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Borchardt – Berlin, Germany

Are you guys talking about your vote? We discussed with our guests last week at the focus dinner. Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel chose the CDU and called us the reasons.

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Also our celebrities from Sachsen-Anhalt are present

On September 24, 2017 are the Federal Elections. Why choose Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, Marcel Schmelzer from Borussia Dortmund and Linda Hesse. A project of the Volunteers of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

Celebrities from Saxony-Anhalt call for the Federal Elections

On Sunday all Germans over 18 years can vote at the Federal Elections. Celebrities from Saxony-Anhalt will also be there – for example, Bill Kaulitz. The singer of the band Tokio Hotel originally came from Magdeburg. He currently lives in the USA, but he has already given his voice by letter.

The volunteers of the Middle Germans have asked the Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz, pop singer Linda Hesse and Dortmund captain Marcel Schmelzer why one should definitely be on the Sunday.


The Treehouse ~ Berlin, Germany (03-11-17)
Sold out

Turbinenhalle Konzert Hall ~ Oberhausen, Germany (04-11-17)
Sold out

Rockhal ~ Luxembourg, Luxembourg (05-11-17)
Sold out

Poppodium 013 ~ Tilburg, Netherlands (07-11-17)
Gran Teatro Geox ~ Padua, Italy (09-11-17)
Casa della Musica ~ Naples, Italy (10-11-17)
Teatro della Concordia ~ Turin, Italy (12-11-17)
Sold out

Estragon ~ Bologna, Italy (13-11-17)
Le Silo ~ Marseille, France (15-11-17)
L’Autre Canal ~ Nancy, France (16-11-17)
Sold out

The Treehouse ~ Berlin, Germany (18-11-17)
Sold out


Revolution Live ~ Ft Lauderdale – FL, USA (02-02-18)
House of Blues ~ Orlando – FL, USA (03-02-18)
Masquerade ~ Atlanta – GA, USA (04-02-18)
Baltimore Soundstage ~ Baltimore – MD, USA (06-02-18)
Club Soda ~ Montreal – QUE, Canada (08-02-18)
Phoenix Concert Theatre ~ Toronto – ON, Canada (09-02-18)
Trocadero Theatre ~ Philadelphia – PA, USA (11-02-18)
Irving Plaza ~ New York – NY, USA (13-02-18)
Agora Theatre ~ Cleveland – OH, USA (14-02-18)
Concord Music Hall ~ Chicago – IL, USA (16-02-18)
Cabooze ~ Minneapolis – MN, USA (17-02-18)
Turner Hall Ballroom ~ Milwaukee – WI, USA (18-02-18)
Gothic Theatre ~ Denver – CO, USA (20-02-18)
Ranch Roadhouse ~ Edmonton – AB, Canada (22-02-18)
Vogue Theatre ~ Vancouver – BC, Canada (24-02-18)
Neumos ~ Seattle – WA, USA (25-02-18)
UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall ~ Berkeley – CA, USA (27-02-18)

City National Grove of Anaheim ~ Anaheim – CA, USA (01-03-18)
El Rey Theatre ~ Los Angeles – CA, USA (02-03-18)
Marquee Theatre ~ Tempe – Az, USA (03-03-18)

VIP Upgrade

VIP Upgrades will be available soon and announced on Tokio Hotel’s social media.
VIP Upgrades will not include a regular ticket to the show.
So buy your regular ticket first.
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Singer of Tokio Hotel is proud of Angela Merkel

Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz makes is proud that Germany is ruled by a woman. “In America, many Democrats are looking at Germany at the moment and saying:” She is also our President,Kaulitz told the FOCUS.

It makes me proud to live in a country that has a woman as a chancellor,” the singer continued.

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With Tokio Hotel and Wolfgang Joop:
In the new season “Inas Nacht”

Bill (left) and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel give Ina Müller an insight into their Twin existence.

 From Saturday, 21.

October, 23.55 clock, “Inas Nacht” with singer and presenter Ina Müller invites to new episodes in the small Hamburg pub. Tokio Hotel twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz give insights into their lives as a prominent pair of brothers. How are the two at home in Las Vegas and how close are they really to each other? Ina also wants to know whether Bill and Tom know their mutual mobile phone pins or whether the sibling love on the smartphone stops.

also mentioned here (same info)


Tokio Hotel: Bill, Tom Kaulitz and the Federal Chancellor

Last night, also Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel guests in the Radio Bremen Talk show “3nach9”. A week before the Bundestag election, political confessions and their consequences – the wildness and sexyness of Chancellor Angela Merkel …

The two 28-year-old Tokio-Hotel-Masterminds made no secret of their preference: they preferred Chancellor Angela Merkel and the CDU. Not all fans would find this good. Bill Kaulitz, who lives with brother Tom in Los Angeles, said: “This is such a German phenomenon, if you do it in Germany, then a lot of people are amazed and say, Oh God, now they say so who whom to vote and great, while that is quite normal in America.

Their 28th birthday on September 1st, had the two a “wild 24 hours” in Berlin celebrating with friends. “This year, we were here a lot because we had flown a lot of back and forth much at the beginning of the year. and now we are back again because we are preparing the tour.

In the talk show, the identical twins also explained why they moved their to Los Angeles, how they look at Germany and how the development from the hypsy teen band to the internationally recognized indie pop band took place. More in the video.

They choose CDU – and get anger from fans

Tom and Bill Kaulitz are Angela Merkel fans and choose the CDU. This is not a good thing for many fans.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz (28, “Dream Machine”) are not exactly the typical CDU voters: young, wild and not just unconventional in fashion, the two Tokio Hotel stars would not be intuitively attributed to the conservative camp. And yet, both are professing Merkel fans. A setting, which is not only good for their fans. In the talk show “3nach9” of Radio Bremen, Bill Kaulitz said: “The fans do not always like that. I have posted a picture on Instagram – this is the picture with the fewest likes”“.

Their political opinion conceal the two but nevertheless not – and also do not understand why the many German celebrities do. “I think this is a German phenomenon. In America, for example, it is quite normal for people from the entertainment sector to share their political opinions,” says Bill Kaulitz.

On Instagram, the singer also encourages his fans to vote, without promoting his opinion. In a new short video, he says, “I think it’s cool to have a choice because we live in a country where we are fortunate enough to be able to make a decision I hope do you too “.

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Bremen, Germany

Bill and Tom Kaulitz have a new look back in Germany. They have been living in Los Angeles for seven years. At the beginning of November thier “Dream Machine” tour starts (back) in Berlin. Their music now sounding more electronic.