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Starts ~ January 5TH, 2013


With a new four-man jury of absolute music professionals – Bill  and Tom Kaulitz  from Tokio Hotel,  Mateo of Culcha candela and Dieter Bohlen – as well as a double moderation from Nazan Eckes and Raúl Richter, a recall on Curacao (Caribbean), as well as a modified top Launches 10 selections the tenth season of ‘Germany sucht den superstar”on January 5, 2013, to 8.15 pm in the Jubilee year.

32.078 Candidates out of Switzerland, Austria and Germany had applied for the tenth season. Contents of the first seven episodes of American Idol, which start 20.15, on Saturday, January 5, 2013, and to see each on Wednesdays and Saturdays are the highlights of the auditions. On the occasion of the anniversary, there is a reunion with ex-American Idol candidates and winners of recent years. They were among others Daniel Schuhmacher, Linda Teodosiu, Luca Hänni, Daniele Negroni, Pietro Lombardi, and Sarah Engels on-site at the castings, to support the candidate and give them tips.

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Alien Receives OMA WIN Superfan Prize

“These are some photos of the guitar that the boys gave me because we won for the third time as a fan army.
You can ask the questions that you want to” :) ~ Sarahi Kaulitz


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Bill Kaulitz und Ulrich Wickert:
‘Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken’~ unites for advertising campaign

It has brought the two together

What connects teen star Bill Kaulitz (23) and legend Ulrich Wickert (70) to an intimate conversation about values?

A campaign of the local cooperative Raiffeisen banks shows interviews in the form of special short films. Ulrich Wickert chats with celebrities about values. The probably most unusual constellation is the conversation between Ulrich Wickert and “Tokio Hotel” singer Bill Kaulitz.

The very visually modified teen star discusses his desire for freedom, he writes to his close bond with twin brother Tom.

For me it was important very early to be free. I had always a rebel in me, who wants to have freedom with his appearance and his music“, says Bill Kaulitz.

It is a conversation with many contrasts: rivets leather jacket vests and Brown suit, piercings vs. deep wrinkles. And yet almost profound aspects in this conversation.

Starting in 2013, this short film series with ordinary citizens will continue.

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Volksbanken Campaign Wickert meets
Bill Kaulitz

To see Bill’s Full set, click an image ; )

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