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I’ve posted THis interview already,
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So, here it ist again!
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To win a Gibson guitar autographed by Tokio Hotel,
simply answer the two questions below:

Question 1:
Name the first song performed by Tokio Hotel at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010

Question 2:
Tell us in 50 words or less what you like most about Tokio Hotel.

Submit Your Answers

Contest is only open to residents of the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Contest closes September 18, 2010.
Winner will be selected and notified in September.
Terms and conditions apply.

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(Aug, 2010)

Katy Perry: Trouble with Tokio Hotel


Text at the picture with the VMA: In 2008 Tokio Hotel snatched the VMA for “Best Newcomer” from under Katy Perry’s nose

“Tokio Hotel are gay!” – “Katy is a diva!”
How stars are arguing

The Tokio Hotel-fans are pissed off. Katy Perry offended their favourites. The event happened a few days ago at the Singfest Festival 2010 in Singapore. The 25-year-old dissed in her song “I can’t believe I fell in love with Tokio Hotel. You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys.” Cheeky!

Especially because the TH-boys Bill, Tom, Georg & Gustav stood on the same stage – Katy knew, that the band would hear. And it’s not the first time that the US-singer charges at the four boys from Magdeburg. She’s especially gunning for frontman Bill Kaulitz. Again and again she dedicates the song “Ur so gay” to him. But why is she so mad at the singer? Suspicious: Since the show of the Video Music Awards 2008 in Los Angeles Tokio Hotel seems to be a battleground for the pop-lady. Back then, Katy Perry lost against the four in the category “Best Newcomer”. She doesn’t seem to have coped with this defeat since today. Bill, on the other hand, acts cool: “What Katy does, isn’t nice. But she is just a weird person. We’ve already met her a couple of times and she always acted like a little diva.”, the 20-year-old reveals. “But there are many superficial persons in the music business.”

Peng! That hit home!
Sounds like: Clear the ring for round two in the star-duel!


(not sure as to THe acuracy of THe quote said to be Bill’s)

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