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Wolfgang Joop: “Both of us started on our way to become world stars, that needs a lot of discipline and also down-to-earthiness. I mean, a big star is mostly very laid-back, whereas a starlet is fidgety.”

With all the down-to-earthiness you may also dream. Bill Kaulitz has already dared to go on the catwalk in this outfit. With that a collaboration nearly forces on upon them.

Wolfgang Joop: “Well… yeah, he’s highly interested in doing fashion design, but I think as regards taste, our tendencies diverge a bit.”

So, most probably Bill Kaulitz won’t be a new muse for Wolfgang Joop. Bill’s emo-look and Wolfgang Joop’s clothes are worlds apart after all. Even a non-professional should recognise that.

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All it takes…

“…to make a cool video is a descent scaffold and 24 friends” 🙂

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Noreste Diario – Mexico

Tokio Hotel Comes Despite Insecurity

With all the international news about insecurity and drug trafficking in Mexico, the German rock band Tokio Hotel does not intended to cancel its visit this upcoming December 2nd to Palacio de los Deportes.

Of course we get the news of what is happening in Mexico, we know the situation the countries where we go live, but that doesn’t discourage us at all“, said Tom Kaulitz in a phone interview from Berlin.

Furthermore, the experiences we’ve had with our Mexican fans have always been good, without mishaps or problems. So we are relaxed and most of all thrilled to play again“, added Bill Kaulitz, vocalist of the band.

According to the music brothers, the only way they could cancel their visit to the country would be through their music label, in case a situation of force majeure happened.

Only in this case we would not go, but never, in our whole career has that happened. It would have to be something strong that happens in Mexico that would stop us from going, so there is nothing to worry. We will return to your country happy and with lots of energy“, said Tom.

The quartet formed by the Kaulitz’s brothers, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer, have on their shoulders the task of filling the Copper Dome, unlike in 2008, where they participated in a massive concert organized by a radio station at the Azteca Stadium.

This time we go alone and we go with what we considered the production of our dreams, the biggest and with most quality that we’ve had. Our Mexican fans will be surprised“, said Bill.

Among the things that the band revealed about the show in December are a piano performance by Tom, for the first time on stage, as well as fireworks and the inclusion of their early songs, like “Übers Ende der Welt” and “Spring Nicht”.

We will play more of Humanoid, our last album, but we will include songs from our other two albums (Schrei and Zimmer 483). The fans will be pleased with the show, we don’t doubt it“, remarked Tom.

Tokio Hotel will touch Mexican ground on Thursday December 2nd to present their Humanoid Live Tour 2010 at 8:30 pm at Palacio de los Deportes.

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