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The celebrities having the most
Friends, Contacts and Fans

Millions fans
The most popular Facebook Celeberties
The hit list of the persons with the most Facebook friends and fans.
Read here, who the Top networkers on Facebook are.

Facebook is the largest friend platform of the world in the Internet. And for some Celeberties the simplest way to remain in contact with their fans. Because for the members is it only clicks, and they are connected with their star, see pieces of news and photos.


Michael Jackson († 50), the King OF Pop, is the Facebook the superstar. With 22 million fans he has he most connections, and each day it becomes more.

Completely barely behind Jackson at place two on the person rank list: Lady Gaga (24)! Who has 21 million Facebook user on their profile.

Celeberties from Germany: The band Rammstein comes with 1.7 million contacts. Followed by Tokio Hotel with approximately one million fans.

Facebook does not publish statistics to its members. The ranking comes from the Internet platform Facebakers. The experts for Facebook marketing provide world-wide hit lists of the members by constant observation of Facebook.

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Showing off the beautiful Tokio Hotel poster that’s in every book

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Alien: “Bill, can I join you in your band?
Bill: “Well, what can you do?
Bill (to Alice): “Just say the phrase…
Alice: “It’s just a question of technology.”

Alice: “What kind of bird is this?
Bird: “How do I know?
Bill: “You can talk?
Bird: “You can sing?
Bill: “Alice, It’s just a question of technology.”

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The Labyrinth

I’m just saying…. ; )

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Orange, 2005 Orange, 2005 Orange, 2005

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