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THis is why one should never trust translators:

The Tokio Hotel will be hosts in the studies of “X Factor” in the nose-dive of the 28 September. It reveals Tv Smiles and Songs in newspaper stand Tuesday 1° September. To two years from theirs sweeping debut, Bill Kaulitz and associates are in order to leave again to the conquest of the world and will come also in Italy to fine September in order to promote the escape (2 October) of new the egg whites “Humanoid”, preceded from the single “Automatic”.

promote the escape of the egg whites” … … … “escape of the egg whites”

LOL WTH??? LOL  Oooooow, scary Egg Whites.  We must escape THem!”  LOL

Sorry,… THat just really struck me as funny.  Granted, I’ve had no sleep & my head is killing me. <=)
Point of THis post being,
To inform you THat our Smexy Menn fron Deutschland will be hosting an Italian show called “X FACTOR”, on THe 28TH of September.  In promotion of THier new Album “Humanoid”, und THe new the single “Automatic”.
; )

original article

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Tom's Blog

Applause Please!

Aside from my laptop, a guitar and a large cup of coffee I also have another item on my desk. When Bill is not around to applaud for my brilliant ideas, I simply have to do it myself;)

(if you can’t watch YouTube in your country, see HERE)

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This week Tokio Hotel celebrated, with their Unplugged-Gig in Cologne, their Live-Comeback in Germany.

Backstage the Band took half an hour for an Interview with I LOVE RADIO. In the first Part of the Interview, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg spoke about their new Album “Humanoid”, their new Songs and their new Sound.

But another thing new is, in “BRAVO” Tokio Hotel Bassist Georg revealed, for the first time, that he has a Girlfriend and that he’s in a relationship with her since 6 months!  Why didn’t we know about this?  Georg explains it in the Interview with ILoveRadio.

Georg, did you want to keep your Girlfriend a secret?

Georg: “Yes, I have a new Girlfriend. But I haven’t kept it a secret in the past six months, we simply had no Interviews and nobody asked me!”

Bill: “We never try to keep it a secret. I think that when one of us has a Girlfriend, then it’s the most normal thing in the world. I think it’s totally embarrassing when Boygroups try to keep it a secret, just to make Girls buy their CDs. It’s ridiculous. So we actually say it, when we have a Girlfriend. Actually, I find it rather sad that only one of us has one. But that’s how it is!”

How and where could you ever meet a potential Girlfriend?

Bill: “Tom and I aren’t going out to Clubs in our Private Life. We always work a lot, that’s why it doesn’t really work out – we’re usually at After Show Partys, even there we aren’t those who go to every Party. Actually going into the Cinema in private or just normally go out – it doesn’t work.”

Georg: “Gustav and I can still move around in Magdeburg relatively free. Sometimes it works. That’s where I met my Girlfriend.”

Bill: “You miss it, that’s a fact. That’s one of the bad things when you’re famous. We can’t spontaneously say; Okay, now I’m going out with a Friend or now I’m gonna meet my Friends to eat some ice-cream, or drink some Coffee, or spontaneously go into a Club in the evening. So, everything that we do is always perfectly planned and you’re never alone. You always have somebody with you – yes, that’s not very nice. But I have to say, that there are also those Moments, when we’re standing on the stage and thousands of Fans are listening to our Music – this is definitely making up for everything.”

ILoveRadio, pt I:

Be sure to check THe original article for THe audio interview!

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Bill Kaulitz goes never goes out of the house before the appointed time that his make-up is in place, says the woman of the record company.  And when the delicate young man stands before you, you get a slight idea of how much time his appearance takes. Among the perfectly set, dyed black hair, dreadlocks peek out, the eyelids to graced with a composition of black and white, matching the painted nails. The hands in leather gloves have difficulty separating the mass of chains that are attached to his black shirt. His twin Tom is sitting next to him on a couch in a hotel room with pink walls. He fancies himself as a street rocker with his leather jacket and braided hair. No less expensive, but not so conspicuous. Two ordinary guys framed in a pop-star reality.

Welt am Sonntag: Bill, Tom, you both have a birthday on the 1st of September, what do you want?

Bill Kaulitz: I wish to see my family and friends, and to drink coffee. I love coffee, I drink gallons of it. And I’d like a round of coffee with cream pies. And it would great if all were over 60. So we can have a really good gossip session.

Tom: With older people talking it results in conversations that are completely off the beaten track. They have very different thoughts. It would be good for both of us to each have a Sunday tea-party.

Do you have material desires?

Bill: No.

A new car perhaps?

Tom: I don’t think there are many people that would give me something that extravagant. But of course, I would be happy with a new car.

You are turning 20. Are you an adult?

Bill: I think I’ll never grow up. But growing up is also relative, I already thought since 13 that I can do anything, and I felt old enough to go to clubs and drink alcohol. I always felt older than I am.

You have finished your secondary school certificate by distance learning and have been awarded for a particularly good performance.

Bill: This is nearly embarrassing, right?

A little bit.

Bill: Tom and I hated school. That was the worst time in our lives. I feel sorry for anyone that has to go to school.

What was so bad?

Tom: Most of the people offended due to our appearance. Worst of all, I find that the personality of each individual is totally suppressed in the institution of schooling.

Bill: Tom and I were transferred into different classes for disciplinary reasons in the 7th grade. We were real problem children, and were almost expelled from school. But not because of drugs or fights. But because we used to discuss everything, which the teachers hated. And then you realize that learning to become a teacher is not selective enough. Many slip into study because they see no other way. But to be a teacher, you have to really want to learn and to have passion to teach.

You have so many of your fans that see you as a role model. Are there any values that you want to convey?

Tom: We are actually not role models.

But you are in a certain way. Are you aware?

Tom: No, not often. One must also be free to make your own decisions. We have limited time, anyway. In any case, I want to make certain in no case that I do not use insult words in interviews.

You have however committed, for example, to an anti-AIDS campaign.

Tom: Of course, sometimes we try to stand up for things we find important. But in the end: I don’t want to be a role model or idol. I hate the idea of it and I never will be a role-model.

Do you vote?

Tom: Um, yes. Let’s see.

Bill: At least the first time we did.

How high is the percentage of normalcy in your life?

Bill: One percent.

Is it the same as with international stars, that you cannot even go out shopping?

Tom: Yes, absolutely. When we started making music, we were at an age where our parents bought everything for us and now we are in an age where we need to do that ourselves, and we can not.

Bill: It sounds kind of cool to have a personal assistant, who has to worry about things like that. But sometimes I would like to be able to choose my own yogurt.

Tom: In the U.S., there are also supermarkets, which are open 24 hours a day. So you can also visit there a four in the morning, when nobody else is there. There we once walked into a toy department, and brought us everything. Guns with arrows and remote-controlled cars.

Bill: And then we had rocketed cars. Totally ridiculous.

And how do you buy your clothes?

Bill: This is usually done on the Internet or from the catalogue. So boring. But sometimes you have to jump out of the shadows, say f*** it, stop standing out there, photographers and fans outside the door. Sometimes you have to go out just to live.

What’s on catering to your wish list?

Bill: Actually, there is a new one every year. And I must admit that it is pretty long. But we are so seldom at home, and so you try to make wherever you are beautiful. The most important thing to get right is coffee and blankets in the hotels. These rugs are the worst. Because it feels like being at camp. That is what is most important to me, a true ceiling and a real pillow.

Have you actually still quite normal friendships from the past?

Bill: Not really. In the Tokio Hotel time we haven’t added any new friends because you can’t really get to know them. Anyone who touches us, generally already has an opinion about us.

You use extra caution when it comes to people because you have often been deceived?

Tom: Yes, most of them with hidden agendas. We have had many experiences at the beginning of our career. At 15 we were at an after-show party, and have of course been photographed with alcohol. Back then it was like this: You drank a sip of alcohol, and then the magazine editors called the next day, wanting a scoop.

But you probably got coaching in how to deal with such situations.

Tom: No, we never have. And I do not need someone who tells me how I should respond to these questions.

Bill: You have to learn it yourself. By living and accepting that there are times when there are wrong things printed in the newspaper.

Do you have psychological support for such times?

Tom: The psychological care comes from our family and friends. I would imagine maybe getting professional help, but we have no time.

Bill: When people do that, I can understand it. The problem is, I believe that it doesn’t always help.

Tom: I also always think I’m smarter than the psychologist himself

Bill: Exactly. I would be like; All of what I’m telling you I’m telling you deliberately, because it’s my problem. And then the psychologist would say: Yes, you need time to think about it. And then I think to myself: Yeah great, I also knew before.

original article

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