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“We tour through the world”

They are members of one of the most successful German bands. Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. The twins perform with their band mates Georg and Gustav worldwide. At that they experience a lot – also in the matter of traffic and logistics.  For your performances you’re on tour a lot. What do you take with you?

Tom:  Mainly we have clothes and instruments. But it depends, how long we’re away from home. On the latest tour we were on the road three months straight and everyone of us had about ten suitcases. So, on long travels we take along up to 40 suitcases. Bill always has the most suitcases!  When you’re on tour, you’re almost all the time together. How does living together work in such little space?

Bill: Well, on the latest tour it worked surprisingly well. I had expected that we annoy each other way more. But it only came to that at the last show in Paris. I think it helped that we had two tour buses and could drive separately!  Travelling on the tour bus is certainly fun! Could you imagine to drive such a bus on your own, as a professional driver maybe?

Tom: I think everyone is destined for a different job. We’ve always wanted to only make music, others love to drive long distances, like our bus drivers. They do their job definitely very well! How are your instruments transported?

Tom: Everything gets stowed in purpose-built cases. Depending on the distance, they whether are transported with a plane or on a truck. If we go to America or Asia, then they sometimes get transported in containers on a ship as well.  For your “Humanoid Tour 2010” you had an impressing show. How does the equipment get transported to the cities you play a concert in?

TomThe tour is extremely complex. A forwarding agency which is only in charge for tours, planned and implemented it. The parts of the stage are divided on 12 trucks and on the road in whole Europe. Everything is planned to the minute and when the trucks are stuck in a traffic jam once, time is getting short. The stage gets build up every morning at 7 in two different parts of the venue and then they out it together. Directly after the end of the show they take down the stage and everything starts again…

Bill: Depending to the requirements in the venue, the technicians take about eight to ten hours to build up the show. A stiff piece of work and a real master stroke!


THose multi talented Men of THe band we all Love have effected us in so many ways.  THier Musik as well as THeir personal charms have moved us THrough THe full emotional spectrum!  WiTH lyrics THat reach out to us, consoling, comforting, healing.  THeir wit creating smiles on THe saddest of faces, mending THe most shattered hearts,
How could we all not totally Love THese boys!?!

After reading THrough all THe wonderful entries, it was a difficult task to select just 4 finalists. Some fun und light, some heartbreaking, all sincere!

From THose 4, I did a blind draw, selecting THe WINNER!
NO, WAIT…. I selected
  TWO WINNERS !!!! 😀

Due to THe wonderful response to THis kontest,
Crissy Boylan, editor of “TOKIO HOTEL FEVER”,
has offered to Award a SECOND WINNER!

Drum roll please….
und THose two Lucky entrants are….



You will be contacted by THe book’s editor
to make arrangements to receive your copy of
‘Tokio Hotel FEVER’ ; )

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You are to be seen together with Bill Kaulitz in German advertising spots.
How do you find the singer of Tokio Hotel?

Alice Cooper: Bill is great. In America his band is not yet so successful, but he will make his way.

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