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Georg of the German mega-band Tokio Hotel returns to their hotel in Paris, France
on Thursday after lunch at Findi restaurant on Avenue George V.

Findi, 2009

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German mega-band Tokio Hotel leave their hotel in Paris, France
on Thursday to have dinner at Findi restaurant on Avenue George V.

Findi, 2009 Findi, 2009 Findi, 2009

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I won’t be able to post until later today.  I am sorry about THis.  Fatigue set in, complete und total exhaustion ist taking me over.  Migraines every day (killer ones) I’m not hungry und can’t seem to get enough sleep.  My site ist suffering because of THis.  I need to take a ‘sick day’.

I’ll be back tonight.  I’ll get everyTHing sorted und make posts at THat time.

So Sorry meine Freunde <=(


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Lets count, shall we...

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Tokio Hotel: ‘Automatic’ Music Video!

Tokio Hotel cause quite the ruckus as they leave their hotel to do interviews on Thursday (September 3) in Paris, France.

Germany’s hottest musical export returns October 6th with new album Humanoid, the follow-up to their 2007 debut Scream. Their first single off Humanoid is “Automatic.” Check out the sci-fi themed video below — it was shot in the South African desert!

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Where do you go when you’re one of the biggest rock acts on the planet, you’ve already jumped out of a helicopter, you roll deep in a Monster Truck, and your lead singer has a wax statue of himself ? If you’re Tokio Hotel, and you’re too big for this world, then you reach for other worlds and you go beyond the human race in their brand-new video, “Automatic,” directed by Craig Wessels. (And if you’re Bill Kaulitz, you officially become a cyborg.)

Tokio Hotel’s new “Automatic” video, off of their upcoming Humanoid album, is a big-league beast of a video. It’s a legendary tale of astronomic proportions, with aesthetic references to The Matrix, Fritz Lang, Mad Max, Transformers, and Iron Giant. “Automatic” is the most moving robot story since Wall-E. And Bill Kaulitz looks like some kind of supernatural, post-apocalyptic superhero Pharaoh.

And this video was not cheap. Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav flew to the remote deserts of South Africa  — where they had no cell phone service, and Tom even saw boars having sex — to shoot it. Tom broke a limited-edition guitar along the way. Was it worth it? Obviously. The bar has been raised.

+ Watch Tokio Hotel’s “Automatic” video after the jump, and share your reactions in the comments . (Even though I know you’ve already watched it 1 million and 17 times already…)

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