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Canada’s Music Station, MuchMusic played THier premiere of TH’s Automatic just now. 
Now,… sad und embarrassed to say, MM have not been THe nicest to TH in THe few times THat THey’ve been THere in THe MM building.  THe VJ’s (Matt & Leah) were rude when THe boys visited THe 2nd time, as well as THe 1st.

M.O.D. (Much on Demand) named so because THe videos played are supposedly by request.  MOD played R.S.G. und Monsoon for as long as THe were acknowledging THe many requests for TH videos.  MM rarely play(ed) any TH videos. 

THis ist GREATLY unfair! 

THere are 1000s of devoted THers here in Canada.  My view count und THat of THe many oTHer TH sites born here in Canada are proof of THat.

So,… MOD premiere Automatic.  I am glad THat THey did, but disappointed at THe way in which THey did so. Not surprised at all.
Such a sad, Sad THing

I was Tweeting as THe show approached, und during.

Much Music NEEDs to know THat Canada LOVES Tokio Hotel!  I’m asking for your help und support. Please, use THat TH driving Devotion to ‘Politely’ let THe ppl at Much Music know just how much we need und deserve to see THe music we like just as much as THem playing THe music THey like.

Contact MuchMusic at

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Premiere ~ September 3, 2009



Automatisch & Automatic
Both videos. Both audios

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Music Videos


NRJ Interview

pt 1 pt 2

pt 3 pt 4

Translations in Video wiTH images of THe boys visit to NRJ
pt 1
pt 2

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TH.V-Interesting Interviews


pt I

Viva: Now we’re gonna talk about your new album, “Humanoid”, will be released October 2nd. You’ve been working a year on it, now what do you like the most of the end result?
Tom: Ehhh, what do we like the most? Hehh, that is a difficult question. Actually I like the whole result.
Bill: I just like the whole new sound. The album has a sound wich is kinda new, it dominates in the whole album – all of the songs. That is what i really wanted and it makes me happy when I listen to the songs. I’m very satisfied about that. And besides, yeah, the whole album is great, we’ve been working on it for a year.
We had a lot of songs, we didn’t just write 13 or 14 songs to put them on the track. No, we tried a lot, deleted a lot. I think that’s good.
Viva: So you’re talking about a ‘new sound’, how would you describe it?
Tom: Its hard to describe, but the fact is; for the first albums we concentrated a lot on our own instruments :guitar, bass and drums. Because of that we always had a kinda straight rock-sound. Now we didn’t only record our own instruments, there is a lot of electric stuff on it, we worked a lot with synthesizers. So you can say, our soundworld has grown. It became athmosperic.
There are still a lot of guitars in it, so people will still recognise ‘Tokio Hotel’.

Viva: A highter level?
Tom: Yes.
Viva: The whole concept seems to be very futuristic, like your Homepage and the cover of ‘Automatic’. Where did you get inspired?
Bill: I have to say that everything just developped by itself. When you’re recording a song you always have a kind of visual image of it. You can imagine how the videoclip would look like. We didn’t try to just create a real concept, it just came with the time. So we didn’t plan the concept and wrote songs to that theme or something. Everything came during the production of the album. With time things came by and so we shooted the clip. You only know a visual image of it, so nothing was planned.
Viva: Are the lyrics in science-fiction-style too?
Bill: Yes, but we really aren’t science-fiction fans or something. I don’t know much of it. But the style always accompanied us during writing the lyrics. There were always words wich made me think of it -things that don’t exist here on the planet. And of course “Humanoid”, the name of the album. That things always were in our thoughs.
Viva: The titel of the new album is “Humanoid”. Did you especially choose for a name wich works in a lot of languages?
Tom: Yes, the cool thing about it , that is in fact the cool thing about “Tokio Hotel” , is that everything is the same. There is no need for a translation of the title, because it is exactly the same. It’s only pronounced a little different.
But it was important for us to choose a name wich is everywhere the same. For the past albums it was difficult, because the one’s name was “Scream”, other “Room 483″. It’s cool that now we have the same name.

Viva: Are you going to record the record in English too?
All: We already did.
Bill: Yes, so we produced two albums, German and English. It’s the first time we did it like this. For the past record, we picked our favourite songs to translate. This time we recorded English and German at the same time. That was a lot of work, a year. We translated everything and recorded in two languages. And it was during the production we became to know how many work it really was to do things in two different languages. The video’s will be in two languages too, so that things need a lot of time. But we really wanted to do it that way, we really don’t want to do the one thing without the other. We fully decided to do things in two languages.
Viva: Is it more difficult to sing about your feelings in English, wich is not your native?
Bill: In the beginning it was really hard and weird for me. But now we return to the point we started. We started with German and English and we are almost 10 years together! In the beginning we had German lyrics too, wich we translated to English. Our teachers did help with it, but that was such a bad translation, and such bad lyrics. But principal the two languages were our start. Now I am totally used to it, I wouldn’t be able to choose between an English or a German version of a song. There isn’t any version I don’t like to sing, I like both.

pt 2   pt 3

pt 4   pt 5

pt 1-4 wiTH English Subtitles

pt 1-4, English Subs

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TH.V-Interesting Interviews

Gia: Today I receive Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav! Hi guys! You are back with a new track “Automatic” but mostly a new album expected on the 2th of October available in two versions: English and German. Why in English? Is it to conquer other countries? Because we remember in 2008 you won best band in the USA.

(TH answers translated by Gia):

Bill: We decided to make this album in English; we don’t know anymore if it was last year or two years ago. From now on, our albums will be in both languages and that has nothing to do with the MTV awards, it’s more that we want more people to understand our lyrics.

Gia: Do you feel the same way when you sing in English and in German? Since English is not your mother tongue so we can imagine that it is more difficult for you.

Bill: At first we had to get used to it, especially me and since I’m a perfectionist I really wanted it to sound right, with English not being our mother tongue. But now, I am equally at ease when I sing in both languages.I don’t even know anymore which one I prefer.

Gia: Around this album,there were quite the rumors. Especially about the collaborations.  Are these rumors true?

Bill: In reality, these are only rumors. We worked with the same producers who worked with us before.It’s true that we recorded in the USA. We won’t say much about it for now.

Gia: The hit we know now is Automatic/Automatisch out on the 2nd of October. Tell us about the song and the clip filmed in the South African desert.

Bill: We already choose that title to represent the album because we all thought that it also represented perfectly HUMANOID.It was a track recorded in a very short time. Concerning the clip, we had the chance to shoot in South Africa.It was awesome, we had lots of fun.

Gia: The boys even gave their permission to broadcast the clip. Now I feel like asking you more personal questions.Because I know the goomers listening to us right now are dying to know everything about you. Bill and Tom, you just turned 20, how does it feel to have such an huge and an accomplished career already.Do you live your youth despite everything?

Bill: We caught up with our youth. We rented an amusement park with our family and friends, Georg and Gustav.It was our childhood dream.

Gia: It’s true that they did a lot more of things than the average youngsters of their age. They work a lot but they love it. I was wondering what did Georg and Gustav offer you for your birthday?

Tom: Normally we have a rule : we don’t give each other gifts. But for the first time, Georg skipped that rule and offered us a video game. We don’t give gifts because the best gift is love.

Gia: How do you see yourselves in twenty years?

Tom: We hope that everything will be fine and that they will always be present. Maybe we’ll have long prolonged holidays but we hope to always play on stage and produce awesome albums.

Gia: In what aspect is this album different from the last one?Is it more pop-electro?

Bill: It’s true that it’s a bit pop and electro.It’s a new sound but it’s definitely Tokio Hotel. We are waiting anxiously for the fans opinion.

Gia: That is also our concern. Do you think the public will be at the rendez-vous? You were gone for two years after all and two years is a lot for the fans.

Bill: We hope that it will be the same public, that the fans stay loyal to us.French fans are still under our charms and we also hope to gain new fans.In the end the fans grew up with us anyway.

Gia: Why did you stop during two years? Were you too young?Afraid of the success maybe?

Bill: It was not a break because last year we went on tour and then we began to work directly on HUMANOID. For the USA it was not felt like a break, but in France it was felt like a huge one. In reality,they didn’t even go on vacation.

Gia: You’re back Tokio Hotel. After such a long absence how do you feel about this comeback?

Bill: We are not under the impression that it is a comeback since we didn’t feel like we were gone.

Gia: Tokio Hotel has always been present and they are ready. Goom radio fans are asking if you planed concerts already for 2010?

Bill: We are in the process of planning everything. No precise dates yet but one thing is sure: we’ll come in Paris in the beginning of 2010

Gia: Last question for all the fans who listen to us, Do you guys have a facebook and a myspace too?

Bill: oh god. I dont know.
Tom: we have a official myspace. That other thing we dont have. Do we have facebook?
Georg: Yes we have facebook.
Tom: oh?
Georg: We have facebook.
Tom: are you sure?
Georg: Yeah.

Bill: We have in any case a myspace page 


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TH-Interesting Interviews

The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of the rock band Tokio Hotel celebrated their 20. Birthday with a roller coaster party!



The most beautiful pictures of Bill, Tom & CO.That makes mood! Bill (20, in front right) and Tom (20, in the back right) enjoy the wild roller coaster ride. Sits at the rear left volume member Gustav (20)

They rented the heath park Soltau, invited 20 close friends and family members.

Tom: “We each had quantities of champagne, for hours rode roller coasters and water games. We just got all!”

Bill: “We fulfilled our childhood dream. That was so unbelievable geil! We remained up to the late evening in the park.“

The new single of Tokio Hotel “AUTOMATISCH/AUTOMATIC“ will be issued worldwide in 18th September – in German and English.

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