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CD 1: English album

1. Darkside Of The Sun
2. Monsoon
3. Hurricanes And Suns (New Track – 2009)
4. Ready, Set, Go!
5. World Behind My Wall
6. Scream
7. Automatic
8. Phantomrider
9. Break Away
10. Final Day
11. Forever Now
12. By Your Side
13. Rescue Me
14. 1000 Oceans
15. Noise
16. Don’t Jump
17. Humanoid
18. Bonustrack: Mädchen aus dem All (2003)

CD 2: German album – Deluxe

1. Durch Den Monsun
2. Der Letzte Tag
3. Mädchen aus dem All (2003)
4. Übers Ende Der Welt
5. Schrei
6. An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
7. Spring Nicht
8. Automatisch
9. Lass Uns Laufen
10. Geisterfahrer
11. Ich Brech Aus
12. Für Immer Jetzt
13. Rette Mich
14. 1000 Meere
15. Komm
16. Sonnensystem
17. Humanoid
18. Bonustrack: Hurricans And Suns (Neuer Titel – 2009)

+ Bonus DVD – Videos
1. Durch den Monsun
2. Monsoon
3. Schrei
4. Scream
5. Rette Mich
6. Der letzte Tag
7. Wir schließen uns ein
8. Übers Ende der Welt
9. Ready, Set, Go
10. Spring nicht
11. Don’t jump
12. An deiner Seite
13. By your side
14. Automatisch
15. Automatic
16. Lass und laufen
17. World behind my Wall
18. Darkside of the sun

Making of
1. Making of “Monsoon”
2. Making of “Schrei”
3. Making of “Übers Ende der Welt”
4. Making of “Spring nicht”
5. Making of “Automatic”
6. Making of “World behind my wall”

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CLICK for full Album

CLICK for full Album 

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“Please watch this in full length!”

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Durch die Nacht
mit Wolfgang Joop und Bill Kaulitz

Bill: For me it’s always like, I really can…from the font, from the cover to every German headnote-article that we have, I simply can’t, I hate it, if it’s not on my desk. So if one E-Mail…
Joop: It’s the same with me. Do you think, I would take a shoe from somebody else?
Bill: No.
Joop: Or an earring, or a belt? Then there is no belt, then they go naked. I would do…if it is not from myself, felt by me, born by me and ruminated by me , I would not do it. But, I don’t dress any girl. I don’t touch the stuff anymore. You will not see me carrying a dress to a model.
Bill: That is obviously really a good solution.
Joop: I don’t tie a loop, nothing. I keep it theoretical. I stay in the back. Otherwise it would go crazy.
Bill: I have to do it the same.
Joop: At some point you have to say: “CUT! Now the others are next.”.
Bill: I can’t stand this at all. Then I do it again. I think to myself: “This is such an unimportant detail, someone else should arrange it.”.
Joop: Yes, I feel no different.
Bill: And then it goes wrong, I think: “That’s scheiss!”.
Joop: But that’s only you.
Bill: I know.

Joop: It always sounds so silly, when older people say that it’s so bad nowadays, but I find this whole Internet-crap…
BillNo, not at all…
Joop: …really bad.
Bill: I actually grew up with the Internet as well and I find it SO bad! Well, of course, it opens many new ways, but it also brings so many bad things. If I could press a button and if I could abolish the Internet for everyone, I would press it immediately. You do something and one minute later it’s all over the Internet and it goes around the whole world and everyone is allowed to comment it, everyone can judge it, everyone makes his opinion about it, where I often think that something gets destroyed, a magic gets lost, such a magic you think of it, because everyone destroys it immediately and leaves a comment and make a mess on it.
Joop: For example also that “Gurem” (?), as good as it may be…
BillBut also the appreciation of all the products, of magazines, of…whatsoever, books, fashion, music, films, that all doesn’t exist anymore, because you get everything…

Joop: But the whole collection is then on flowers and gardens, well, “Jardin Portugal” – “The garden Portugal”. And therefore I made all those silhouettes, and at the same time.. So, doesn’t matter which direction you make,…uhm “seasonings” means “Würzen” in English,  and I’m not up for it, that the people look so uniform, you know?
Bill: The shoes are also wicked here…
Joop: I designed everything at home, designed all persons, everything moi, moi, moi!
Bill: Wow! Awesome!
Joop: This is the witness… But without Sarah I wouldn’t have come up with the idea.
Bill: Really? That’s good…
Joop: Sarah can sometimes look kinda empty, like a white screen.