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God is a DJ

“Here’s another feature out of my new series „You’ve got to have some balls and simply do it“ :D

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Kenza interviews Tokio Hotel

Kenza interviews Tokio Hotel
Now, it is! Now I am going to interview Tokio Hotel! First past the MTV editorial where I’m going to meet up with my cameraman, and then it’s off to the TH’s hotel where the interview takes place., Wish me luck!
This is not fun! I’ve woken up several times during the night because I have such a sore throat and this morning I noticed that I also have chills. Has really hurt the whole body and freeze and sweat at the same time. Is there some sort of curse on me or what?
Jaja .. Sat at NRJ at 8 this morning to listen to when Tokio Hotel Guest Hakim & Button and what I did not know is that they will make use of an interpreter throughout the day. The complicate things. Since I have limited time with them for my MTV interview so I must now remove any question as to an interpreter must now sit and translate their German answer to me so I understand what the hell they are saying ..
The interview is all the same is postponed to 13:25 but we’ll be there a while to fix the camera and pickups. I’m not so nervous anymore, guess I’m too sick to feel like that now .. Ugh ..
Now I’ll try to get in a little breakfast. I do not know if I will have time blogging before I go .. Otherwise, wish me luck! I am supposed to interview the heck my big idols today!
Shit. Now it hit me for real. I’m going to interview my biggest idols tomorrow. How the hell do I do it? I will run out of steam. My legs would give way. I will blush. I will stumble over words. My English is cruel, but tomorrow will be the worst.
But I’m ready, then yes … so we can be prepared. I have practiced a million times in front of the mirror and I can the questions by heart. Will use me to the small overlap with the scheme if I may release the brain, which I am sure I will get.
Ah, now I get my sharpness. It will be fine. The worst thing that can happen is that I embarrass myself in front my favorite band, haha!
What do you say? Should I ask Bill to do the above tomorrow when we take pictures together? ;)



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TH-Interesting Interviews

(Oct, 2009)

VOGUE 30th Anniversary, 2009

Black, Red, Gold: VOGUE celebrates its 30th Anniversary
with three issues on record-breaking spending Germany

VOGUE 30th Anniversary, 2009 VOGUE 30th Anniversary, 2009

This photoshoot image is in the new German GQ and the new German Vogue special edition, available in Europe. Bill is in Silk shirt by Chanel, Leather pants by Tara Jarmon, Chain by Chanel, Feathered hat is Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and the boots are YSL Rive Gauche Vintage.

(google translation)
Munich (ots) – On the 30th anniversary of the German Vogue has one more reason to celebrate: In the October issue, on 10 September in the trade will appear VOGUE first time in the form of three independent parallel stitching with 732 pages each. In summary, the anniversary editions 2196 pages, weighing six kilos, and is nine inches thick – in Germany, a record level. For the three birthday books editor in chief Christiane Arp with Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber three distinguished co-editors in chief won the portrait of Germany in their work photographed from very personal perspectives.Three exceptional artists portray Germany, with its stars.


Black, red, gold: Each of the October issues of a different color and bears the signature of the respective co-editor on the cover. That there are no models here, exceptionally, but the German flag colors, has a reason, because in her work devoted to Lagerfeld, Weber and Lindbergh German theme. “We wanted to look back not just for the anniversary, but have three exceptional people asked for their personal view of our country – three artists who dominated for 30 years said magazines and fashion and also have a special relationship with Germany,” Christiane Arp’s editorial Idea .


“Berlin in my Mind” (Weber), “clothing, art and clever minds” (Lagerfeld) and “love, hate, madness” (Lindbergh) read the title of expenditure, involving the deployment of large national and international celebrities. Diane Kruger, Claudia Schiffer, Martin Wuttke, Ute Lemper, Sebastian Koch, Iris Berben, Julia Stegner, as well as German youngsters such as David Kross and Tokio Hotel’s singer Bill Kaulitz stood for the three photographic artists on the air. Was produced in Berlin, New York and in Montauk on Long Iceland (New York).


Fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of the record production offers extensive Anniversary Special on Here are from the 10th Find September under another making-of videos from the three photo shoots and portraits of the artist. The users expect the latest extracts from the notebooks also a raffle and a historical record with the most beautiful book cover images from 30 years of Vogue’s history.
Link to Online Special: (from 10 September)


About VOGUE: As the world’s first publication of the Condé Nast publishing VOGUE first appeared in 1909 in the U.S. and was within a few years of America’s leading fashion magazine. The first international edition was followed in 1916 in Britain. After the founding of Condé Nast Germany in Munich 1979 VOGUE appeared as the first publication of the house. Today, Vogue is published in 17 countries around the world and is internationally as Germany’s leading fashion magazine

VOGUE 30th Anniversary, 2009 VOGUE 30th Anniversary, 2009

Big Hair, Smokey Eyes, Sleek Chic – since Bill Kaulitz and his band Tokio Hotel had their first hit with “Durch den Monsun” in the summer of 2005, the 20-year-old singer with the unusual styling became a superstar. And a fashion icon.

He designed his favorite stage costumes himself. Even if he couldn’t draw well, his tailor knew what he meant. “Actually, I would like to wear outfits like these everytime.”

And: “Without makeup, I feel dressed up.” His favorites: David Bowie in “Labyrinth”, Nena, Vampires, Paris, Secondhand Shops, striking jewelry and Dior Homme. He owns pants of the label in countless variations, also because they fit him perfectly.

Otherwise there are hardly any clothes that don’t need to be changed for me.” Custom-made clothes are like a tradition in the Kaulitz-House: Bill’s mother is a seamstress and tailor. Already when he was a student, she sewed from several T-Shirts an unique one.

Recently, he collects braces, and Bill Kaulitz is also “totally crazy about jackets” – especially leather jackets. Hundreds of them are hanging in his closet – most of them in black. Too many to keep track of? “No, I could tell you a story to each jacket.”

Premiere ~ February 8, 2008

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Musik Video – Spring Nicht

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Music Videos

Tokio Hotel to be at NRJ Sweden

8:ooam Sweden – 2:00am est.


Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas

They are only hear to make PR not to perform, about hopefully they will be back for a concert soon.

There are no recipes for success, they have been a band for 10 years but 5 years ago they had their breakthrough and they don’t know how it did happen. It happened overnight.

Monsoon – Tokio Hotel

When It Was Good – Flipsyde

Bill says he loves that there are no speed limits on some of the German autobahns in certain locations.

They confirm that Gustav lost his license. Gustav admits it was his fault. That he forgot to look in the rearview mirror and a tram came.

Album was produced during one year, we took our time, they are excited to see what fans think. For the most part they worked with their 4 producers but have recorded in USA and Germany.

Tom said when he heard Flipsyde he knew the Chantelle question would come.

They ask about Chantelle and Tom plays dumb, so they probe him and ask what he and Chantelle were doing and he says they were hanging out if you can call it that. Then the DJ said he and the other DJ met Chantelle and that the other DJ were speechless, to which the other DJ said he was not.

Automatic – Tokio Hotel

When Love Takes Over – Kelly Rowland

Bill says they don’t normally start working until 2pm so this is super early.

They received 500 questions (from fans).

Regular girl question and answers. No different. Bill says he wants to fall in love at first sight, look into the girl’s eyes see her soul and fall in love.

Bill says there are only bad pick up lines, not any good. Tom says “My name is Tom” is the best one.

They had Bill say, “Hey Sexy!” with his most sexy voice, but he was quiet and people were talking over him, and Tom said “That’s not sexy.”

They called a fan named Maria who won a meeting with Tokio Hotel later in the day.

DJ says fans are screaming outside and that there are 500 fans outside and completely crazy.

Heartless – Kanye West

The Djs have a surprise, they play and sing Gustav happy birthday on the guitar.

DJs say good luck in Helsinki and ask if they will perform in Sweden anytime soon. “We are right now planning our tour. We will do a huge tour in 2010 and I am sure we will come to Sweden too.”

>>> LISTEN to NRJ Radio HERE <<<



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TH-Interesting Interviews

Idk why, but THis silly chat won’t post right! I’ve been fighting wiTH it forever! Looks right in edit, but post all wonky. grrr. Trying to fix es has put me WAY behind! Sorry ’bout THat. I’ll fight wiTH it some more later.


Tokio Hotel set with Sweden press, and their fans. Chat with the band! Ask your questions!

Tuesday at 12:50 (6:50 est.) here on

at: Chat Chat


Moderator: Now Tokio Hotel is here, but they are a minute late.

TH: Hello to all fans! Glad to be here. Here we go!

Cecilia: Hey guys! wie geht es dir? I was just wondering, since u canceled your show here in Stockholm  
              do you have any new Tourdates? Hope you feel better Bill! And I just looooove Automatic!
              My God, it’s so good! Love!          

Moderator: Excuse the double issues – it is a technical bug.

TH: Yes, we are sorry that we had to adjust. We are planning the next tour in early 2010.

Elisabeth: If you had might have to choose either of these, what would you choose? 
                   Lose sight or your hearing?   

TH: Both are terrible. We can not decide!

Frida: If you had the chance to interview a fan, what would you ask? : P

TH: haha, how do you see? Or ask how many Tokio Hotel concerts they attended.
      How do you look like, sorry.

Jenny D: Hi! I know you’ve worked a bit with Andreas Carlsson from Sweden:)
                What was it like working with him?

TH: Great team!

Frida: Could you ever imagine dating a fan?

TH: Yes, we can imagine!

Ellinor: Are you afraid of the flu?

TH: Haha … No, we are not so hysterical about it. But it is clear that we do not want to be infected. 
       And we have our own band doctors.

Jenny D: Hi! Do you know any good bands from Sweden?

TH: Unfortunately not. Which would you recommend us?

Louise Norman: Hey guys:) Uhm, many dreams of becoming musicians, singers, etc.
                          But it’s a very tough industry, what do you have any tips for us to survive in such an

TH: We would say to never give up. And keep you there. Good luck!

Ebba94: Hey! Who would you like to look like if you were girls? And a little more to the question:)
               What is your wallpaper on your mobile? :):) Hugs! 

TH: We have different images – Georg’s background is a picture of Tom. 
       We would like to look like Jessica Alba if we were girls.

Nina Kaulitz: Hi sweetie! What do you think of Sweden?

TH: We are unfortunately not knowing it so much because we work all day. But we get on well!

Louise Norman: Do you have a song on the new album as you know, affects you special personally ?

TH: Every song is a personal relationship. And time with Tokio Hotel 
       has affected us very much in his songwriting

daniella: Is it fun to be famous?

TH: Oh yes! For us, a dream come true.

Jessica: Hi. Did any of you like Michael Jackson?

TH: Yes, it is clear. He was a legendary musician. Jessica is a beautiful name, Tom likes :)

TH: This is the last issue that we have time to respond to you.

Story: Let’s say There’ll be a movie about your lives and career. What would be the main conflict?

THWow, tough question. Probably the difference between our former lives,
       and our present and how to get there.
       Many thanks and we look forward to next time! Bye!

Moderator: Thanks Tokio Hotel and all the fans. We received over 8000 questions,
                    so we could not address all. You can read a summary of the chat shortly.

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