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On 16 July the boys of Tokio Hotel published the Live DVD “Humanoid City” with Live footage of their European tour started at the beginning of the year. Now the four can be pleased in all of Europe and also in Asia about best Chart rankings: Their work reserved the first seat on the official DVD Charts at first attempt in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Malaysia. The DVD landed second position in Belgium, Spain and Portugal and in third in Denmark. Holland announces fourth rank.

World-wide Success

The album “Humanoid” in Mexico landed in the first place of the album Charts, now entered in the second position, ten months after republication of the CD . Tokio Hotel, with their first visit in Asia this year, their the album registered Bill, Tom and CO at first attempt attained Gold status in Taiwan, in Malaysia and Singapore. A point placement with the largest radio stations of the two countries.

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What happens…

“…if I trap Gustav in a laundry machine?!”

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Tom Kaulitz Of Tokio Hotel Is Modeling For Reebok!

Bill Kaulitz is usually the first Kaulitz that comes to mind when we think Tokio Hotel fashion. (Did you see his leather lace-up Dsquared2 pants?!) But he’s not the only Kaulitz who loves fashionable things — his twin brother Tom Kaulitz scored a modeling gig! Reebok signed the 20-year-old Tokio Hotel guitarist/sneakerhead to model shoes for the company as part of a promotion (for people who log on to in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, they can enter to win a contest to join Tom on tour). In several interviews about his new endeavor, Tom mentioned how insane his obsession has become. “At home, I created a little room like a little storage room,” he said of his sneakers. He also said that he gets 10 new pairs a week. That’s 520 sneakers a year. Can you imagine?! We only dream of owning that many shoes.



+ Do you like the way Tom shows off his kicks? Think he took any modeling pointers from his twin brother Bill, who modeled for Dsquared2? Tell us in the comments!

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