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Carolina Radio talk with Tokio Hotel

We talked exclusively right with the boys of Tokio Hotel. They told us what they feel before their concert in our country on November 28. The German band was very pleased to visit Chile, advising that the fan are going to be attending a show of great quality filled with music, colors, in the MoviStar Arena.

  1. Do you have many expectations of the concert in Chile?

We are super pleased with finally being able to offer our first concert in Chile, since a long time ago we wanted it to do, but was very difficult. So now we are very happy for finally having this oppertunity. Reason being, we are very anxious to be able to meet with ours fans and to be able to offer a great show for them.”

  1. What does it mean for you that your music is so successful and representative of the young people?

That is the greatest thing for a band to achieve as an artist. To realize that our music really moves them. For that reason, in our second album we have wanted to offer music for life, people and we ourself also, who are part of youth. The best fufillment we have been able to receive is that the people and the young people specially, identify themselves with our music.”

  1. Any hobbies, something that you like to do in your free time or vacations?

It is a question very difficult to answer, it’s very complicated, since Tokio Hotel is our life and we are dedicated to the group 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week; we take care of everything, to write, to produce… there is much more of Tokio Hotel behind simply what people see! Much more dedication required, there is enormous work, to write, to compose, to try shows, to prepare itself, to give to interviews and everything what is needed for Tokio Hotel. Reason why we do not have much free time outside the band. In addition, we do not have any hobbie, nor another special talent aside from making music.”

  1. How is the relation between you? The relation as brothers?

We think that all the twins of the world have an indestructible union and very strong. Our relation is impressive, almost magician, because we dream the same and we think the same. We are practically the same person. We do not have any problem between us. It seems logical to us to have everything happen together all along, to eat together, to live together, to do everything together.”

  1. From where did the name come, the name for this tour “Humanoid City”?

Just as it seems, we want to represent a city with a strange species of humans. And what we wanted to reflect a feeling that always we have had (Tom and I) to be in planet that we didn’t belong, because we grew up in the smallest city in Germany that for us was a and we hated it, the reason why we always thought that we were the foreign ones, that we had been mistaken for this planet. Now, it is for that reason, the name of the disc and tour, “Humanoid City”.

  1. We know that you concerts are always spectacular. Can the fans of Chile hope the same of the show that you will do here?

Unfortunately we cannot take all the production that we have used in Europe, we can’t take our own scene due to the distance. But I can say to you that it will be a great show. We will take all our clothes, illumination, fireworks and special effects. So all ours fans of Chile can be sure that they will be presented an incredible spectacle and we will do all the possible one to offer the best and spectacular show them.”

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz ha ve promised one very special night for their Peruvian fans. The integral twins of Tokio Hotel also know that fans from Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina will attend the concert in Lima, which will take place on the 25th of November at the Jockey Club.

“ “We always see the videos that ours fans post in the Internet from all parts of the world. In the case of Peru it really moves us because it is the first time that we will be there, we want to finally meet our Peruvian fans. It is similar to how we felt in our first tour to the United States, it was very exciting to have contact with American fans, it was to us really good, and we are sure that it will be equal in Per.” declared Bill Kaulitz in a telephone interview with the magazine Young Zone.

On the other hand Tom Kaulitz (guitarist of group and one of most popular with the girls) commented, “We try to know something of the cities that we visit, but our time sometimes does not allow it, we hope that there is the possibility of doing it this Lima.”

The complete interview with the Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, in which they speak of looks, musical rivals, stalkers and much, much more, I will publish next on the 21st of October in Peruvian the magazine Young Zone. It will be a waiting room to the spectacular concert that Tokio Hotel will give for the first time in Lima the 25 of November.

The tickets to see Tokio Hotel in Lima are on sale in Teleticket de Wong and Metro. We leave you with a greeting from Bill and Tom for the magazine Young Zone them (that is in their German accent). Thanks Bill and Tom!

Bill & Tom greet all fans of the magazine ‘Zona Joven’


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