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What do Bill and Tom Kaulitz regret? It was 12 years ago when the brothers became teenie mega stars with Tokio Hotel. Not everything went all smooth with that. What mistakes they made, that they told David Morcherat.

Our interview date with Bill and Tom Kaulitz starts warm-hearted. Before it gets more serious though these too argue with each other about fashion – Bill a bit more fancy and his brother Tom more practical, rustic

Tom is not that brave?!

Tom: No I`m not that brave. I am very much inspired by the cold here in Germany and I left my coat on today. I have to take it off in a bit though.

Bill: With me it is very different. I`m very unpractical. I for example didn`t bring my jacket, that means I`m rather cold. Cause I didn`t have a matching jacket to the outfit so I thought I come without and prefer to freeze.

Tom: Yes and then he is standing outside and smokes. But soon we go on tour and this is all just unbelievable and can`t be true.

Yes it can. Cause styling has always been very important for Bill as the view in our archive proves. He didn`t miss out on any look. And it all started 2005 with this song: Monsoon – changed 2005 everything. The then 14 year old boys suddenly become mega stars who couldn`t have a quiet minute anymore.

If you watch old videos and see your 14 year old self, what do you think?

Bill: Sometimes it feels a bit like a different life. I feel like that was a lifetime ago.

At some point all the attention gets too much, they escape 2010 to LA. Since then the visit Germany regularly. Like today for the Berlin Fashion week for the La La Show.

Bill: When we left Germany that kind of saved us. Interpersonal but also with our career, just with everything about us.

Now that they are 27 and have a new album, Dream machine, to release, they are definitely wiser. They have learned about their mistakes.

Bill: Read the contracts with more caution.

Tom: Yes, exactly.

Bill: Well, this is what comes spontaneously to my mind.

Tom: Yes, be more selective with what you want to do and what you don`t want to do. That is what we can decide better today. We probably did some things we are not very proud of today or we wouldn`t do today anymore.

Bill: Yes.

So we talked about the business part now, let`s talk about the private parts. And about that we get something in our camera directly.

Bill: I`m totally open for something new!

translation by: Betti


Berlin, Germany

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