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Dream Machine Tour 2017

Dream Machine Tour 2017 has not yet begun.
When Dream Machine Tour 2017 begins, you will be assigned a random place in line
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Tokio Hotel Tour 2017: Interview mit Bill Kaulitz

Tokio Hotel will attend their “Dream Machine World Tour” live in Germany! With their number 1 album “Kings Of Suburbia” the synth-pop Stars were in over 20 countries on the road, where they were celebrated for their live performances. We talked with Bill Kaulitz on the new World Tour.

With the “Dream Machine World Tour” in 2017 you go on tour across the planet.
In your notice you have thrown a nostalgic look back. How come?

That was just our honest feeling. Somehow that’s with this new album especially for us. It has changed almost everything and somehow nothing. We do all this now for over ten years, but it means more than ever. If one is a few years older, it is perhaps sentimental !? No idea!

In any case, our dream has never changed and it feels as if we live it more than ever, conscious somehow! We as a band are free and feel comfortable with our creativity and environment, the people with whom we work. At the same time we are less willing to compromise than before and know exactly what we want, and make only that. That is also the core of the album and the tour. Dreams, our dreams … The “Dream Machine” that continuously rotates and is in motion, like life itself.

Are there some details on “Dream Machine”? What is behind the exciting title? What can new and old fans expect from the tour?

We want to achieve with this tour our visions. Our dreams come true and life, both privately and on stage, have the necessary courage with our art and performance!

Everyone knows that we are always very visual. So there will be a big show. We want to bring new to the stage. Unseen with an idea and soul. We have to have arrived feeling as a band and we want to share with the people on the tour. A Tokio Hotel concert is always a show. An experience! We are not a singer-songwriter, the jam with acoustic guitar four hours, see what happens. We want to create memories and reflect our sounds in performance, images and visual production. It is the big picture. The show is a trip!

With “Kings Of Suburbia” you have welcomed a Californian sound in your music.

The sound is linked definitively to the last album! We no longer do Rock music, for a long time. The album as a whole is very much experimental, but the sound remains electro pop. We found ourselves as musically.

For many a dream come true to see you again live in Germany. What does it mean for you to perform to German audiences?

It is very special. Tom and I no longer live in Germany, Since then, we can appreciate it again and come back much better and on tour. Germany Especially inspires us again. We love to come home. In the heart, we are German and it is our home. The German shows are therefore always special, exciting and important for our Group.


Sharing the firstDream Machinetour dates with you today is a very special moment to us.
Something we’ve been dreaming of for a while now
as we are crafting the new show, new songs and artworks,
to ring in an all new era with you.
We see you guys out there

12/03/17 UK, London
13/03/17 Belgium, Brussels
15/03/17 Germany, Hamburg
16/03/17 Germany, Frankfurt
19/03/17 Netherlands, Amsterdam
21/03/17 France, Paris
22/03/17 France, Lyon
24/03/17 Germany, Cologne
25/03/17 Germany, Stuttgart
27/03/17 Switzerland, Zurich
28/03/17 Italy, Milan
29/03/17 Italy, Rome
31/03/17 Germany, Munich
01/04/17 Germany, Leipzig
03/04/17 Czech Republic, Prague
04/04/17 Germany, Berlin
06/04/17 Sweden, Stockholm
07/04/17 Norway, Oslo
09/04/17 Finland, Helsinki
10/04/17 Latvia, Riga
12/04/17 Poland, Warsaw
19/04/17 Russia, Novosibirsk
21/04/17 Russia, Ekaterinburg
22/04/17 Russia, Ufa
23/04/17 Russia, Kazan
25/04/17 Russia, St.Petersburg
26/04/17 Russia, Moscow
28/04/17 Russia, Voronezh
29/04/17 Russia, Krasnodar

Ticket sale starts on Monday September 19th, 2pm Berlin time
(Except Italy 21st pre sale, 22nd public sale).
Venue and ticket links will be available on
Keep checking our social media for further info.

Brand new VIP upgrades will be announced soon.
Watch Out!


Tokio Hotel Announces World Tour

The German men of Tokio Hotel in 2014 brought the album “Kings of Suburbia”. A totally different sound compared to the album “Humanoid” from 2009. Today is the Kaulitz twins, singer Bill and guitarist Tom birthday. To celebrate this, the band has a great announcement for his fans!

“Today we are happy to announce that we come on tour again!” Tokio Hotel states through social media. “A new era starts and the dream continues on our brand new world tour.” It is so far not known where and when the guys will play. The tour is called Dream Machine Tour 2017 may also hint at the name of the new album. Below you find the announcement.