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THe Twins have said 1000x THat Germany ist und will Always be THeir home!
Remember THat


Pro 7 Taff Screaming-alarm among the Tokio Hotel-Fans! Germany’s most popular teenie band emigrates! Why and where, you will get to know now: Now is the time to say “Goodbye Germany, hello America!” for the two band members Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. But no worries, the band won’t dissolve. The twins will move to Los Angeles for musical inspiration. Their band members Georg and Gustav want to stay in Germany. RTL Punkt 6 Bill und Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel say ‘Goodbye Germany!’. They’re going to America. Their manager verified that the Kaulitz-Twins will leave Germany in mid-November. They will move temporarily to Los Angeles for the song-writing of a new record. But no panic, they will still keep their home in Germany. Their band members Georg and Gustav want to stay in Germany because they have friends here.

Premiere ~ March 9, 2006

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Remember Tom ‘s Bliggity Blog on The Artist Francoise Nielly?
No? Here is a Flash-Back
; )


Tom's Blog


“Look at the art of Francoise Nielly – it’s incredible. On her homepage she shows in a video how her pictures evolve….pretty impressive!”


THats what Tom had to say about THis Artist.
I went to THe Artist’s site, und I found BILL!


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Tom's Blog

MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid!!

“Unbelievable! We got nominated again this year at the MTV EMAs – this time in the category BEST WORLD STAGE PERFORMANCE. You determine the winner in the huge EMA voting and to increase our chances we chained Georg to the computer and he will be clicking 24/7 until November 4” ;D

You can cast your vote right here:

VOTE 100x Each DAY!

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