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 (Jan, 2010)


How would you describe your style?
Terrific! No I have no idea.  With me it is really just….I just like..  with me there is this factor that is has to be comfortable.
It is that I have to feel good in it.  That is why it always has been very loose.  So, I just like big roomy clothes that you can move around in.  I was wearing a less roomy jacket and I get haematite everywhere right away  while I have, since my 9th of 10th year, I don’t wanna lie, have always worn way too loose clothing.
what inspired you to your style?
I came to it through Hip hop.  I started listening to an extreme lot of rap music when I was 10 and then I saw with the big boys that they were wearing their pants under their butts,and then I started to do that as well.  In the beginning they were a bit tighter pants that I just pulled down and then at one point I just started buying way too big clothing.  Which is of course a good thing because they will fit me the rest of my life.  So I have never bought anything in vain.
will you really wear these clothes your entire life?
Yeah! I can ima..maybe they will move a bit higher later on but I think I will be wearing loose fitted pants the rest of my life.
Maybe some shorter pants when I am an old man, but they will still be a bit bigger.
so you will never later on change your style and wear fitted suits for instance??
I am not excluding that. I have for example already worn a suit.  That was to a special event.  It looked good on me.
But I have to say, everything looks good on me.  But basically I just like roomy clothing. it can be a suit but a more loose one.
can you imagine a career as a model?
No, I don’t think so. that is more something for Bill.  He enjoys photo shootings and such. he lives it.  With me it is like: I like doing it but then it is enough for 2 weeks. A shooting like this one is fun, for a day, but for me it is enough for another 2 weeks.
Do you get/accept fashion advice?
No absolutely not!  I don’t like that at all.  I hate it , at shootings there are like tens of thousands of people,  one applies some more powder and then another one pulls your jacket in place and such.  That has to be because you can not see yourself if the folds are in the right place in the picture.  But I really don’t like it at all. clothing advice, I have always done that by myself my entire life and I like to look for my things by myself.
how did you two develop different fashion styles?
I don’t really know exactly.  That happened also when we were about 10, that is when it went into extremely different directions.
I think he , that was really early, with 6 we still used to wear sweaters and t-shirts with our names on it because people could not keep us apart, and later that went in different directions.  Probably because of that. we looked exactly the same. we both had really short hair and the exact same clothes.  Sometimes in different colors but the shape and everything was always the same.
That is the reason why it went into such different directions. Just because we didn’t want to look the same. it was a natural thing.
We can’t imagine walking around like the other, but the nice thing is, I for instance know what I would look like in Bills clothes, simply like Bill. and he knows the same the other way around.
Are you each others most honest style-critics?
Yeah I think so!  We tell each other quite honest what we think about it.
That often comes out pretty negative but we let each other free like that.
We will say: that jacket doesn’t fit you, are you dressing up for carnival, I don’t like that on you at all.
And I just tell him that, he most of the time doesn’t listen to me anyways, and I think that it’s okay like that.
What would you never wear?
Capri pants. Capri pants or short pants, I am not a friend of pants like those.  I don’t know. These days that is not even an option.
But our drummer for instance wears overalls sometimes and that for me, something like that, is not an option at all for me.
Why no Capri pants?
Exactly. I think a naked men-leg does not has to be shown and I don’t know.  It always looks a bit painful, like a sixth grader or something. Maybe that is why.  In the 6th grade I have had short pants and moved away from them pretty fast.
You are defined by your completely different styles.
is that why you complete each other as brothers so perfectly?
Yes, I think so.  With Bill and me it is like, we are actually really like one person.  We are both expressing different sides to this person and that is why we complete each other so really really well.  We both have different interests but we are always on the same page.  And we know exactly what we think, I know exactly what he thinks and Bill thinks and knows exactly what I think, it is on such a totally different level.  We don’t even have to talk to each other during the day and uhm..yeah, I think that is why we complete each other really well.  Each of us has taken, in this one person, different sides and made them stronger and together that makes one really really big comprehensive versatile person.
Again to the bet, what was at stake?
I don’t know anymore.  Either it was about a lot of money, which I can not imagine, because neither one of us would honor that.
No, I don’t know anymore, did he remember? no?? he didn’t ?  Did he know or did he ask advice or something? no, I don’t know it anymore either.  I really don’t know anymore.  So now the bet is actually useless.  We have to make a new bet, because no one remembers what it was about.
What would you bet your brother for?
For cars, cars are good!  I will take his car or he will take mine.
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Kerli: So I have this duet with Tokio Hotel. It was a song, that they had already and they just I guess needed a female vocal on it. So we thought it would be a good match
How was it to work with Tokio Hotel? Are they nice guys?
Kerli: Yeah, they’re really nice. Bill is like really shy and really tall, too. But they´re cool. He is so skinny. Yeah he is totally skinny and he is always wearing perfect make-up. He is flawless. And he got his make-up artist with him who always makes sure that he is wearing perfect make-up
Are they? Isn’t Bill like perfect looking? I kinda feel like a ugly duck when he is around.
Are you prepared for the drama that comes with Tokio Hotel?
Kerli: What’s the drama? Then I going to Germany, maybe.
Nathalie is his make-up artist
Kerli: Yeah.  So there are rumors that I´m dating Bill and that I’m going on tour with them. That’s a good rumor. I like that. I hope this rumor comes true. I go to tour with Tokio Hotel. That would be super fun.  The song is not in the movie. But it’s gonna be tied on the soundtrack. And there are gonna be singles and you know.
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