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Wolfgang Joop – Paris, France

Wunschkind Fashion Show, 2010 Wunschkind Fashion Show, 2010 Wunschkind Fashion Show, 2010 

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Wolfgang Joop – Paris, France

ZDF LeuteHeute

Bill: “I think it’s good that the clothes are not so street wear-ish; for all those things. I’m also responsible, and such being the case, I really liked it. It was of course a lot more colorful than the things I am usually wearing. Especially the shoes were totally wicked, I already made him a compliment yesterday.”

RTL exclusiv

Bill: “In the past I used to draw too, I am not really good in it, but I have also partly designed my stage outfits.”

Cute little video created by THe TokioHotel AraguaTeam
beckoning TH to KOMM to Venezuela 

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Tokio Hotel fans, you make us proud!

Last year Tokio Hotel was part of the H&M Fashion against Aids campaign.

Ever since then, they’ve kept on supporting our cause, carrying out the safe sex message to the big family of TH fans. It’s an important, life saving message and of course we at DAA are always grateful when artists commit to help us to reach out to as many people as we possibly can.

With Tokio Hotel it’s a different story: not only did the band became our new warriors, with them also their millions of fans all over the world!

Sometimes we at DAA can’t believe how fast they spread the love; who ever said faster than light is impossible: think again.
On Facebook, Twitter, TH Fanclub and Street Team websites and fanpages, all means possible are used. Before you know it, our message is out there, in all corners of the world. It’s amazing!
Their ongoing enthusiasm inspires us in what we do. This is exactly what we need for everyone to understand, but also to spread out our message.

We want to thank the Tokio Hotel fans for their commitment and support! Soon our book ‘DAA: The First Decade!’ will be in stores -including 3 never before published pictures taken by the boys. A special reward for all their fans, fighting with us for a world free of HIV/AIDS- you’re all rock stars!

Show your continuing Support,

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