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Bad Driburg, Germany

Bunte - Bad Driburg Germany, 2012

Bunte - Bad Driburg Germany, 2012 Bunte - Bad Driburg Germany, 2012 Bunte - Bad Driburg Germany, 2012

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“DSDS is the original”

New candidates, new presenters – and real Superstars in the Jury. The 10th season of “DSDS” (starts on 5th January, 8.15 PM on RTL) kicks off the new TV Season. There are 32,078 candidates competing over a record deal with universal and 500,000 €. “DSDS” starts with 7 casting shows, followed by the Recalls in Bad Driburg and Curaçao which will then lead into the Live Shows. The Tokio-Hotel-Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz reveal why they are convinced of the success of “DSDS” in their exclusive interview with TV-Digital.

Why do you support “DSDS” in its anniversary year?
Bill: Because “DSDS” is the most successful casting show, that offers a realistic start into the music business. It’s the original!
Tom: All the other shows try to breathe new life into their formats by coming up with new ideas. But “DSDS” is the most successful format, especially when it comes to the artists success after “DSDS”. The success of winners of oter shows is never that big. Where else can you win 500,000 € and – practically – get a guarantee for a No. 1 Hit?

What is working, with Dieter Bohlen, like?
Bill: Very good! This time the “DSDS”-Jury is made up of 4 active musicians. We’ll give the candidates some good advice.

What’s your favorite “Modern Talking” song?
Tom: I don’t have one. And to be honest, I also don’t know that many.
Bill: “Cheri, Cheri Lady” was a song of theirs. But that wasn’t really a hit during “our time”.

Which song would describe your attitude towards life best?
Tom: “It’s my life” of course. (Bill & Tom laugh)
Bill: No, there’s no specific song from other artists. Our own songs definitely describe our attitude towards life best.

In Germany, the feeling arose that you went into hiding in Los Angeles for the past two years. Why were you really there?
Bill: We were in L.A. to work on our new Album, because we have a good foundation there – meaning: studios, producers and people we’ve been working with for a long time.
Tom: Most people, when they think of L.A., think of glamour and Hollywood. Both of those things weren’t crucial for our decision to work there. The working conditions were simply perfect and suited us the most. But theoretically we could have also ended up going to Chicago or San Francisco. Whoever connects my work in L.A. with the glamour life of Hollywood is reading too much into our move.

Where are you going to live in the near future?
Bill: We get bored pretty fast when we live in one place for a long time. And we like getting around. We feel comfortable living in L.A., but we could also imagine living somewhere else. It’s absolutely possible that we’ll be working from a different country by next year.
Tom: I, for example, can very much imagine to live in India! It’s a big wish of mine: to emigrate to India for some time. It’s a country we haven’t been to yet. Our wish of going to India was actually sparked by hearing so many positive things about that country. I will definitely go on a motorbike trip across India.

Do you think that Casting Shows have a future?
Bill: A lot of artists currently decide to join the Jury of a casting show, for example: Britney Spears, Steven Tyler or Mariah Carey. Insofar a new show-era is starting.
Tom: The condemned live longer. I’m convinced that casting shows are currently reinventing themselves. Storybook careers are not the custom anymore, because there are fewer talent scouts around that offer unknown bands a record deal. That changed since we were discovered, we were incredibly lucky. The way out of this dilemma are casting shows. Where else can you get a No.-1-Hit and every now and then also global popularity? The Americans have known that for a long time!

Apparently you’re fans of Angela Merkel…
Bill: The policies of our federal chancellor are comprehensible. For me, Merkel is a popular figure. She conveys a kind of “Mother”-Syndrome – at least a little bit. With her, you have the feeling that you’re in good hands.

On which outstanding artists do you orient yourselves, who – would you say – is a role model?
Bill: We’ve always liked Aerosmith. A band that started incredibly early and that’s still performing on stage – a legend that shaped generations with their sound.

When will your new Album be released?
Tom: Not this year.
Bill: There’s no specific point in time. We’ll release it when we feel that everything is perfect. One of these days someone will have to pry it out of our hands and say: “Okay, that’s enough!” But at the moment we’re still in the writing and producing process.

So the last question that’s left: How satisfied/happy are you with your life?
Bill: Very happy. We fill our life with our passion for music. It’s very important to live in the here and now, without being “hunted” by new goals to achieve. When I look back to the things I did in the past, I can only say that I’m happy with everything.
Tom: Happiness doesn’t depend on how the things go, but on your own attitude.

translation by: Icey

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English subbs

English subbs

English subbs

English subbs

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RTL Punkt Exclusiv

RTL Punkt 6

Punkt 9

Punkt 12

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz talk about stalking attack

Two years two brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, have lived in the United States.
Now the Tokio Hotel guys reveal what they are planning in the future.

Starting January 5th, 2013, the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of  Tokio Hotel are to be seen again together on television.

Precisely at the RTL casting show “Germany sucht den superstar” the brothers to provide again after their two-year creative break in the United States, the necessary oomph and glamour.

The musicians will sit in the new season for Bruce Darnell and Natalie Horler along with Dieter Bohlen in the jury. Also the singer of Culcha candela, Mateo, will be part of the jury.

Insight into the private life of

Two years ago, brothers from Magdeburg, Germany turned and went to the United States. They longed for freedom, real privacy without security, press photographers and stalker fans.

In an interview with the magazine “Bunte” , the pop brothers gave a few private insights into their lives. And they talked about how they were persecuted by stalkers.

Tom tells in the interview: “everyone who entered our House, were spied – no matter whether cleaning or handyman. They were incredibly well organized.” Bill added, in addition, that the fun ended when stalkers ran them from the road while they were sitting with members of the family in the car.

Trust and love

In the life of pop star of Britney Spears, singer Bill may well put: “I can understand her situation 100 percent. Behind this is a freedom of will, wants to make his life not for other people. And when you want to overnight cut yourself bald, one does it.”

Tokio Hotel began their steep climb seven years ago. All the teen band’s three albums shot to the top of the charts. Internationally celebrated musicians success and received a number of prizes.

full article

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Bill Kaulitz raves about Merkel
The “Tokio Hotel”- frontman admires German Chancellor.

Bill Kaulitz (23), frontman of the rock band Tokio Hotel and early “American Idol”-Juror, admired the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The policy of Chancellor is understandable and comprehensible,” Kaulitz told ‘TV Digital’ magazine. “Merkel is a sympathy-wearer for me. It provides the “Mama”-syndrome. With her I have a feeling, to be in good hands.”

Starting January 5th, Kaulitz in addition to Dieter Bohlen are in casting of the show “Germany sucht den superstar” on RTL. Hotel fans have to wait for a new album from Tokio continues: “we will publish it, if our sense tells us that everything is perfect. Currently we have been writing and producing.”

The last album “Humanoid” was released in the fall of 2009.

- original article

Who would have thought that?
Bill Kaulitz is a fan of the Chancellor.

The frontman of Tokio Hotel and future German Idol judge said in an interview with ‘TV Digital’ unusual political: “For me, Merkel is a sympathy-wearer,” said the 23-year-old. “It provides the ‘Mama’-syndrome. With her I have a feeling, to be in good hands.”

In doing so, the eccentric singer gives Merkel unexpected election help. His words sound almost like from a CDU-brochure: “The politics of the Chancellor is understandable and comprehensible.”

His fans are likely to put more interest for another issue: there’s soon a new album from Tokio Hotel? “We will publish it when our feeling tells us that everything is perfect“, says Bill. “Currently we’re writing and producing.”

Bill Kaulitz and his brother Tom can be seen from January 5, in addition to Dieter Bohlen as judges on American Idol.

- original article

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