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Live & Unplugged Koncert ~ Köln

Bill: Hi Guys…we just arrived at cologne. Shortly our Nokia-Event will start and we’re pretty excited.

girl #1: Bill has even signed over my tattoo
girl #2: You can not put it into words…( little bit crying)
girls #3-4: It was really awesome
girl #5: This was the first concert…since a long time
girl #6: Zinger ( great, awesome…) So wicked as every concert…even better.
girl #5: It was great, everyone was very happy and they signed my drawing.
girls #3-4: Well, we will go after them.
girls #3-4: Hey…psst….

Bill: That’s for us. For us it is time to go home…we are really done ( exhausted). We have just finished our Nokia-Accustic-Session….and it was very a beautiful day, a very successful day and it was fun…


>>> NOKIA  <<<


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Tokio Hotel Tz SALE!

To see full selection of Tokio Hotel Tz go to:

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Bill shops at the Dior boutique in Paris, France

Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of German mega-band Tokio Hotel, is led out of the Dior boutique by a bodyguard on Friday (September 5) in Paris, France.

Dior - Paris France, 2009 Dior - Paris France, 2009 Dior - Paris France, 2009

To see Bill’s Full set, click an image ; )


Jay-Z is a Tokio Hotel fan!

The band was recently asked if it was true that that Jay-Z invited them to dinner. They responded, “He was at one of our concerts. But we didn’t know beforehand. It was more of a spontaneous thing–we didn’t know that he would be there. We just found out about it right before the concert. Afterwards, we all went to eat something together. I don’t think that Jay-Z paid, to be honest. I think the record label did.”

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Tea Time


“This is a pretty freaky way to prepare your tea. I’m more the Caramel Macchiato type but this sharky makes me want to brew myself a Green Sencha real soon…”

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Germanys hottest musical export Tokio Hotel is back in Business !
Tokio Hotel is definitely back…

We spotted Bill, the lead singer of Germanys hottest musical export Tokio Hotel leaving his hotel in Paris for a little shopping at Dior store, as always a massive crowd of teenagers was waiting for their favorite German superstar.

The band returns October 6th with its new album, Humanoid, the follow-up to their 2007 debut Scream.

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Candid Cuties

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Bill, of the German mega-band Tokio Hotel luncheons in Paris, France
on Thursday at Findi restaurant on Avenue George V.

Findi, 2009 Findi, 2009 Findi, 2009

To see Bill’s Full set, click an image ; )

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Candid Cuties

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