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SCREAM, 2007-08


Released: June 1, 2007
Producers: Patrick Benzner, Dave Roth,
David Jost, Peter Hoffmann
Label: Universal

1.   Scream

2.   Ready, Set, Go!

3.   Monsoon

4.   Love Is Dead

5.   Don’t Jump

6.   On the Edge

7.   Sacred

8.   Break Away

9. Rescue Me

10. Final Day

11. Forgotten Children

12. By Your Side

Canadian & U.S.A.
release of

Released: 2008
Producers: Patrick Benzner, Dave Roth,
David Jost, Peter Hoffmann
Label: Universal

Includes Bonus Tracks

Live Every Second

1000 Oceans

Durch den Monsun (original version, 2003)

Scream (Canada) ~ CD

Scream-Canada,2008 Scream-Canada,2008 Scream-Canada,2008

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

I would first like to thank my mother – for her incredible support these last few fantastic years. She has been always there for Bill and Me, which gave and still gives us strength every day and makes us feel great. Many thanks also to the rest of my family.
At this point I also have to mention Andreas. He is truly a best friend and manages our fan club like no other could.

I would also like to thank our producer team again: Peter Hoffmann, Pat Benzner, David Roth and David Jost. The studio time for the second album was again very relaxed, a lot of fun and an overall success.

Of course, three other guys had a great part in this relaxed atmosphere as well: my little brother Bill, Georg, and Gustav. Guys, I am glad that we get along so well.

In addition, big thanks are due to: Melanie Fürste, for her great professional work and all the encouraging advice, Britta Ostermann, Nico Gössel, Tom Bohne, Frank Briegmann and everybody else from our great record company Universal. Thanks to Tom Golzer and Stefanie Foese, you are a great help, Benjamin Ebel, without whom everything would be topsy-turvy, to our really diligent Silke, to Dunja Pechner – sometimes we are of different opinion, but that keeps us on the ball. Not forgetting Natti, you are always there when we need you. Thanks a lot to Alex Richter, you and the perfect live crew are doing a great job!

And now, a huge thanks to our fans… You are always taking part and you have never let us down…
Thank you very much!!!

I want to thank my family, especially my mother, who is always there for me and supports me so much!!!! … I really don’t know what I would do without her.

Big thanks to my best friend Andreas. Our laughter gives me strength… you are the best thing that could have happened to me.
David Jost, Dave Roth, Peter Hoffmann and Pat Benzner…we can really be proud! Thanks a lot to Tom Golzer and Stefanie Foese, it’s good to know that you are there; your help is worth its weight in gold!!

Benjamin and Silke, you are great… thank you for always being so patient and for keeping a clear head for us all. Huge thanks goes to: Melanie Fürste, who is doing a great job, who is there for us and encourages us again and again, no matter how late it gets, Britta Ostermann, Frank Briegmann, Tom Bohne, Nico Gössel and everybody else at Universal Music.

The greatest experiences for me are the concerts; they would never have worked without Alex Richter, his Four Artists Team and the wonderful Live Crew! Thanks to Nathalie, it is so good that you’re always by our side and I am glad to have you. Dunni, you’re the first person I see in the morning and you’re the last to leave in the evening… and it’s good that way, thank you for being there!
Georg, Gustav and Tomi, it is good to know that we are still who we use to be…

Of course the biggest thanks goes to our fans! You stand by us, no matter how late or cold it is, every morning, every night … you encourage us, you are simply always there!!! You listen to us, you take care of us, and you give us strength.

First of all, I want to thank my family. Especially my mother, my father and my sister, who have always been at my side and supported me.
Big thanks goes out to my friends Alex, Maurice and Peet, with whom I have had a great time with (thank you for New Year’s Eve ’06-’07;)

Thanks also to our producers Peter, Pat, Dave and Davis, as well as to our sound mixer Manfred for the fantastic collaboration on our second album. I thank Tom Golzer and Stefanie Foese for taking such good care of all those things I know nothing about!

Huge thanks and all my respect to Benjamin and Silke, who are doing a huge job! Thanks to Natalie, who’s good mood is always contagious. 1000 thanks to David, who is always there for me. i really want to thank our little Dunni, who has to go through a lot with us.
But I am certain, you’ll get through it!

Thanks to Häring, Warwick and the entire BigFish-Team, as it wasn’t the first video we shot with you! Thanks a lot to Saki, Tobi, Calli, Dirk and Steff, who were always there for us and have done everything they could for our comfort. And of course I want to thank Bill, Tom and Georg. Thanks guys for all the fun and experiences we had the chance to live together.

My biggest thanks goes to our fans; you go along with us and support us so much at every show, every event and every new release. I can’t wait to see you at our next concerts! Same with our live crew and Alex Richter with his complete Four Artist-Team! Thanks to the people at Universal Music, who are always doing a great job and to whom I want to demonstrate my greatest respect.

Thanks again to everybody!!! Yours, Gustav

First of all, I want to thank my family, of course, who has always been there for me and supported me throughout all times. Thanks to our producers Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, David Jost and Peter Hoffmann too, whom we had lots of fun with again while producing this album and whom we have always come to solutions with even in difficult situations.

Not to forget our record company Universal Music. I especially want to thank Melanie Fürste, Britta Ostermann, Nico Gössel, Tom Bohne and Frank Briegmann for all their hard work. in addition, I want to thank all the other parents of TH and my Friends.

Thanks to Benjamin Ebel and Silke Grän, who are dealing with tons of mail for us every day, as well as Tom Golzer and Stefanie Foese for the good advice for all our questions. Big thanks to Four Artists, our live crew and especially to Alex Richter.

Furthermore I want to thank: Dunja Pechner, Nathalie Franz, our complete tour crew, Andreas, Christian, Manfred, David and Faby.

My last but biggest thank you goes to our fantastic fans, without whom I wouldn’t be able to live all this!
… Thank you …