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Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel have a tv tip for you:
tune in tonight at 22 pm 3nach9 in NDR Fernsehen

Watch all videos of THe epi Tom & Bill were on HERE
und catch all the Twin bits

“Monsoon” made the band Tokio Hotel, Bill and Tom Kaulitz into overnight world stars. Always in the focus of the public: the brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz. At 3nach9 the twins tell why they moved to Los Angeles, how they look at Germany and how the development from the hypsy teen band to the internationally recognized indie pop band took place.

Last night, Politikerberater Michael Spreng as well as Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel guests in the Radio Bremen Talkshow “3nach9”. One week before the Bundestag election, political affinities and their consequences – until the wildness and sexiness of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Louis Vuitton – Berlin

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Bill Kaulitz gives us a deep insight into his wardrobe
through the camera lense, and into his thoughts and his private world.
Visit the Berlin Apartment of the Tokio Hotel Frontman.

My fascination with Bill Kaulitz started with my nose. In my early twenties I had to get surgery done because I had a hard time breathing. After the operation the breathing situation was even worse and I was only allowed to sleep in an upright position, which made it impossible for me to sleep. Instead I watched TV. Night after night. And after a whole week I had the feeling, that I had two new best friends: The TV-salesman Sascha Heyna and Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. But since Sascha had always been there (and surely was the friend of many people that suffered from insomnia) and Tokio Hotel just had it’s breakthrough with “Durch Den Monsun”, the thing with Bill felt somehow more exclusive.

In the lack of programs at night, they just kept on repeating interviews with Bill – and at that time, it was 2006, there were many of them. In the end I knew all of them and I thought Bill was funny, charming, quick-witted and somehow disturbingly interesting. There was this boy with (too) much make-up and this crazy hair (why he wore it that way you will discover in the video). He was like a piece of art without being artificial. It was the opposite: He seemed to be so authentic. To this day, this is exactly what drives him, when he is getting dressed. He wants to be authentic, no matter if he looks like a punk, a drag, a lumberjack, a dandy or a ringmaster. It’s because he chooses his outfit depending on his moods.

Apart from that, he dresses anti-cyclical. That means, he likes to play with appearance and existence and with gender roles. When Bill feels bad, (unlike many) he doesn’t dress in a hoody and comfy pants, he chooses something formal and stiff instead. Because it forces him to retain his composure. When Bill parties, he never dresses up but chooses something comfortable that he doesn’t have to worry about, so he can have a good time. And he sure loves to have a good time. Face to face he is even better than on TV. He is smart, friendly, endearing, down to earth and yet a bit crazy (thank god!). And he loves to laugh – the most about himself. Which is a very friendly matter and it proves that I’ve always had the right instinct about him.


Borchardt ~ Berlin

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TOKIO HOTEL – Film Festival Cologne

October 5, 2017

The success of Tokio Hotel is gigantic. in their early twenties the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz famously and famous fly to Los Angeles and leave behind thousands of enthusiastic fans. The film immerses in the life of the band, accompanies Bill and Tom through secluded deserts of California and Gustav and Georg to the banks of the Elbe. They talk about the price of success, the inseparability of the twins, about love, sexuality, home and music. Undeterred, the band, who has already experienced everything, continues to pursue their childhood dream and the pop legend Tokio Hotel goes to the next round.

With millions of records sold,
the German band TOKIO HOTEL became a teenage sensation, first in Germany and then internationally.
A close-up portrait of a band that has grown up and follows its own, highly individual path.

At the age of nine, German twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz decided they wanted to become famous. By the time they were twelve, they had formed a band together with Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing that went on to conquer the world as Tokio Hotel. They were admired, ridiculed, hated and adored… And they became a huge success: their albums went platinum in 60 countries, their concerts sold out and the androgynous Bill became a style icon. Rich and famous in their early twenties, the twins flew to Los Angeles in their private jet, leaving behind thousands of devoted fans and a life behind protective walls. They wanted their freedom back… but they had no idea what the future held. The film delves deep into the lives of the band members, accompanying Bill and Tom through Californian deserts and visiting Gustav and Georg in their hometown of Magdeburg. They talk about the price they paid for success, the inseparability of the twins, about love, sexuality, home and music. The band comes together in a Berlin studio to record their new album and prepare for their next world tour. With steely determination and a lifetime of experience, the musicians pursue their childhood dream: the pop fairy-tale that is Tokio Hotel

Length 90’/52′ HD
Film by Oliver Schwabe
Co-Production Bildersturm Filmproduktion with RBB/ARTE and WDR
Original Title Tokio Hotel – Hinter die Welt

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Opening of ‘The First Flush’
Wintergarten Variete
Berlin, Germany

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Band Photos

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