals4GustavSchäfersBirthday
  • #HelpingAnimals4GeorgListingsBirthday

Below is a list of some charities, along with their ratings on (CN) and (GS). You have to register (it’s free) with GuideStar to see the full report, but you can still get a good overview without signing up.

The Mr. Mo Project
Helping Senior Dogs Out of Shelters

Foundation (CNGS)

Sanctuary (CNGS)

Friends Animal Society (CNGS) Best Friends is currently holding a drive to raise money to build a new kitten nursery at their Los Angeles shelter. Donate and you can name a kitten.

Welfare Institue (CNGS)

The Fund for Animals

CharityNavigator’s list of 4-star charities, 144 in the animal category. There are also numerous small local and regional charities, such as Wings of Rescue (CNGS) Thanks hanami_th for the info.

Canadian animal charities.

There is World Animal Protection (CNGS) There’s a link in the upper right corner to navigate to the local site for countries in which they operate. However, they have a very poor rating due to spending half the money they raise on further fundraising.


And always remember, before donating to any charity, do your research and make sure you’re comfortable with them and confident that they will use your money wisely.