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Übers Ende Der Welt  Reden  Ich Brech Aus

Spring Nicht  Der Letzte Tag  Wo Sind Eure Hände

Durch Den Monsun  Wir Sterben Niemals Aus  Stich Ins Glück

Ich Bin Nich' Ich  Schrei  Vergessene Kinder

Leb' Die Sekunde  Heilig  Totgeliebt

In Die Nacht  Rette Mich  An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)

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Today Celebrates the 20th Birthday of Germany’s most successful/famous twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel!

In only four years they ascended from the Magdeburger, a band to worldwide success of the German rock band, which sold more than six million CDs have sold-out tours around the world.

BILD had an intimate birthday conversation with Bill Kaulitz .
Rock star talks about Its mirror image

Bill: “I Never look in the mirror in the morning and say to myself, ‘Wow, you’re hot!” To my face and body have a normal relationship. I feel good.”

His slim figure

Bill: ““I nourish myself nearly only on almost all unhealthy food and just ordered a pizza one after another. I have to disappoint you, I am so skinny.”

His property

Bill: “We make good money, but we are no multi-millionaires, like many think. When the dust settles. Ninety percent of advertising contracts, which we have offered, I dropped out of because the brand or product, I will come to nothing. I just do things that I personally see as good. ”

Its luxury goods

Bill: “I give a lot of money for vacation, that’s really sick and full exaggeration. But I have so few holidays and I really enjoy it.”


Bill: “When I finished school, I bought a Rolex, though the sale’m not interested at all. It seems to me just happy to have in 18 Rolex watches. In fact, is totally stupid.”

His sex life

Bill: “I have no girlfriend and sex without love is not for me. With that my brother had to miss my time.”

His preferences

Bill: “I like nice hands. First, always look at his hands. And the eyes are also very important. Hair I do not care.”

His loneliness

Bill: “When I was alone after a concert, when it’s suddenly quiet in the hotel room, sometimes I do not know what to do with myself.”

His companions in bed

Bill: “In bed with me sleeping, my four dogs. I could never do without it. The closer to me, it’s beautiful. I can only advise everyone: Take to your bed, all of your dogs!”. The closer to me, it’s beautiful. I can only advise everyone: Take to your bed, all of your dogs!”

His feelings

Bill: “I must admit that picture, which I start to cry as the movie ”Diary of a Love.“  Now you probably think a lot: Hah, we knew bugger yelps when you sit before television.”

His mistakes

Bill: “I believe I can be challenging. Sometimes I’m pretty rude in what I say. Then retroactively say that I’ve had to leave too.”

His career end

Bill: “After the surgery my vocal cords last year I wanted to hit everything. I thought: Oh God, I want my next show up at the camera. But for me there is only music. If I now have to educate, not knowing in which direction. ”

His concern

Bill: “Generally I am afraid that something happens people in my vicinity. But if something happened to my dogs, I equally afraid with it.”

His program on

Bill: “I’m a total night owl. During the production of albums, I was mostly in the morning to six in the recording studio and then I turn in afternoon. Usually I see the world only from planes, hotels.”

His workday

Bill: “For years I was shopping alone, I can not remember when I was last in the supermarket. I do not know how much is a cube of butter. This is not to say a normal life.”

His birthday

Bill: “Tom and I want to celebrate privately with family and friends. In addition, we wanted the night to rent a roller coaster. Have we ever did not go on a roller coaster. We love this scheisse.”

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Tom's Blog

You’ve got to have some balls!
“He just goes through with it from the beginning to the end….sometimes you just have to do it, no matter how stupid it is. And tada – in an instant you’ve got an audience of millions of people, same here…. :-P
Anyway, pay attention to the people in the background – they’re the real highlight of this vid!”

(if you can’t watch YouTube in your country, see HERE)

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THis is why one should never trust translators:

The Tokio Hotel will be hosts in the studies of “X Factor” in the nose-dive of the 28 September. It reveals Tv Smiles and Songs in newspaper stand Tuesday 1° September. To two years from theirs sweeping debut, Bill Kaulitz and associates are in order to leave again to the conquest of the world and will come also in Italy to fine September in order to promote the escape (2 October) of new the egg whites “Humanoid”, preceded from the single “Automatic”.

promote the escape of the egg whites” … … … “escape of the egg whites”

LOL WTH??? LOL  Oooooow, scary Egg Whites.  We must escape THem!”  LOL

Sorry,… THat just really struck me as funny.  Granted, I’ve had no sleep & my head is killing me. <=)
Point of THis post being,
To inform you THat our Smexy Menn fron Deutschland will be hosting an Italian show called “X FACTOR”, on THe 28TH of September.  In promotion of THier new Album “Humanoid”, und THe new the single “Automatic”.
; )

original article

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