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‘Noise': An exclusive Music Mix stream

The Germans are coming! Kraut-pop juggernaut Tokio Hotel have a new album, Humanoid, due October 6 — and as twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz themselves recently told EW, they never expected the level of success they’ve found internationally (“We came from a small village … It was a lot of happy and lucky moments for us, and we are totally happy that we got the chance to do all this.”)

Listen to an exclusive snippet of the song “NOISE,” from Humanoid, below. and see if makes you feel happy and lucky:

A little background on the track: Producer David Jost tells us: “Bill and Tom had the initial ideas for ‘NOISE.’ They roughly captured their ideas in their home studio in Germany and then sent them over to me and my partners in LA. A few days later Bill stood in front of the mic in our old recording studio in Hamburg. We could see him on a big screen in our LA studio, while we recorded him in real time.”

Adds Bill Kaulitz (pictured): “Two weeks later, Tom and I took a flight to LA, where we all finished the track together. When the song was done Tom was so pumped! Actually, the track almost became our first single.”

What do you think, readers — how does it compare to official first single “Automatic”?

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Tokio Hotel Rented Out an Amusement Park!

How cool is this — the guys from Tokio Hotel rented out an entire amusement park for Bill and Tom‘s birthdays. So jealous! Doesn’t it make you want to be in an awesome band?

The guys rented out the Heide Park Soltau in Germany to have a big birthday bash with 20 of their closest friends and relatives.

Says Tom, “We didn’t miss a single ride: rollercoaster, wild water rides and anything that was spinning.”

This has always been one of our childhood dreams, to have an amusement park just for ourselves,” said Bill. “No long lines, no waiting and we can get on the rollercoasters as often as we want. That’s what we’ve been dreaming about since we were young. It was so freakin’ amazing.”

We bet! It sure looks like fun! Can we get invited next time?

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New Video Update:
Tokio Hotel Checks In From London!

Now boarding: Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer, und Georg Listing! And no, I don’t have photos of Bill Kaulitz’s new nipple piercing (though I’m sure the most diligent of you Tokio Hotel fans have already dug those up!), but I do have a brand-new video message from Tokio Hotel, who sent the MTV Buzzworthy Blog a video message from the London airport before boarding a flight to South Africa to shoot their video, “Automatic,” off their upcoming album, Humanoid.

If you can get over your angst and outrage that Tokio Hotel wasn’t nominated for a 2009 VMA (I know! And Bill deserved to win Best Legs!), then watch the video after the jump, okay? And stay tuned for more Tokio Hotel video updates!

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HTS 93.3 FM Radio ~ SanDiego

HTS 93.3 FM Radio, 2008

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(August, 2009)

Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge
Western Cape, Africa

Tokio Hotel , famous rock band and nice kids !
Nushka loved the singer and I agree ,
all of them were very sweet and kind with all our lodge team ~ Damian Vergnaud

With one of the members from the band ‎Tokio Hotel ~ Damian Vergnaud

Damian Vergnaud is the owner of Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge and the founder of Western Cape Cheetah Conservation and RhinoProtect



Stockholm, Sweden

Sheraton Hotel - Sweden, 2009 Sheraton Hotel - Sweden, 2009 Sheraton Hotel - Sweden, 2009

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