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Berlin, Germany

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City Palace ~ Berlin, Germany

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Mateo & Bill, Pink Carpet

Tokio Hotel: Bill und Tom Kaulitz in Berlinp>

From today the fashion designers and designers will present their latest creations at the Fashion Week in Berlin. At the start, the popular makeup label Maybelline organized its luxurious beauty party and invited the prominent guests to the former engine factory in Weißensee.

Highlight of the evening was no doubt singer and model Bill Kaulitz. The 27-year-old presented with a stylish, pink-colored coat on the red carpet of the “Hot Trends Xhibition”. The fact that the Tokio Hotel star experiments with fashion, is no secret. Last year, Bill was already on the lookout for his outfits at Fashion Week.

Bill combined his cool trend piece with a simple black shirt and fashionable bright jeans in a used look. In addition to his already striking tattoos, he also made extravagant accents with unusual chains and bracelets. The outfit was completed with subtle, white sneakers.

But what would be Bill‘s styling without a new matching hairstyle, with which he takes all eyes on himself. At the beginning of his career he was known for his long black mane. Last year, Bill even put on hair in a powerful pink. Meanwhile, his hair has turned into short, light blond hair.

After vigorous posing for the photographers Kaulitz then finally shared the front row with the top models Rebecca Mir and Franziska Knuppe, with whose wardrobe selection he could keep up. Then we went on to a party of the Mannermode blog “Dandy Diary”, where he celebrated together with his brother Tom Kaulitz. (HA)

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Is he coming back to Germany?

Actually, Tokio Hotel Frontman Bill Kaulitz had long ago left Germany. But the election of Donald Trump to the president shocked him so much that he might now return to Germany

While he was still a few weeks ago with pink hair, Tokio Hotel Frontman Bill Kaulitz is now again in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. However, his visit to the capital is not just an intermediate stop. Is Bill Kaulitz returning to Germany?

statement by Bill Kaulitz


The singer remains in Berlin. He is currently producing a new album with his band and then goes on to Europe to tour. Will he return to L.A. afterwards? The positive election result for Donald Trump will probably influence this decision decisively. Bill‘s shocking statement can be seen in the video.

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