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(August, 2006)

Der Letzte Tag ~ Musik Video
Berlin, Deutschland

Making of... Der Letzte Tag, 2006 Making of... Der Letzte Tag, 2006 Making of... Der Letzte Tag, 2006

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

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The MTV EMAs have been home to some of the most fashionable international artists of today. Through the years, some of the world’s hottest acts have walked down our red carpet and given us unforgettable performances… and unforgettable styles, too!

Und your Ultimate X-Rating for sexiest EMA artist of all time….


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Tokio Hotel save Europe’s Honour

At an award show, which is called “Europe Music Awards”,
you could assume that it’s European acts who take home prizes
Apparently not so!

There was only one winner From Europe with a 2010 MTV award.
And their name is Tokio Hotel.

In the category “Best World Stage Performance” (Best performance in the MTV Show “MTV World Stage”) the four boys from Magdeburg prevailed against – and this is something you can be really proud of – US-stars like pop-chick Katy Perry and the rockers from Green Day.

They could just save the pop-honour of their continent with that!



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What an Exciting day THat was!
So pleased THat our Talented Menn WON ‘Best World Stage Performance’
Und So Proud to be a part of THe wonderfully strong und united  ┼┼UMANO|D NAT|ON

WiTH THe satisfying end to THe 2010 EMAs, also comes THe end of THe ‘Tokio Hotel FEVER’ book WIN kontest.

THe kontest was easy to enter, und I feel was quite successfull. To have entered all you needed to do was to comment in THe original posting, telling me why you Love Tokio Hotel. Also, you need to be living in Canada, THe US or UK.  Again, I’m Sorry about THat. THe Sponcers have restrictions. However, if THis kontest goes well I’ll arrange anoTHer  including oTHer countries! <=)

I’ll take THis week to carefully read THrough all THe wonderful entries. Since you have all written such heartfelt devotions of Love for TH, it ist going to be way difficult to select just one Winner!  I’ll select 4.  THen have a draw. ; )

I’ll forward THe Winner’s contact info to Crissy Boylan, THe Editor of “TOKIO HOTEL FEVER”, she will THen make arrangements wiTH THe Winner so THey can receive THeir Awesome Prize!!!!

Nov. 12, 2010

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