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The photos made by Bill and Tom Kaulitz for DAA and the book, hand signed by them and up for auction in Antwerp October 29 at auction house Campo & Campo! It can be seen there this week every day from 11 AM- 6 PM. What do you guys think?

Stage View, 2010 Plane To Male, 2010 Clouds, 2010

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Bill: Well, we have to say first that we didn’t get around that much concerning sightseeing and so on, we haven’t done this at all. We actually were just here in the venue and we still know the venue from our last tours, and we were in the hotel.

It’s definitely the biggest production so far; we have many engineers with us, we have a huge light crew and we also have a huge staff. So there are a lot of buses, crew buses; we as a band indulged ourselves with two buses. I think the difference is that we have our very own stage with us now. So basically that makes the difference. If you take a stage on-site, then of course you don’t have to transport it always, but this time we have our very own stage, so every thing’s a bit more time-consuming.

Of course we’re sorry; it has begun to snow, so we worried a bit and we wanted that the fans are doing well, we didn’t want anyone to get a bad cold. On the other hand you’re looking forward to it, because the people are looking forward to the concert and you know “Ok, there is a lot of power” and they put a lot of emotions in it, this is a good feeling for us.

Back then when I was about seven, eight years old, I was also standing at Nena concerts, in the rain and waited.

Tom: In the last period of our album production, Georg and me took two weeks off, and we came to Jessica Alba’s house and settled down. … No, she didn’t play a concert, she didn’t open the door either, such being the case, it wasn’t very successful, but those are just little things you sometimes do.

Bill: I think it’s getting more extreme every time. We can just talk about the last 5 years, but if you look at the record industry, there are a lot of old men sitting in front of their desks and are crying, definitely. It keeps going down. The awards for platinum and gold are going down quite a lot.

Well, Georg goes prostitute himself on off-days, he always goes on the streets and so…

Georg: Bill is my best customer, by the way.

Bill: Exactly..

Tom: Well, I have to say, you get by of course, but we’re wondering, how it will look in 10 years if the development moves on this way? If you even still have the chance then to produce records, because what you’re doing costs a pile of money. So, when I think what we had already spent on production for our latest album – we produced more than a year – we dumped a lot of bucks of course and that’s… that’s… probably not possible anymore in 10 years.

Bill: I think especially for newcomers it sucks, to get a record deal now days, who is good and to achieve the big breakthrough as an artist; I think it’s getting harder and harder. The CD selling has definitely always been that, where you earn the least money, from the beginning of the career.

 Bill/TokioHotel: Hey, we are Tokio Hotel and you’re listening Eldo-radio, Luxemburg’s radio!

(Oct, 2010)


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