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Zona Joven Interview Tom & Bill

Bill: We’re thrilled to greet and welcome to all fans that come from other countries to see us, it’s a pleasure for us to see them doing that. The support that they give us is something amazing to see. It’s something very characteristic of our fans, for them to say: “Okay, we will travel to another country just to see your show.”

Tom: And the show we’ll give in Lima it’s going to be amazing, without a doubt.

Bill: Mmm… Yes, there’s a ritual we always do before going on stage… It consists of Georg going to the bathroom and making his business, that brings us luck for every concert.
Bill: And about our hair-styles, yes, we’ve changed and I have a new one. My hair is shorter, which it’s good since it takes less time. But then I have to wear the special wardrobe, there’s a lot of wardrobe changes during the show. The outfits have various accessories, others have lights and carry giant batteries in the back so the lights can shine during the show, but I love to do it.

Bill: Normally we do have Meets & Greets, but it depends on if we have time before the show. But they are organized by the commercial partners of the concert, the media partners. It’s still too soon to know what’s going to happen, but it may be some sort of contest to pick winners to have a Meet & Greet with us in Lima.


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Wall Painting

“That’s some pretty exciting and impressive artwork done by Supakitch and Koralie – check it out:”

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Tokio Hotel Make donations in THeir Visit to Chile

The musical group Tokio Hotel come for the first time to the country of Chile, not only will perform in concert, but they will participate in the project “MusicalMente”.

For the project, they will donate a music room plus a library to a school of low resources in Santiago and will be sponcers. All this as well as the concert Sunday 28 of November in Movistar Sand!

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