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Birthday Break with the Kaulitz Brothers

Twelve years ago they went “Through the monsoon”, now they are slowly but surely going to 30!
As teenagers they became famous, now Tokio Hotel twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz celebrated their 28th birthday! With inner in the Berlin celebrity restaurant “Borchardt”, which the brothers left on Saturday morning around 5:30.

In tow, they had two helium-filled balloons in the forms “B” and “T” and 28 more balloons – one for each year of life. The balloons released, with their wishes, finally made their rise into the sky.

When Tom and me sent out wishes to the sky knotted on 28 ballons #birthdays 🎈

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Emoji interview with Bill Kaulitz
Hand up

The Tokio Hotel singer about school, makeup and Los Angeles.
And all this without words

At 16, Bill Kaulitz became a superstar as a singer of Tokio Hotel. He toured around the world, twisted boys and girls heads, his apartment was besieged by stalkers.
Today, he lives in L.A., is modeling, and has released the new album “Dream Machine” with Tokio Hotel in spring.

On an intermediate stop in Berlin we catch him on the phone with WhatsApp. He does not have much time, but he does not have to type much anyway: he can only answer our questions with Emojis.