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Kika Kummerkasten, 2006

How would you tell someone that you really like her. Would you write a letter, or would you tell her personally, or maybe via sms?
TOM: I would write an sms. I find that a good way and then you don’t have to (???)

GEORG: Well, I think it is important that you don’t tell something like that with an sms or a letter. I think you should tell it personally.

But what if you don’t dare to tell her?

GEORG: When you don’t dare? Well, then is the sms the best way.

And how would you get her mobile phone number?

GEORG: Ehm…via friends, or well…that’s not that hard…

TOM: You can do that on your own. It’s not so hard to address someone.

So addressing someone isn’t the problem?


BILL: I also think the best way is sms, or maybe when you are on a party you give her something to drink.

Would you give a little gift to show you like someone?

GUSTAV: I’ve done it one time, it was maybe a half year ago. I wrote a letter and wrote in it that I’d seen her somewhere and
if we could meet etc. etc. And I wrote my mobile phone number at the bottom. Then I called her once, but her boyfriend picked up
the phone

Well, you saw; stars dont always have an easy life either. Gustav hasnt seen the girl since, but now hes got enough to do with
Tokio Hotel and the music



The Ivy Hollywood, 2008 The Ivy Hollywood, 2008 The Ivy Hollywood, 2008

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The Ivy Hollywood, 2008

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Hollywood, California

The Ivy Hollywood, 2008 The Ivy Hollywood, 2008

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Candid Cuties

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The Ivy Hollywood, 2008

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Just a mere mention, but lookie THe size of THe pic! WOOT!

We’ve got a new video playlist called “Big In Japan” up over at, just in time for cherry blossom season. Check out Japanese-inspired videos from Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Coldplay, Gorillaz and Gwen Stefani, as well as a handful from artists like Tokio Hotel, Tokyo Police Club and Japanese Motors. (Get it?) It’s the opposite of horbs



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Ready Set Go!

Final Day


Don’t Jump



Break Away


On The Edge

Raise Your Hands

By Your Side

Durch Den Monsun

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Milano, Italy

Ready Set Go! & Monsoon

Kids Choice Awards, 2007 Kids Choice Awards, 2007 Kids Choice Awards, 2007

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