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Bill Kaulitz gives us a deep insight into his wardrobe
through the camera lense, and into his thoughts and his private world.
Visit the Berlin Apartment of the Tokio Hotel Frontman.

My fascination with Bill Kaulitz started with my nose. In my early twenties I had to get surgery done because I had a hard time breathing. After the operation the breathing situation was even worse and I was only allowed to sleep in an upright position, which made it impossible for me to sleep. Instead I watched TV. Night after night. And after a whole week I had the feeling, that I had two new best friends: The TV-salesman Sascha Heyna and Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. But since Sascha had always been there (and surely was the friend of many people that suffered from insomnia) and Tokio Hotel just had it’s breakthrough with “Durch Den Monsun”, the thing with Bill felt somehow more exclusive.

In the lack of programs at night, they just kept on repeating interviews with Bill – and at that time, it was 2006, there were many of them. In the end I knew all of them and I thought Bill was funny, charming, quick-witted and somehow disturbingly interesting. There was this boy with (too) much make-up and this crazy hair (why he wore it that way you will discover in the video). He was like a piece of art without being artificial. It was the opposite: He seemed to be so authentic. To this day, this is exactly what drives him, when he is getting dressed. He wants to be authentic, no matter if he looks like a punk, a drag, a lumberjack, a dandy or a ringmaster. It’s because he chooses his outfit depending on his moods.

Apart from that, he dresses anti-cyclical. That means, he likes to play with appearance and existence and with gender roles. When Bill feels bad, (unlike many) he doesn’t dress in a hoody and comfy pants, he chooses something formal and stiff instead. Because it forces him to retain his composure. When Bill parties, he never dresses up but chooses something comfortable that he doesn’t have to worry about, so he can have a good time. And he sure loves to have a good time. Face to face he is even better than on TV. He is smart, friendly, endearing, down to earth and yet a bit crazy (thank god!). And he loves to laugh – the most about himself. Which is a very friendly matter and it proves that I’ve always had the right instinct about him.


Borchardt ~ Berlin

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Opening of ‘The First Flush’
Wintergarten Variete
Berlin, Germany

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