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The Half-Minute Hero track listing includes heavy metal legends Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, Nine Inch Nails and Def Leppard, joined by newer artists such as Tokio Hotel, Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Seether.
“The Half-Minute Hero playlist on VidZone perfectly encapsulates the feel of the game, with an eclectic collection of heavy metal and punk rock tracks,” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games.
The full track listing is as follows:
Alter Bridge – Rise Today
Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
Def Leppard – Nine Lives
Dio – Rock ‘n ‘Roll Children
HAMMERFALL – Any Means Necessary
Helloween – Dr. Stein
Innerpartysystem – Don’t Stop
Joe Satriani – Summer Song
Lordi – Would You Love A Monsterman (2006 Version)
Mötley Crüe – If I Die Tomorrow
Motörhead – I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
NIGHTWISH – Bye Bye Beautiful
Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds
Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Faces
Seether – Rise Above This
SONATA ARCTICA – Flag In The Ground
Tokio Hotel – Ready, Set, Go!
Within Temptation – The Howling

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Anorexia and binge drinking, which rumors are true about Bill Kaulitz?
In an interview with OK the Tokio Hotel singer clears things up.

He responds calmly to the rumors about being anorexic: “There is no truth in that at all, so no one has to be worried,” Bill Kaulitz, 20, calms us down in the interview. “I eat, and most of all I love anything that is ovenbaked, like casseroles. And also candy/sweets.”

But besides that the life of the Tokio Hotel singer is anything but normal. “I am grateful that we have so many fans,” he declares. “But that also means, that I am being observed all the time. I often wish, I was a normal human, who can make normal mistakes without the entire world talking about it.” For instance about the past of the former school band.

When I was 15, I was on the road a lot. I have gotten drunk so badly at times that I wasn’t even on this planet anymore,” Bill says openly. “But all that loses his charm after some time. I love my body too much to do that to it. And I am way too afraid to lose the control over my life. I am a total control freak.”

Bill does not let negative headlines get him down. “How paradox it might seem, I am thankful for all the haters out there. I rather polarize as be boring.” And because of that he does not even think about changing his extravagant style. “I see it as a big piece of freedom, to dress the way I want. That what I wear, is art after all,” he says confidently.

But there are also moments in which Bill turns rather shy. When they ask him about his private life and his sexual tendencies. “I would love to have a girlfriend, I want to fall in love and have a real relationship,” he says. One night stands with groupies will not happen to him. “I do not want to spend the little free time I have with just any girl, but with a soul mate.”

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Fashion Against Aids

Purpose is to strengthen among young people the consciousness for the further existing dangers by HIV/AIDS.
 Monday the picture and the press release will be accessible


The T-shirt shown was sketched within the scope of this collection by Tokio Hotel.
It is produced of 100% of bio-cotton.
25% of the income goes to HIV/AIDS projects

 The sales begin on the 28th May

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