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Zooming into Tokio Hotel at MTV World Stage 2010

We’ve discovered first hand from the MTV World Stage show that loving Tokio Hotel is ‘Automatic’. This post is dedicated to all the hardcore fans that eat, sleep and breathe Tokio Hotel. The quartet kick-started their set with ‘Noise’ and the crowd went wild even in the relentless drizzle. Songs in their set included ‘Zoom Into Me’, ‘Dogs Unleashed’, ‘Human Connect to Human’ and several others. Watch the special video clip we made with a mix of their songs for the evening.
Of course the show did not end with their known hits like ‘Automatic’, ‘World Behind My Wall’, ‘Monsoon’ and their new number ‘Dark Side of the Sun’.

A clip with a mix of Tokio Hotel’s ‘Dark Side of the Sun’, ‘Zoom Into Me’, ‘Dogs Unleashed’, ‘World Behind My Wall’, ‘Noise’ and ‘Monsoon’.

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Tokio Hotel’s Performance Outfits:
What Happens When Bill Kaulitz’s Jacket Comes Off


Tokio Hotel performed at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia on Saturday night, and frontman Bill Kaulitz hit the stage wearing one of his costumes from the band’s Humanoid Tour, which concluded earlier this year. The whole look was designed by Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2, and Kaulitz called it fantastic” in a backstage interview after the show. And it was pretty fantastic.
The outfit included a jacket with large spikes on the sleeve that added inches of height to his shoulders, fingerless gloves, and lace-up pants (pants that he also modeled on the Dsquared2 men’s fashion runway back in January). But when the jacket came off, it was different story! Not only did his shoulders return to regular size, but underneath his jacket he wore a leather tank — MORE LEATHER! — and an elaborate chain necklace that had smaller chains within it (see close-up below). Quite the look, don’t you think?


+ Do you like his outfit better with the jacket on or off?

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Tom's Blog

This is Hip-Hop

“She’s so Hip-Hop, for real” ;D

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