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Tokio Hotel Rocks MTV World Stage Live 2010

Taking their sound overseas, the members of Tokio Hotel were among the participants in the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia music event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday (July 31).

With Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schaefer and Georg Listing all on-hand at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach venue, the quartet took part in a press conference before taking the stage for a smokin’ set including Noise, Automatic, Dogs Unleashed and Forever Now.

Chatting with press before their turn onstage, MTV asked the group what fans could expect from the show, to which Bill replied, “What we did on this record is that we tried some new instruments, the guys are playing keyboards, and they are playing piano for the first time, because in general, Tom is only playing the guitar, but he’s also really talented when it comes to the piano, so we went with a new record to try new stuff on stage as well.”

Also asked if there are ever any nerves before performing to packed crowds, the Tokio Hotel frontman answered, “Yes, we do. But when you play a tour for like 3 months or something…with the large shows when it’s the same every night, it’s not that bad, you get used to it. We are always nervous when it’s just the one show, just the one possibility, and it’s always exciting. I think it’s a normal thing to be nervous.”

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MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010

More cheers followed for German rockers Tokio Hotel who took to the stage next. Lead vocalist Bill Kaulitz caught everyone’s attention with his unique style and choice of outfit – which was a dark olive military-like jumpsuit coupled with lots of bling. His signature eye-liner was present of course. VJs Juju and Chris teased Tokio Hotel about the Malaysian girls, and Tom responded by saying that “they are really beautiful, they look good.”

Laughter ensued when the VJs asked Gustav (who was wearing a plain white T-shirt and bermudas) if he was ever inspired to dress like the other members of the band. Gustav said no in a serious, deadpan tone, which somehow made it all the more hilarious. Bill chimed in to say that the band encourages individuality and expression, therefore all four of them have distinct styles.

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Sound Check

WorldStage Malaysia, 2010


WorldStage Malaysia, 2010 WorldStage Malaysia, 2010 WorldStage Malaysia, 2010

To see Bill’s Full set, click an image ; )

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