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“Girls like muscles”

Tom Kaulitz, guitarist from Tokio Hotel, about fitness, Katy Perry and his Viagra-accident

No, he said during the Gala-Interview in Hamburg. There is no competition-thinking between him and his twin-brother. Tom Kaulitz: “I was only up for this, doing a project on my own, without Bill and Tokio Hotel.” The result: The 21-year-old is walking solo in the sporty area. As a testimonial for classic Reebok-sneakers.

Gala: How many shoes do you have at home?

Tom: For the daily use, I have about 50 shoes, because they always have to fit colour-coordinated to my outfit. More blatant is the band-fundus. I can choose between hundreds of designs, which is the best.

Gala: You advertise for sneaker. How sporty are you?

Tom: Three times a week I go to the barbell-training. Whereby, sport doesn’t flash me generaly, but it’s simply good for me. Besides, girls love if you have more muscles.

Gala: By the way girls, since six years Tokio Hotel causes worldwide hysteria by the female fans. Is it sometimes too much?

Tom: I can’t get enough from fans. They give me an extreme energy. Unfortunately our life brings also stalkers along. That’s just unreal, what kind of sick and dangerous people are out there. People, who don’t know boundaries.

Gala: Humanoid, the current album, doesn’t sell in Germany as much as the previous ones. Disappointed?

Tom: As an artist I don’t keep an eye on the numbers. I experience our success in unity.

Gala: Us-artist Katie Perry currently badmouthed Tokio Hotel. She made fun about “guys, who use make up” and said “You are gay!” What happened?

Tom: Oh, the good one is obviously still annoyed, that we snatched away the MTV-Music award as “Best Newcomer” in 2008. But the gay-bashing wasn’t meant to be serious. We already met backstage and everything was fine.

Gala: You are permanent together with your twin-brother Bill. Do you annoy each other sometimes?

Tom: No, we talk the same language. It is strange, but we really feel always the same and in every situation we know exactly what’s in the mind of the other.

Gala: Is a steady girlfriend a topic?

Tom: Momentarily I have none, but I like the imagination to have one.

Gala: So far, you missed nothing…

Tom: For me it was extremely important to have as much fun as possible. But now I am already a 21-year-old young man. With age you become more relaxed. But I don’t know, whether I am a person for a steady relationship. Maybe even by being 40, I still have only affairs.

Gala: In May, your fun went so far, that during a groupie-date there was a Viagra-accident. You should swallowed an overdose?

Tom: Well, during our Asia-Tour, there were some elder dudes, over 30, and they use to swallow it regularly and they swarmed from the effect. Of course I had to check what’s all about.

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Wolfgang Joop’s Paris Tour with Bill Kaulitz

Sparks flying between Pop-Icon Bill Kaulitz (21) and Fashion-Designer Wolfgang Joop (65). In the city of love. For a TV-Documentation they made a tour together through the nightly Paris.

Dinner with the German ambassador Reinhard Schäfer (60), “One for the road” in the “Café de Flore” and on the Eiffel-Tower. Joop: “I am blown away by this boy.”

The day after the huge “Wunderkind”-Fashion Show. Actually Kaulitz should also walk on the catwalk as a “Wunderkind”-model.

Joop: “If, I would have sent him on the catwalk with women’s clothes. He’d be the most beautiful girl of the whole Fashion Week.”

Even without Bill, the presentation of the new “Wunderkind”-Collection was a huge success. Critics celebrate Joop. He: “I came on duty with a message of joy. Even in a year, where I have to accept so many losses.”

In May, he lost his mother, Charlotte († 95). With his daughter Jette (42), he has broken up because of a dispute over inheritance. Joop: “From now on, my sorrow is forgotten.”

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“Hahaha that’s the fastest reverse parking EVER!”

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In Paris Wolfgang Joop presented his “Wunderkind”-Collection, by night he painted the town red with Bill Kaulitz.

Sleepless in the city of love! During the day Wolfgang Joop shined with his “Wunderkind” Collection on the catwalk of the fashion week, at night the fashion-designer made a tour with Bill Kaulitz.

Bell-skirts, stripes tights, laced boots and a complete pattern-mix – but it all fits together.

Tuesday, 5 PM, in the showroom of “Wunderkind”. Bill Kaulitz ( 21) and Wolfgang Joop (65) meet for the first time.

“You even look better than on the photos”, says Joop. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The designer presents the singer a pair of shoes. Bill wants to do sightseeing: “I have been so often in Paris, but I never saw the Eiffel-Tower.” Next stop the Palais Beauharnais, accompanied by cameras for the Arte-series “Durch die Nacht”. They clinked glasses of champagne and be welcomed by the German ambassador. “Somehow, we are also ambassadors for Germany”, says Joop. Next : Hunger. In the “Café de Flore” they order Croque Madame, Croque Monsieur, coffee and cola. “I want to draw you”, said Joop. He asks the waiter for a piece of paper and start to scribble with a ball pen Bill’s face and gives him the picture. The duo strolls along the boulevard Saint Germain. It drizzles, Bills Bodyguard holding an umbrella for them. Their way down to the Seine, leads to the Pont des Arts, the bridge of lovers. Further to the opera, where 2000 people celebrate a lavish masked ball. At midnight they disappeared into the crowd.

Next morning, Palais de Tokyo. The Tokio-Star in the front row, the new “Wunderkind”-Collection is a celebration. As a farewell, they sharing their Mobil-numbers. Joop: “We are like a twin pair, who have been separated after birth and has now recovered.”

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