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Berlin, Germany

Tokio Hotel pose and present their Special Edition MP3 players
at the International Radio Exhibition in Berlin.
‘IFA’, is billed as the world’s largest consumer electronics fair.
1.202 exhibitors from 40 countries show their products.

MP3, 2006 MP3, 2006 MP3, 2006

To see Tom’s Full set, click an image ; )

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9th Annual NRJ Music Awards
Cannes, France

Red Carpet

NRJ Red Carpet, 2008 NRJ Red Carpet, 2008 NRJ Red Carpet, 2008

To see Tom’s Full set, click an image ; )


NRJ PhotoCall, 2008 NRJ PhotoCall, 2008

After Party

NRJ After Party, 2008 NRJ After Party, 2008

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Amazing Awards

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Sound Check

Morocco Morocco Morocco

Morocco Morocco Morocco Morocco Morocco

Morocco Morocco


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Tom's Blog

4 Wheel Action!
“We already know that Gustav is nuts sometimes. In Africa, he has once again proven this point: Going full speed on a completely damaged quad bike while it being four degrees and of course he had to hit each and every puddle. Well, at least it looked cool!”
Party Like Justice
Did you like the last album “Cross“ by electronic icons Gaspard Augé und Xavier de Rosnay who are part of the Parisien lable Ed Banger. If so, then you might also like these fellows. At least they remind me a lot of them. These days, record lables and acts have barely any money for music videos anymore. Back in the 90s, some lables were up for spending HALF A MILLION for a video shoot – these days we are more talking about an amount with one zero less at the end. Keeping that in mind it’s pretty impressive what people create with that kind of budget – RESPECT! Ladies and gents, check this out:”


(so I ain’t posting it!) LOL

To watch THe video go to:

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Tokio Hotel Fans Go Wild For ‘Automatic’

Most loved the exclusive snippet of the band’s new single.

On Tuesday, MTV News posted an exclusive snippet of “Automatic,” the first single off Tokio Hotel’s much anticipated Humanoid album, and let’s just say we’ve been pretty amazed by the reaction.

We always knew Tokio Hotel fans were a dedicated bunch, but we never expected this. You guys showed up en masse to have a listen to 45-seconds of the band’s new single, and you let us know what you thought of it too. We got comments from all over the world (more proof that TH truly are a global phenomenon), more than a few marriage proposals for the Kaulitz brothers, and a whole lot of takes on Tokio Hotel’s new sound and look.

(We also got a great video response from a pair of super-excited Canadian sisters. Keep those submissions coming!)

In fact, it was all so overwhelming that we decided to share some of the best reactions with all of you. And if you still want to weigh in on Tokio Hotel’s “Automatic,” you can do it in the comments below. It’s not too late to join the conversation!

“I’ve been waiting for so long for their new album, and when I heard just a bit of ‘Automatic,’ I was f—in’ blown away! It’s AMAZING in every way and I love, love, love how Bill is doing his vocals! So beautiful and creative, it took my breath away!” — BeMyHeavenTonightx3

“I get butterflies in my stomach from listening to this, and I have listened to this song probably over 50 times now! It’s soooo good! I’m so proud of the Kaulitz boys. How they make such an awesome song on a simple car ride. Amazing!” — Beanybudd

“With all the talk about their ‘new sound’ and the drastic change in their ‘look,’ we were a little worried that they wouldn’t sound like TH anymore … But they sound FANTASTIC! Bill sounds better than ever and we CAN’T WAIT to hear the rest of Humanoid!!!! Thanks so much,!!!!” — Elderhausgirlz

To read more comments und to contribute your reaction, see HERE

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