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Their favorite songs & stories soon @1LIVE cassette deck!

In 2005 the band made a breakthrough with the hit “Through the Monsoon”. There followed further chart placements, sold out concerts, shrieking fans and international successes. Then 2010 suddenly the withdrawal of Bill and Tom Kaulitz to Los Angeles

Now Tokio Hotel is back in Germany after seven years and has a new label and album. “Dream Machine” appeared on March 3 and is hardly recognizable musically. Instead of rock, there is the new Synth-pop in the 80s style, the German songs were replaced by English texts and vocals.

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Jörn Behr


Aline Lehmann met Tokio Hotel in Stuttgart and had an interview with them.

“There are two videos: One with the interview and many questions and another with challenges for the boys. 24 Minutes Really funny ❤️ Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I promise, when I meet them again I will ask for your questions again ” ~ Aline Lehmann

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