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(Oct, 2010)

SATURN Flyer, 2010 SATURN Flyer, 2010 SATURN Flyer, 2010 SATURN Flyer, 2010

See FULL flyer/brochure  HERE

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Buffy Naillon of THe  Tokio Hotel Examiner
Wrote up a review of THe TH Book ‘Tokio Hotel FEVER’
Unnnnd, mentioned my kontest! XD

Review: Tokio Hotel Fever, book giveaway

For Tokio Hotel fans who have loved the German band from Magdeburg for what seems like forever, it’s hard to fathom that Tokio Hotel is ever acquiring new fans. What does this statement have to do with a book review of “Tokio Hotel Fever”? A great deal it turns out. While these fans may have just as much love in their hearts for the band as those who are more seasoned fans, they may not have the same knowledge base. For these fans, “Tokio Hotel Fever” from ECW Press might be just the perfect book.

Read FULL review HERE

(here ist my mention) XD

Tokio Hotel fans who are interested in getting a copy of this book have a chance to win a copy from the website Tokio Hotel – Love Always . Fans have until November 7th to enter and must stop by the site and leave their entry on “Tokio Hotel – Love Always”.

*Special thanks to my Twitter pal BTGG for letting us know about the cool “Tokio Hotel Fever” contest.

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Tom's Blog

Mexico City!

“I’m really looking forward to see you guys there so soooon!!”

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RTL Punkt 9

Cooper vs. Kaulitz

What’s going on there? Alice Cooper in a smalltalk with whippersnaper Bill Kaulitz? Ok, ok…it’s really him. For a TV-spot of an electronic-wholesale market Alice Cooper deigned to allow Bill to join him there. No wonder, this is for both of them like printing money.

RTL Punkt 12

Oh look! Isn’t this, …right, …Rock-Grandpa Alice Cooper and Tokio Hotel whippersnaper Bill Kaulitz. The unlike musican have teamed up for a TV-Spot. And there it becomes clear, the new guy has already outstripped the old guy. Funny the two of them.

VOX Prominent!

IN is, the showdown of two rock-generations with a wink. Whippersnaper Bill Kaulitz vers. Primary rock Alice Cooper. The 62-year-old and the fourty-one years younger Bill compete with their popularity in a TV-Spot of an electronic-wholesale market. Ok, it’s only a commercial, but if it is so funny and self-ironic, it’s worth to be our IN.

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