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Michael Wilfling

BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005

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BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005

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Michael Wilfling

BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005

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Michael Wilfling

BravoMag, 2005

BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005

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Michael Wilfling

BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005 BravoMag, 2005

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Dream Up France

(January 16, 2009)



Being rather reclusive the last little while, the 4 prodigies from Magdeburg are holed up in a studio to finish their third album. This precious jewel is expected to come out next spring. Between two takes, Bill offers his insights on the situation.

DU: You have not been around, lately.
BILL: Yes, we were in studio to record our third album. It was a very intense and creative period but at the same time, it offered a much needed break for the band. We were able to come together, far away from our usual hectic life. In the studio, each one of us was alone with his thoughts and doubts. The moment that we’re away from the spotlight is essential for a band. We’ve returned to the things that really matter.

DU: In what kind of state of mind did you approach the new recording?
BILL: There are a lot of new influences that until now, have not been heard in the sound of Tokio Hotel. Even so, we’ve kept the same crew. Our new album will probably surprise a lot of people and I hope the fans will love it.

DU: How did you work?
BILL: The lyrics and music is the result of our lives since the success of the band. They handle about our mood, new thoughts and reflexions, and also new wishes and hopes. I’ve started writing some new lyrics in the summer of 2007. Many lyrics were finished while we were on the road, doing tours and just travelling around. There’s one lyric that goes specifically about my home sickness during our tour in the States and goes about all the things I’ve missed. That’s why the album will be in German although there will be an English version also.

DU: How does a song gets created precisely?
BILL: In the beginning, it’s just loose thoughts and scattered ideas. Then, the music gets more defined, sometimes even without really realising it. The moment that the chorus is set, the song really starts to take shape. At that moment, it has to get recorded. A song is too fragile to let it slip away.

DU: Do you have many discussions (within the band) before you start recording?
BILL: Yes, the moment we’re ready to start recording, things become difficult. We have a song but there are many different ways to interpret the song. And we have to find the best interpretation. We, then start to experiment with each song by changing the guitar-sounds or modifying my voice. And yes, that can easily lead to huge discussions. And what worries me a bit is the fact that I’m a huge perfectionist, bordering on the obsessive. Luckily, my other three friends don’t have the same character (laughs).

DU: Do you feel pressured by your fans?
BILL: We try to escape the pressure by making sure we can travel peacefully. But the greatest pressure comes from ourselves. Of course, the reaction of the fans is very important also because we do not want to disappoint them. But we don’t want to let ourselves down either. We do listen to other advice but the final decision is always taken by us. It’s something between the four of us.

DU: Recently, the celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote that your concerts were playback shows.  What’s your comment on that?
BILL: It’s not the first time that I hear such bull about Tokio Hotel, or some other bands. We’re in the heat of things and our success elicits jealousy. And those kind of mediaflashes are part of the game. It’s a deceitful attack since the famous Perez Hilton has no proof to substantiate his accusations. Like our manager David Jost said, ‘The best way to form an opinion is to come to our shows and watch us play’, And we really, really rock!

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(June 30, 2008)

“I am really shy!”


Bravo: How are you and what are you doing?
Gustav: It is going super! I only have blisters on my hands. We are just practicing so hard for the tour. But I am really looking forward to being on the road again. It is gonna be so cool!

Bravo: Be honest: what kind of type are you?
Gustav: I rather dont make judgement about myself. Others can do that way better.

Bravo: Has all the fame changed you?
Gustav: My parents know me already for a long time (laughs) ” they say, that I havent changed a bit.

Bravo: Is it important to you to stay true to yourself?
Gustav: Yes, It is very important to me to stay myself! It just would be insane if I want yellow flowers at my concert and if there are red ones Ill just cancel the whole show! I just dont understand that.

Bravo: Stars always have someone to do everything for them. Do you have that too?
Gustav: I rather do things myself. That way I am also in control (grins)! They dont have to crawl for me.

Bravo: Also you have many female fans lying at your feet. How do you deal with that?
Gustav: I am very happy with our fans! But going with the one after the other is just not my thing. I also never have done that.

Bravo: Bill hasnt been kissed in two years, when was your last time?
Gustav: (thinks) Boah, I really dont know that anymore!

Bravo: In August 2005 you had a girlfriend for a short while
Gustav: yes! Probably around that time yes. I am also really curious if I still kiss well? I have no idea. You have to keep practicing (laughs)!

Bravo: Do you flirt?
Gustav: On one hand I am really shy, but on the other hand I really would like to have a girlfriend again. But at the moment music is just more important. That is just number one. But when I meet the right person, then there will be also room for her in my heart!

Bravo: Comparing you to your band mates, you are really quiet in interviews
Gustav: I like to be in the background. That is just my thing. But when I have an opinion about something I will say it.

Bravo: What makes you different from the other Tokio Hotel boys?
Gustav: All the others have long hair. During the last tour mine was a little longer too. But it just was to much work for me. Besides, after a while they dont fit under a cap anymore (laughs)! What else makes us different? They others are bigger and sleep longer then me.

Bravo: At what time do you get up in the morning?
Gustav: It happens that I am already awake at 6.30 hour. Then I just tell myself to go to sleep again. When I stay in bed till 9.30 hour I get mad at myself. You just ruined your day by sleeping. The others on the other hand like to sleep to late in afternoon!

Bravo: What cant you stand?
Gustav: when someone talks to me like am 63 years old or something (laughs)!

Bravo: And what do you like?
Gustav: I love the first seconds of our concert, in that few seconds you find out how much energy the crowd has!

 (June 30, 2008)

“I haven’t really been in love yet!”

In Bravo the bassist from tokio hotel is showing his soft side 


Bravo: You are the oldest from Tokio Hotel. Are you also the smartest?
Georg: Actually, the smartest one is Gustav. But I am very close. But I also get into a lot of shit.

Bravo: Do you watch the other ones?
Georg: No, absolutely not. It is not my intention to be the father figure in this band and tell them what to do. I would never say: Dont do that. They have to learn from there own mistakes.

Bravo: Arent the other ones more childish?
Georg: No! We already know each other since seven years and are totally like each other. The others are more mature or I just remaint childish (laughs). I think we just meet in the middle.

Bravo: You look very cool – how would you describe yourself?
Georg: I am just a really cool dude (laughs)! No, seriously: Actually I am very shy. But I also like to party and have fun and off course music is the most important for me.

Bravo: During photoshoots you usually dont smile are you even happy?
Georg: I am, but I just cant smile because I have to. I only smile or laugh when something is sincerely funny.

Bravo: What makes you laugh?
I dont really like comedy shows, or that kind of comedy. Mostly I laugh about myself, I am just a really clumsy person. I always trip over things, thats just the way I was born. Tom, Bill and Gustav always have something to laugh about with me.

Bravo: What is your biggest strength?
Georg: That I am very calm. I always stay calm and think about stuff quietly.
Another strength from me is: punctuality (laughs to death).

Bravo: Was that ironic.
Absolutely. I am working on it and it has improved. But I just cant wake up in the morning. I am the only one in the band who gets 3 wake up calls, because I just cant get out of bed. I pick up the phone and say “I am awake, and then go back to sleep. I dont know why. I actually cant stand it when people arent punctual.

Bravo: How is it for you that Tom and Bill are almost always in the spotlight?
Georg: I think it is totally fine the way it is. Every band has a front man and in our case that is Bill and he is doing an absolutely fantastic job. I am more in the background and I am having fun there. I am happy that we have such a good time as a band.

Bravo: With which band member can you relate to the most?
Georg: We all share much with each other. There is not one of them I would trust more with a secret. The other boys are all my best friends and we stand very close to each other.

Bravo: Do you also have a life besides Tokio Hotel?
Absolutely, It is very important to me to also have friends that have nothing to do with the band. That way I can totally get away from it when I have time of.
I still have my old friends from Magdeburg who I contact very often and go do stuff with. They are very important to me.

Bravo: What would you be now if it werent for Tokio Hotel?
After I graduated I tried to follow some studies. I always wanted to be a dentist but I cant imagine that now anymore. What really fascinates me now is Physiology. That really is just so interesting.

Bravo: What is important in life to you?
Georg: First is my Family, after that the band and then my friends. Pets are also very important. I have a dog and a cat and because I am an only child they are like family to me.

Bravo: Are you romantic?
Georg: When I really like a girl I am very romantic. I like candle-light-dinners, and like to put up candles. I always surprise her and go by the moment.

Bravo: When was the last time you were in love?
Georg: That is a long time ago. When I think about it. I never have really been in love. If it really was love we would still be together. I am off course totally hooked when I like a girl.

Bravo: Do you want a girlfriend?
Georg: I just can imagine it would be hard. But I think when your real love comes along it will work out. I am not looking thinking, if you dont look for it, you find it sooner..

Bravo: What kind of girls do you like?
Georg: I dont have a certain typ. She should be an open and nice person , someone you can have fun with.

Bravo: What is your big wish for the future?
Georg: We are busy preparing for the tour. I wish everything goes well during the show, nobody is going to be sick and that we can offer our fans a really cool show. 


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