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New “Tokio Hotel” album? Bill and Tom Kaulitz give puzzling hints
Will Tokio Hotel bring out new music soon?

The former teen band from Magdeburg, which celebrated its international breakthrough with ‘Through the Monsoon’ in 2005, still has a loyal fan base today. However, this is just the puzzle of what the darlings do behind closed studio doors. Frontman Bill Kaulitz  is currently repeating hints that strongly suggest that a new album is on the march.

Just a week ago, the singer posted on his Instagram account a picture with a black background, on which only the pink lettering “melancholic paradise” can be read. He did not give a comment on this, but if you enter the words together with the band name on Google, a link appears from the ticket sales site Eventim, which announces a world tour in 2019. The link leads the fans, however, into the void. Now the 29-year-old has delivered another clue. In his Instagram story, he shared a selfie and wrote: “Just listening to the mix of our new songs while I’m on my way to New York.” New songs? This sounds very much like the fact that the group, which consists of Bill’s twin brother Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing  and Gustav Schäfer, is actually working on a new album. Their last album ‘Dream Machine’ came out in 2017.

The fact that the ‘Easy’ hitmakers are also on tour with this new album soon is as good as confirmed. In the summer camp of the band, which took place in the summer with about 500 fans, vouchers for Tokio Hotel  concerts were already raffled in 2019. Do the fans really need more confirmation?

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