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BILLY – beginning instead of end
Soul and sensuality: Bill Kaulitz, 27, Now almost alone”

“California High” is the title of the third single and video of Billy‘s debut EP. Under the direction of Shiro Gutzie, @shirogutzie (Instagram), the viewer follows Bill Kaulitz @billisnotok (Instagram) aka Billy and Hollywood actress Chanel Celaya, @chanelcelaya21 (Instagram) on their cruise through the streets and gorges of Los Angeles in Nightly summer torn. The short film to the pulsating, moody solo track is supported by disturbing longing for “her” instead of “love”. Hope accompanies the end of the clip when the sun rises above the City of Angels – and everything turns back to the beginning.

Bill's Photos

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos

Bill's Photos


Interview: Bill und Tom Kaulitz von Tokio Hotel
“We had to save ourselves”

They were teenie superstars, at Tokio Hotel in 2005 and 2006. Then they fled the screaming fans to Los Angeles. A conversation with Bill and Tom Kaulitz about how their stars have changed.

Stuttgart – Tokio Hotel were never really gone. Today, however, they make electronic music and (1/2) live in Los Angeles. In the interview, they tell you why they escaped to America before their fans and what freefom they have today.

Hello Bill, hello Tom, 2006 I was with you at a concert in the Stuttgarter Schleyerhalle. There were very many very young, very loud screaming girls. In 2017 you play in Wizemann. Who is coming to your concerts today?

Tom: Today as then – people with a good taste of music.

Bill: There are many who have grown up with us. They have been with us since we released our first song in 2005. This is probably a nostalgic thing. There are new people, too, because the music is quite different now.

How did you develop yourself musically over the past few years?


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Cologne – As early as mid-September, Tokio Hotel published the tour dates of their new world tour “Dream Machine”, which will begin on March 12, 2017 in London. But the new album of the German electro-indie-quartet was the best-kept secret of the music industry. And on your tour Tokio Hotel are also in Cologne

Not a bit of music came into the public. One day before Christmas Eve, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing start the pre-orders for their new fifth studio album and give a first outlook on their new art project.

With the pre-order of “Dream Machine” you get the album track “Something New”, with its epochal sound world from analog synths and wide soundscapes an impressive pre-taste to the new sound world of the band. Bill Kaulitz: “When we did the album, I was always worried about living my life backwards.

To the question whether you have already felt everything, everything has happened, everything has reached your career, whether you can still feel something new and, above all, whether we are able to change our world and create something new. We’ve gone back to our roots when it comes to work – Tom and I have written and produced all the songs. It was important for us to make only the music that feels like us – and for that we completely changed perspective.”.

“Something New” proves that Tokio Hotel has succeeded again and again after more than a decade in the international music business, 70 platinum, 160 gold editions, more than 110 international and national awards, and more than 7 million sold phonograms. “Dream Machine” is anything but a risk to play the music career of Tokio Hotel backwards, but is the new sound milestone in their history.

Tokio Hotel Premieres New Song “What If” from New Album “Dream Machine”

German pop-rock band Tokio Hotel premiered a new song “What If” as the second single from their forthcoming fifth studio album “Dream Machine”. The first single “Something New” was released on December 23. Both songs were written by Bill Kaulitz, Devon Culiner and Tom Kaulitz. The group will release the new album for first time in three years on March 3, 2017.

Also, the band announced the tour dates for “Dream Machine World Tour”. The tour will kick off on March 12, 2017 and run in 14 countries, with total of 29 shows.

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What ifthe second track available from our new Tokio Hotel album Dream Machine.

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A few months ago it was announced that Tokio Hotel is on tour with their Dream Machine Tour.
Meanwhile, there are also more details about their upcoming album.

The band kept their fans in suspense awhile but the album of Tokio Hotel is now available for pre-order. The band has the album cover on their social media. From the album, Dream Machine, ‘Something New’ is the first song to listen to. The album should be out on 3 March.

According to frontman Bill Kaulitz Dream Machine is particular: “It is something we have never done before. It is our soul. We want to pursue our dreams with this album. Rock music we make no more; We have become much more experimental. The new album will also be much more daring than Kings Of Suburbia, the previous album. As we have all been found in the electropop. The concert is an experience.

The concert of the band on March 19 at Paradiso Amsterdam has been sold out and the tickets to their other shows soon will be as well. The German band scored hits such as Monsoon, Ready, Set, Go! and Do not Jump.


Tokio Hotel return with ‘Dream Machine’

After a long absence, the German group Tokio Hotel returns to the music scene with “the record they always wanted to do,” they claim, and it will go on sale one day before Christmas Eve. Through its official Facebook account, the group shared the cover of ‘Dream Machine’, their new studio material, whose pre-sale begins on December 23 and will be accompanied the following year of a tour of Europe. The dates already scheduled range from March to April 2017, and include presentations in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Russia, among other countries, so fans already know what to ask Santa this year, which It is just around the corner.

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Sweet Memories with Tom Kaulitz!

Bill Kaulitz, together with his brother Tom Kaulitz, found himself in their old home. Of course, he kept his fans up to date with many snapshots as his Christmas party. And earlier the 27-year-old presented their fans also a sweet memory of the two Tokio hotel stars…

Tom Kaulitz still does not have (use) his own account on Instagram, which is why the fans of Tokio Hotel are of course all the happier when Bill Kaulitz posts snapshots with his twins every now and then. A few days ago it was for the fans to imagine that the singer again traveled to his old home. He posed a picture of packed suitcases, and wrote that he had to say goodbye to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter the singer found himself at a Christmas market in Berlin and drank here, quite traditionally, egg nog and mulled wine. With whom the 27-year-old celebrated Christmas, however, he has not betrayed. Only that his twins brother was by his side, that was not to be overlooked by the fans of TH.

Children’s photo by Bill and Tom Kaulitz

Instagram saw a special surprise for the band’s followers. Bill Kaulitz shared a sweet memory with his fans. He posted a snapshot on which he and his twin brother Tom Kaulitz can be seen as small children. The two radiate happy in the camera and stir dough. Of course, the fans start to wonder about who’s who on the sweet snapshot. In any case, the 27-year-old had a lot of fun and lots of time for his family. From March, the guys of Tokio Hotel will start their Dream Machine Tour. And until then the German fans of the band can look forward to the twins once again making a trip to their old home.

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Tokio Hotel show “Dream Machine” Albumcover!

Tokio Hotel are back with their new album “Dream Machine” and to the delight of the fans, the guys already showed how the cover looks on Tuesday! And we must admit that we really liked it.

It shows Bill Kaulitz with headset (as a pilot of the Dream Machine?) On his head and behind him are brother Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer. And somehow it does not look like the cover of an album, but rather like a poster for a new Netflix series, which we would definitely look at.

The advance sale for “Dream Machine” already starts on Friday (23 December) and Tokio Hotel wrote on Facebook, “Here it is! The album we’ve always wanted to make!“.

In the spring, the guys will go on a big “Dream Machine Tour 2017” and make several stopovers in Germany. They will perform in Hamburg on 15 March, and a day later in Frankfurt. On March 24, they will rock Cologne and perform their new songs the next day in Stuttgart. On 31 March they are in Munich and on 1 April in Leipzig and thus almost around the corner of their old home Magdeburg. On April 4, the last concert in Germany will be held in Berlin.

Tokio Hotel Gives Album Details

Tokio Hotel already working for some time on a sequel to “Kings of Suburbia”. So the men left late last year more quickly enter the studio. In the meantime, singer Bill Kaulitz also worked on his solo project, but now it is really time for the new album from Tokio Hotel.

The new record is called “Dream Machine”. From Friday, December 23, it is possible to pre-order the album. “This is it. The album we always wanted to make,” said Tokio Hotel. The band has also direct the new artwork posted online.

On March 19 Tokio Hotel will promote his new album in the Netherlands. That evening will see the gentlemen on the stage of the Amsterdam Paradiso.
Do you look forward to the new album? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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