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Tokio Hotel: Hair, Fans and Tattoos

Since 2001, Tokio Hotel held together and released four albums. With a brand new one just around the corner, there is no doubt that the German guys who have not even attained the age of 30 has managed something very few at all dream about.

A month back it was announced that the successful quartet is going to Norway in April, and in the occasion, Norges (self-proclaimed) the first Tokio Hotel fan brush up on German and keep your phone ready for a little chat with the band that has been through one and another monsoon.

Hey how are you?


It is now seven years since the last time you visited Norway, what can fans expect?

They can at least expect a bit of a show. We always have a desire to create an experiences that one can always carry with them as a memento. So a show that both entertains and is fun. Also, we are just in the studio currently and complete our next album, so there will be plenty of new music!

Hooray, when will the next album?

It is not completely determined yet, but we’re working on it – and it will in any case before the tour.

The sound has evolved over the years and is more in the direction electro-pop now?

Yes, exactly – electro-pop is a perfect description. We started already several albums since working with several young people, and stock mainly just music in English now. We are trying many new things and this new album is a little softer than the last album, but much more experimental and electronic. So we take even more distance from these regular music recipes.

Where do you get inspiration?

Bill: Tom and I like really quite different and sample often if possible to go to concerts to mass up and coming artists.

Tom: I am more so I like different songs and sounds – it happens rarely that I actually hear a whole album.

Bill: Yes, but we really like the latest album from The Weeknd, plus, among others, Depeche Mode, Chvrches, Daft Punk, Justin Bieber and Skrillex.

It is even almost as living legends to be reckoned with almost two decades behind you in the music industry, what is the difference between a concert today and when you first started?

Tom: Few people will probably believe it, those who at that time was there during a show, but now it’s actually – even better!

Bill: Haha, no, but it’s certainly changed somewhat and we are much more technical. We run a number of technical frills and not only instruments such as guitar, drums and bass, but also with analog synthesizers, sound sampler with percussion and trying to do more since it is not so easy to do everything with just three instruments. Plus Tom’s song attempts not give so much – hehe. So with the help of his laptop, we want to give more. Before we were only four little boys who played.

If you could give yourself a piece of advice for 10-15 years ago, what would it be?

Hmm, play more in Norway! Alas yeah – it may sound a bit cliché, but we had not been where we are today if we did not go through what we did then, every look and wherever there. As long as you keep it authentic, a look back and be proud. Everything happens for a reason!

Of course there are 10,000s of times where one is just thinking, “Oh, maybe I should rather have thought a bit at first,” in both personal and business, but it’s actually nothing where I think that I 1000%’d never done anything. We are so grateful that everything has gone so well!

Bill, your hair styling has had a story for itself. How much time did you actually spend at your distinctive lion mane?

Oh, pretty long. It went fast from 2-3 hours and then also the makeup, the clothes and nail polish to.

So if I think about going out tonight, should I set aside some time to get the look?

To run the you should probably start early, haha! But that it must almost be.

What’s that sick thing that has happened until now?

– There is so much! For us it was in any case a great thing when we first could go to Japan and Tokyo – it was like another planet. And LA for the first time, plus winning the VMAs (in 2008, for best newcomer, where they defeated among others Katy Perry) was a “total trip”. Not to mention France, which was the first country outside Germany where we broke through. So there have been many fine moments that we had never seen us would happen.

Have many crazy fans?

Bill: Oi yes, there are also a lot from a to z. During the previous tour broke a lady in Tom’s hotel room, so there are some things that feel a little creepy, where people go totally out of line, but also lots of cute stuff. In the US there was one who had all my hairstyles tattooed on their body – like 16 different Bill-faces.

Tom: Which of course is a little pity. Did she at least have a Tom-tattoo….

Bill: Haha, yeah it’s crazy – and one thinks “wow what a compliment” but it’s still a little crazy when someone actually tattooing 16 faces of you all over their body …

Eh yes. But how did the name Tokio Hotel actually come about?

It’s really no big reason, we made our first album at 13-year-olds and would do anything internationally. So there was really a bit through group dynamics and Tokio sounded so very distant and out there. We had big dreams with the band so it was a name that reflected this. Slightly more as a feeling than a logical explanation. It’s a bit of a strange name, but there was a feeling and we did not know quite what was going to happen next.

In other words, Lost in Translation.

– Yep!

Thanks for the chat, we look forward to April!

– Yes, us too!


Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitz “stunned” over the rise of the AfD

In the summer of 2005 the teenagers Bill, Georg, Gustav and Tom from Magdeburg as a band “Tokio Hotel” started a world career. Thier first title, “Through the Monsoon” is still a hit to this day and made them famous to Russia and South America. “Dream Machine” is the tour with which they will come to Leipzig in spring 2017. With the brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, who have been living in Los Angeles for seven years, Anja Förtsch spoke.

Ten years ago there was not a day when you heard nothing from you. Lately it has become quiet. How are you actually?
Bill Kaulitz: We’re fine. We are in the studio without end, are very busy momentarily. There is no day when we do not work from early to late on the album and new songs. We have built up a bit of time pressure. If you do not do it, you can probably creep in the studio for years. Every band and every musician knows this.

Is the album coming this year?


When asked about his hair choices,
Joe revealed he was inspired by Tokio Hotel

“I had really long hair at one point and I don’t know why, but I wanted to have the hair like this guy from Tokio Hotel. It’s a German Pop-Rock band and he has this beautiful anime style hair. For some reason, I decided to do my hair just like him, so it would take quite a while. He kind of looks like a cat, too. Props to that guy for taking that much time.”

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