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(Aug, 2010)



From the Stage into the Photostudio! BRAVO accompanied
Tokio Hotel Guitarist Tom at his first Job as a Model!

He jumps. He performs. He lets himself fall down. He’s giving 100%. Tom Kaulitz (20) in the spotlight – like so often. But…where are Bill (20), Gustav (21) and Georg (23)? Why is the Tokio Hotel Guitarist alone at a Shooting?
It’s simple: Tom is now a real Model – for Sneakers of the brand Reebok Classic.

BRAVO was at the first Fashion-Appearance of the 20 year old and noticed: It was strange for the musician to stand in front of the camera without his Band Colleagues: “This Shooting was the first one I did completely alone. I’m used to us being a group of four, or having my brother Bill with me“, he says, and starts joking:

Finally I had the chance to let the photographer take good photos of me without taking the other four into account – they aren’t as photogenic as me.” Tom laughs loudly – and turns serious again. The guitarist has to be highly concentrated while working in the Daily Cube Studio in Hamburg.

The jumps, performing, that was the physically most challenging Shooting I ever had to do.” And now? Can the Super-Twin imagine to model more often? “I would only advertise for things I like or where I can see myself in. That was always my resolution, that’s why I already missed a lot of opportunities to make more money…”


pg #1
– One – Two – Three – Go! Tom has to jump on command of the Photographer – and simultaneously has to make a cool facial expression!
– Team-Meeting: The whole Crew checks how the first Photos turned out!
– The TH-Star loves Sneakers. That’s why he accepted the Job. “At home I have about 300 pairs of Shoes.”
– Posing is easy for the musician “I’m a multi-talent when it comes to posing”, Tom says cheekily.
– His role-model: Twin-Brother Bill
– Twin-Brother Bill was on the catwalk for the the label DSquared2 in January as a Black Angel at Milan Fashion Week. The singer recently modeled for HRS. This picture could be found all over Germany as an XXL-Poster.
– Tom about the reaction of his brother: “Bill didn’t say anything, but of course he was jealous of the Reebok-Job

pg #2
– Tom plunges off a box with his arms spread. He lands on a mattress.
– Photographer Rasmus Kaessmann shows Tom the results on the screen.
– On the finished Poster it looks like the TH-Star is flying.

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On 16 July the boys of Tokio Hotel published the Live DVD “Humanoid City” with Live footage of their European tour started at the beginning of the year. Now the four can be pleased in all of Europe and also in Asia about best Chart rankings: Their work reserved the first seat on the official DVD Charts at first attempt in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Malaysia. The DVD landed second position in Belgium, Spain and Portugal and in third in Denmark. Holland announces fourth rank.

World-wide Success

The album “Humanoid” in Mexico landed in the first place of the album Charts, now entered in the second position, ten months after republication of the CD . Tokio Hotel, with their first visit in Asia this year, their the album registered Bill, Tom and CO at first attempt attained Gold status in Taiwan, in Malaysia and Singapore. A point placement with the largest radio stations of the two countries.

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What happens…

“…if I trap Gustav in a laundry machine?!”

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