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Marseille, France

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TOKIO HOTEL: What have they become?

The group Tokio Hotel was performing this Wednesday, November 15 at Silo Marseille, and we were there!

With a capacity of 2,050 seats, we are far from the time when they filled dozens of zeniths. The group is now more mature, more accomplished; that’s why we go to the room with a lot of curiosity and a hint of excitement.


Let’s be honest, what strikes in the first place is their look changes! At the time, nobody could miss Bill’s androgynous look or Tom’s dreadlocks!

Today, the group approaches a much more classic style, subscription card at the tattooer / piercer and more.

In the same way, the fans grew and matured like them.
It was not until the lights went out to hear the first cries reasoning in the room … Then, it is in a very good spirit that all present took the lungs of the tubes of their idols. No fight, no discomfort, no hysteria. Just joy and a single voice that sings in unison with Bill‘s.

Last but not least, Tokio Hotel has totally abandoned pop-rock in German for an electro-pop style in English, which could please more than one person. Note that today, we can count their interpretations in German on the fingers of one hand -and again, we are generous-!

There remains definitively little similarity with the old times!

Embark on the Dream Machine!

On tour for 9 months for their Dream Machine Tour, and after a great success at the legendary Olympia last March, the group decided to add two dates in France: Marseille and Nancy.

On Wednesday, Tokio Hotel embarked for a night in their Dream Machine.
A show to lose the head: effects of light, colors, costumes, some words in French and good songs! We take full eyes. Everything was together to have a great time, fan or not!

On the program: Feel it all, Love who loves you back, We found us, Easy, As young as we are or What if …
From the first hour, there remains only Dark side of the sun, Black and Automatic. It is on the latter that a handful of fans realize their childhood dream and go on stage to share the microphone with the showman, Bill Kaulitz!

Finally, let’s not forget the legendary Durch den Monsun (and in German please!) Taken in heart, with an ounce of nostalgia, by the whole room during the recall!
A song and an explosion of confetti later, the concert ends in apotheosis after more than 1h50 of show!

Tokio Hotel was able to ignite the Silo and once again won the hearts of the public! That did not change!

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Le Silo ~ France

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