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Berlin, Germany

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the launch of our new collection Tokio Hotel Magdeburg-LosAngeles
designed by Bill

Exclusively at our live shows and at tokiohotel-shop

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The four teen stars of Tokio Hotel have made it through the monsoon into Disslike Studio – finally!
In addition, you will finally learn who Gustav is and why he always looks so grim.

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by Sebastian Pielles

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Let’s celebrate the release of Tokio Hotel‘s new video “Boy Do not Cry” with an exclusive fashion shooting. Berlin based photographer Sebastian Pielles teamed up with KALTBLUT’s stylist Nico Sutor to shoot Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel. Fashion by P.E Nation, Atelier About, Samsøe & Samsøe, Fred Perry, Nico Sutor, Zign. “She took me dancing. All she wants to do is dance“, Bill Kaulitz sings in” Boy Do not Cry” and we love it. “The song is about being saved and that can be in many situations. The inspiration for the song is that we have an encounter with something extraterrestrial. You can be a lot, for example by positive people. And of course you can save yourself from this depression.” Says Bill about the track. The song is taken from the 2017 album “Dream Machine”. The video comes with 3 new versions of the song by Tribulation, Regi & Tiefschwarz!

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