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We all know of THe devotion THat THers have for our beloved boys.  It is shown in many different ways.  THe camping out for tickets, THe un-countable amount of love letters, banners und signs, 1000s of TH sites, … THe list of creative shows of affection continues as long as if not longer THen the lines to get into one of THeir koncerts!
Two of TH’s admirers from Veinna,Austria have now started THeir own magazine as THeir symbol of devotion.

‘MONSUN’ is a TH magazine, published every 3 months and features interviews with fans worldwide & other musicians about the topic Tokio Hotel, concert reviews, useful tips to survive in the fandom and lots of other information about your favourite band.
The magazine is written in both German & English, and all issues can be downloaded for free on their site.

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As you may or may not be aware of, THe NME Music awards had our boys, Tokio Hotel nominated in THe ‘Worst Band’ category.  I chose not to report THis at THe time it came out due to it’s pure obscurity.  I’m not just referring to THe totally unjust suggestion THat Tokio Hotel could ever be THe ‘worst band’.  But, I just feel THat any legitimate Awards shouldn’t be bashing entertainers wiTH negative acknowledgements.

Well THat being said, THe winners of THe worst have been in many articles around THe web since.  AlTHough I don’t approve of The negativity of the category, it is still exciting to see ‘Tokio Hotel’ mentioned in mainstream US news.  In Europe you can probably hear THeir name mentioned daily, but in Canada und THe US it is not so common.

Oh, und… TH Did Not ‘win’ THis so-called award.  The Jonas Brothers took highest placing in THe categories of ‘Worst Band’, & ‘Worst Album’

For THe original article on THe NME Awards see:

THe article THat promoted my posting just had a merely a mention of TH in THis statement;
Also nominated in the category were Scouting For Girls, Tokio Hotel, Fall Out Boy and, strangely, Oasis.”



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MTV’s Total Request Live, New York City

Band Photos

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Wow – we are totally impressed!!!

You guys submitted thousands and thousands of really awesome pictures of yourselves and now we’re proud to present YOUR Tokio Hotel Mosaic poster. Since we received so many pics, we had to create two different versions. In one we used all the photos with a horizontal photo format and in the second, we used all the photos with a vertical format.

If you submitted a picture, simply enter your email address below in our MosaicCalculator to find out where in this huge poster you can find yourself. Unfortunately, we had a problem with using a tiny fraction of the photos that were submitted (we could not open them). We apologize if you’re not included even though you submitted a photo of yourself.

Have fun finding yourself and checking out all the other fan pictures.

Bill, Tom, Gustav + Georg also wanted to shout out a gigantic THANK YOU for all your wicked submissons.

Take care and ROCK ON!

mosaic mosaic

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Tom und Bill celebrate graduating with site director Sarah Lichtenberger (left) & Jennifer Krautscheid (right)

Youth Prize for distant learning in 2009 goes to Tokio Hotel Twins


Tom and Bill Kaulitz are distinguished famous prizewinners with this year’s DistancE-Learning 2009 study prize, along with seven other prominent correspondence course graduates.
The study prize DistancE-Learning will be awarded this year to correspondence course graduates. The study prizewinners are selected by an independent jury of the professional federation forum DistancE-Learning.
Now the decisions have been introduced to the general public. However, two of the nine prizewinners were already famous long before the honor. Twins, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 19) from Tokio hotel are distinguished with the youth price distant learning in 2009 for their exemplary achievements in distant lessons in the web school graduation.
The study prize DistancE-Learning 2009 will be awarded on the 27th April, 2009 at the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) in Berlin (Parliamentary Assistant Secretary Andreas Storm). Unfortunately, in the absence of both Kaulitz brothers who are busily working on Tokio Hotel’s new album.


~ Chapter III ~

Standing over her now, his mind raced in an attempt to justify his actions.

     ‘”Old Witch!”  Bending down, he wiped the blade clean with the powder blue wool of her, no doubt hand knitted, vest. She deserved it. Well of course she did. Who gave her the power to decide a child’s life? To rip them away from a proper upbringing! Anyone else in his position would have done the same. Wouldn’t they? Besides, there was probably a long list of others that were just jonesin’ to sack the old broad.
This was the justification. Now, what to do about the body.

It hadn’t been an easy road for Tom. His childhood rot with abuse, filled with torment. The orphanage in which he was raised was a cold and harsh environment for a child to grow up in. Void of hugs, lacking in any true affection. He had no parents to guide him. To teach him right from wrong. The only thing learned was a strong distrust for authority and a very poor sense of self worth.

The ‘care givers’ at Hill Ridge Home were far from warm in their handling of the children in their keep. Leaving Tom with no one to comfort his tortured thoughts. The questions repeated over and over in his mind left unanswered. ‘Why?’  Why was he there? Where were his parents? What had happened to them? Why was he left there? Thoughts he had in common with most all of the children there, but that is where the similarities ended. He always found it hard to form a real friendship with any of them. As soon as he felt he’d found some one to friend, they were gone. To a foster home, then adopted. Some were adopted right off! Not Tom. He had gone to live in few foster homes but they never seemed to work out. Some were truly horrid. He had been beaten for no reason clear to him. Worked like a slave in one or two. But there were a couple, places he really wanted to stay. A place he wanted to call home. But, each and every time, it was back to Hill Ridge he went.
His inability to form any sort of bond with anyone was another question he’d not been able to answer. The one occasion he attempted to get an answer from old Ms. Krieghtner, the response was one of patronizing disdain.

     “My Dear Thomas,… some little boys are just not adoptable. You just don’t belong,… you belong nowhere. Best you stay here.”  His big brown eyes stared back at her. They welled up with tears as they had many a night, but he didn’t want her to see. Turning from her, he headed back to his room to once again unpack his few things.

Those words never left him. They ran through his mind as rampantly as his growing thoughts of aggression. ‘She was wrong!’, she just had to be! Tom knew he belonged ‘somewhere’. He felt it. It wasn’t just the visions he had, the many dreams of a better life. There was something missing. He felt it the strongest while watching the other children playing. Something was missing, a part of him. It wouldn’t be to long before he founds out what was behind this feeling. When he does, it is at this moment, when something inside just snapps.

The concept of a normal up-bringing had been abandoned long ago. Matured mentally past his years, Tom was now growing into a young man. He found ways of coping with his existence at this Hell hole, the only home he had ever known. There was the volunteering in the kitchen. But the biggest distraction was his late night creepings over to the right wing of Hill Ridge, where the girl’s dorms were.

Seventeen years of age now and six feet of pure trouble as far as the death defying Ms. Krieghtner was concerned. Tall and lean. Long blond dreadlocks cascaded over now squared shoulders. Cutting his hair was something that was just not going to happen. The caretakers tried. Oh how they tried. Catching that boy was like trying to gab a bar of wet soap! Once his height towered most of the attendants, they just gave up. Tom waltzed around the darkened halls as if he himself ran the orphanage. He’d been there so long now that the staff knew to just stay clear. Tom was seemingly allowed to do whatever he pleased (except for leave). Any new interns that came soon learned as well. Especially the young pretty ones. Sure, they were four or more years older then he but with his charms and handsome face, a crooked little grin was all that was needed to get his way. It was one of these interns that facilitated Tom in discovering some of the truths behind his placement at Hill Ridge.

Jessica. Her arrival most assuredly did not sit well with the female wards. Her petite but shapely frame caught Tom’s eye straight away. His nightly visits to the enamored girls became few and far between, much to the dismay of many. They were certain that this little harlot had stolen Tom’s heart, least case, his Attentions. Love was the furthest thing from his mind though. His intent with the unassuming intern was far more contrived. Jessica was a files clerk.

     “Tommm,… I can’t”  her sheepish refusals meant little.
     “Sure you can. Just leave the cabinets unlocked.”  He stepped closer, backing her into the shelves. The cans and containers in the small stalk room rattled together as she bumped up against the steel racks.
     “No,.. no I really can’t. They lock automatically when the – …”  her words cut off. Tom raised an arm over her shoulder to the shelves behind her and leaned in towards her.  “… when the drawers c, cl – …”  the long slender fingers of his other hand played with the plastic name tag clamped to her left breast pocket.  “… close.”  finally managing to complete her sentence.

     “uh huh, well then. Give me the keys.”  she stared at his lips as he talked. Full, soft, and the most perfect natural pink she had ever seen.

     “So,… how about those keys?”  Was she actually considering giving him access to classified fies? He teased the silver of the half ring pierced though the corner of his bottom lip with the tip of his tongue.  She wasn’t sure where he had acquired the jewelry, but Tom was not without his resources. He probably did the pierce himself she figured. It didn’t matter. It looked good and the way he played with it drove her crazy! So was she actually considering giving him keys?  Damn Right She Was!  His hand moved from the tag, down her side, over her waist. He was close to her, too close. Lips seconds from hers, his hand continued, lightly sliding over her thigh.  Was Jessica aware of what Tom was up to?  Did it matter?  Tom’s fingers clutched around the keys in her pocket.

     “Thank you.” A mere whisper.  Then the sound of the door as it closed behind him. Leaving Jessica eyes still closed, mouth wanting, alone in the darkened storage room.

He couldn’t go now. He’d have to wait. Bruce would be roaming the main halls that lead to the offices. Bruce, also known as ‘Brucey Fruit’. A nick-name he was aware that he was called by, but was not too found of. The wards found it all too suiting though. He was a large man, mostly due to over eating but tall as well. With a rather unprofessional fondness for the young males in which he had been placed in charge of. Most laughed and cracked jokes at his expense when he was not within earshot. Bruce wasn’t the predatory type. There were no concerns of him miss using his position. All the same though, none were really wanting to get into a tussle with him. His presents did the job of keeping them in line for the most part.

Tom’s files should have been downstairs in the basement archives, but they hadn’t been. He had already checked there. He couldn’t quite figure out the reason for that but it was his strong suspicion that the crotchety old Ms. Krightner was keeping his files somewhere closer to her control. That old bag had it in for him from day one. That much he knew and he was determined to find out exactly why.

Tom lay there on his bed in the dark staring at the celling, waiting. Brucey fruit would be passed out in a chair, having filled his belly with leftover Mac-n-Cheese from the cafeteria by about 1am. He glanced at the clock, 1:10am. A few more minutes, just to be sure.

Just as suspected, there was a large snoring mound fast asleep in the lobby. Tom slipped by unnoticed and quietly let himself into Kreightner’s office. There were only a few cabinets in the rather large office. It shouldn’t take him long. The plan was to find his file, copy the documents he was seeking, and slip back to his room unnoticed to ready his escape from this Hell hole. A small pocket flashlight held in his mouth he rummaged threw the files.

     “Where is it?…”  he whispered around the penlight clenched in his teeth. “Where The Fffu -…”  His frustration growing he turned from he cabinets scanning the room. “Where have you hidden then you tricky old Bat?! … The Desk”, must be!
     “DAMN!”  all those drawers were locked as well. Jessica wouldn’t have the keys to those. Standing there a moment he contemplated his next move. Time was running out. He had to get those files! grabbing a letter opener from the desk, Tom rammed it into the slight gap at the side of the drawer. The desk was old, it’s wood frame gave way to the pressure with loud CRACK. He froze, listening… nothing but the chainsaw snore of good old Brucey Fruit. There would be no hiding the mess he had just made. Splinters lay everywhere. At this point he no longer cared. He’d just have to leave sooner then planned is all. Back to the task at hand. Finding his file, his answers (or so he had hoped).

Receits, some petty cash. The crony’s secret stash of hooch… ‘Hmm’, a tattered file folder under it all. Tom held it in his hand now. He knew this was it, he was certain! Taking a deep breath he opened it. A few loose papers, no… photos, fell to the floor. Tom knelt to pick them up. They were old, chronicrom. One of a house, of a man, the last was that same man with a woman. The man, he looked like… like Tom. Almost the spitting image! His heart was racing. Could this be a relative? A Grandfather? The one with the woman, Grandmother maybe? Wait a second, the picture wasn’t too clear but… the woman. That face.

     “Holy Sheisse!”  it was KRIGHTNER! Tom’s head was spinning. What did this mean? He couldn’t wrap his mind around the truth that was staring him in the face. All those thoughts would have to be sorted out later. He needed to continue.

The city in which he was born. The hospital, no wait… Mid-Wife. He was born at home (the house in the photo possibly?). Something about complications. The documents were soiled, it was hard to read everything. Dried flowers had been pressed between the sheets of paper. Bits stuck here and there over the type. Plus Tom was still in a daze over the pictures. He proceeded to read. His birth date, weight/height at birth, time of – Tom’s next breath stopped in his chest. Ten minutes after his birth, another was born. Tom had a twin.

Twin Tyes – Chapter I:

If you enjoyed THe 1st chapter, please read on!
Chapter IV
Chapter V
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