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“You probably know these ambigiuous pics – when looking at them you see one of the two possible pictures. Today I found something similar but this one is an animation. Check out the video and tell me if the dancer turns clockwise or counterclockwise. It might be hard to believe in the beginning but you can actually see it both ways….totally crazy.”

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I am SO very sorry <=’(
I woke up THis morning, opened my site,
und found ALL my site images GONE! <8O
I had a Fully Payed for Flickr account.
I pay for it to secure my site’s images.
I guess THat doesn’t secure anyTHing
I payed Flickr,
THey took my $, und closed my account. >=/
No notice, no noTHing.
So now,….
 I have to dig out my old Coppermine Gallery,
Dust THat off und make THose connections
So You, I, We can have all our Smexy TH Images back
Please hang in THere wiTH me while I restore my site’s content.
Vielen Dank to all my regular Visitors
und to all THose who drop by
((huggz you))

flickr now says; THey don’t know what I’m talking about, my account is in good standing
…. …. um…. So Where THe H#!! is it????
THey just don’t want to give back THe money I payed to my account THere
Which, by THe way THEY DELETED!
SO Frustrating! :(

Up-Dated, Up-Date
I have received reimbursement!
Small win.
Would raTHer all my images back….
but THose are gone forever :(

Added Grief!

THe Social Network ‘Multiply’,
has Kicked Out all it’s non-business members!
Even Premium, Payed for, Accounts

How does THis effect my TokioHotel-LoveAlways….
As you know, YT is constantly removing our precious TH video memories
Many of THese lost to YT videos, I had been storing in Multiply accounts.
Linking you THere to watch videos no longer available elsewhere.
Well, THose are all gone now :(
My computer ist loaded mit TH video und Images!
Working to get THem ALL into a format where you can enjoy THem!

State of Repair Up-Date
Life, work, und circumstance constantly getting in THe way of THe repairs THat need be done.
Sorry it has been taking so long to restore my site for all of you.

THere are a few postings THat I was unable to repair as I’ve had a few computer crashes causing THe loss of MANY Tokio Hotel files. ….such a sad, sad sight :(
BUT, ….(here ist a big plus!), while I’m making THese image replacements, I’m updating each album. ‘Up-Grading’ each album, as wiTH THis passing of time more images of TH have surfaced, und many are in higher quality! :D

Still much, much more to do! I have many exciting plans for my site THat I am VERY anxious to get finished for you!
….as well, I’m hoping to be able to complete posting chapters of  Twin Tyes ;)

I just wanted to let you all know, each und every day/night I am in here doing my best to create a site THat supplies you wiTH ALL THe Tokio Hotel you could possible want, und THen some! ;)

I want THis to be a place you feel comfortable visiting.
We are all Freunde here!
Oh und….
Ich LIEBE comments!
PLZ feel free to express yourself! :D

DON’T MISS one single Up-Date!

Follow my Twitter! ;)

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Sankt Goarshausen , Germany

Freilichtbühne Loreley, 2006 Freilichtbühne Loreley, 2006 Freilichtbühne Loreley, 2006

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

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Mind your Volume ; )



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