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(I’ll get THe article posted as soon as I can stop babbling incoherently und drooling excessively… … kk, I THink Of got a grip now. As long as i don’t look up at THe pic again, I can get THis posted!) LOL

They are nervous, they have fear, they are in a hurry: Tokio Hotel with the highly anticipated new album Humanoid
A new beginning or a comeback? The Popcorn interview saw the boys cool and relaxed – for all of 21 minutes.

… No hysteria, no fans, no screaming – there is quiet in front of the the East Hotel in Hamburg. Doesn’t Tokio Hotel have more followers? Or is the secrecy of the record company better this time? Regardless, Tokio Hotel are fighting for their comeback in Germany. The promotional activities for the single “Automatic” and the 3rd Studio Album, “Humanoid” will last 3 days; 10 hours for TV interviews, radio and press. In addition to this, 60 talk shows and photo shoots are also scheduled.

Astoundingly, POPCORN also has an appointment with the 4 world-wide stars for 21 minutes!

The time reads 17:52: Finally, a glass elevator in our photo studio reveals the members of Tokio Hotel!

It is now 17:53: Bill and company shake hands and are courteous to our team, treating them like they are old friends. No trace of snobbery. Shockingly, Bill is now 5 cm taller, reaching nearly 1.90cm. His handshake is firm and cordial. The twins speak much deeper and act more grown up.

17.55: The first group picture, Bill;s hair is styled by his resident artist. His new style consists of delicate white and black strands of hair pulled back and elaborately braided. Bill has painted nails but on his right hand is adorned by a glove. He wears shiny purple pants bought in Paris and the black boots from New York.

17:59: While the guys are individually photographed, Tom discovers a photo montage of Bill as Brüno (A/N: from Brüno the Movie). They all laughed, but Bill is pissed: “I don’t want that, we are going to stop this photo-shoot immediately,” he mutters, all frozen look on his face. Then Bill began to laugh: “That was a joke, people!” The guys are completely comfortable. No pressuring and no rushing.

18:03: The TH Interview begins instantly, we are meant to talk about the single, their love lives, and the fans. But questions about Gustav’s fight and the stalking attack by disturbed fans

18:12: A woman pushes in from the record company: “You still have in 1 minute!” Bill writes quickly our Popcorn greeting to the readers, which reads; We love popcorn readers, thank you for your support! Enjoy our album Humanoid! From; Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg)

18:13: After 21 minutes the quickie with Tokio Hotel is over. The guys have to rush to their next appointment.

Flash Interview:
Fights, blood, stalking – when we have heard from you, there had only been crazy things from you, otherwise you have been hidden.
Bill: That’s right! We deliberately withdrew from public life and wanted to rest and work on the new Album. Unfortunately, we have found that with that ‘tranquility’ it doesn’t always work …

Have you after the attacks on you fear for your life?
Tom: Sure there is a fear that that something can happen, but you cannot allow that fear to rule your actions …
George: We now pay more attention to who we surround ourselves with …

Gustav, how’s your head?
Gustav: Since everything is back in Ordung …
Tom: (joking), There was not alot in there before!
Gustav: No, seriously it’s healed well, there will be no damage. There will of course be a legal aspects to deal with. And that is all I can say.

The Lyrics to Automatic (lyrics on page 9 sound like a cry for help in love …
Bill: It could be. For me it described someone or something that ran automatically – so superficial with little feeling. You can see this through the rise of the Internet. One can build true feelings for each another, but genuine affection and closeness can only occur in person …

Can you love back?
Bill (smiling): Sure, but I’m also not depressed or obsessed with love, that does not work. But can I tell you something sensational? Tom has become a quiet person; he really wants to fall in love. He now knows that it is better to relax when it comes to girls! Tom has had to follow me, and now knows what is the right thing in life and that we can hope for true love.
Tom: I hope now, at least that I fall in love someday. But really, I still can not believe it is possible.

What is your album Humanoid like?
Bill: Crazy, spacey, awesome! Tom and I have co-produced the CD, we were involved from the first to the last bar. We had so many of the songs to include; there was great discussions about which 14 tracks should appear on the CD.

Who is more relaxed?
Bill and Tom [simultaneously]: ME!
Tom: Well, we keep the balance. But I can also be totally calm, when my brother cares too much and overreacts!

Bill, you are planning a fashion collection?
Bill: I imagine a lot of different things and a friend of mine sews the stuff. In between our touring, in my head I am designing tracksuits at the moment, to use between gigs.

When is the tour?
George: We are still planning to start at the end of November. That is awesome! We also have the special on the 25th of September, called 100% Tokio Hotel!

Tom calls out to us as they leave: “Write nice things about us and say hello from us to the Popcorn readers. Thank you for your loyalty!

Bill and the boys are waiting to conquer the world, perhaps leaving their German fans dangling, – and at last their music is making headlines instead of their scandals. The album ‘Humanoid’ will set the course for the future of Tokio Hotel. Even when the going gets tough, the 1st Single, Automatisch demonstrates amazing rock rhythms, demonstrating a guaranteed hit and gives us hope that the band will continue to stay true to their roots.
Review: Mega Geil!

Top Ten Chart: Number 1: Tokio Hotel – Automatisch (as voted by the readers of POPCORN.)

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Tokio Hotel strike a fierce pose
for the October 2009 pages of German Vogue’s 30th Anniversary Issue
— on stands this Thursday (September 10).

The frontman for the mega-German band Bill Kaulitz tells, “When I arrived at the photo shoot in Berlin, [photographer] Karl Lagerfeld wanted to start immediately. I had just gotten back from the final album recordings in L.A. and was pretty tired, but Karl cheered me up right away and gave me energy. We got along really well and laughed a lot together – Karl is such a loving person. He immediately knew what kind of photos he wanted. Karl has an amazing vision and to me it felt like he already had the final picture in his head beforehand.”

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My encounter with Tokio Hotel


This is the first photo from my encounter with Tokio Hotel within that evening…


I know that you will think. Will I wash this hand or will I wrap it up into aluminum foil as eternal memory of its encounter with the elected officials of German girls? I in reality it will be washed, but this faster because the epidemic of pig influenza rages in the recent days.

This was one of the most ridiculous interviews which I have sometimes carried out. The guys were open/relaxed and I can revealed already right now that there were quite a lot of talk with Tom about his privates that was somewhat amazing, taking into account that we expected tight control from the side of the management of the group. The whole glory (the interview, not the privates) it will be published into the Star Lounge on Wednesday in video.

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TH-Interesting Interviews

Looks as THough we brought our boys in at 2nd place

When compared wiTH THe oTHer artists THeir 19.52% ist Whopping!


We shoulda been able to get THem 1st place.

We’ll all need to vote harder next Vote!

see results HERE

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Bravo #38

Tokio Hotel Rocker Bill Kaulitz lost his heart – to a dog!
Bravo shows you the sweet Pictures!

Bravo #38

The cutest pictures of the week. Tokio Hotel star Bill Kaulitz (20), like we have never seen him before. He sits in the Tourbus with his best friend. They travel together through Europe – they like to cuddle. It’s not a human – but a dog. BRAVO shows you the exclusive snapshots!

Bravo #38 Bravo #38 Bravo #38 Bravo #38 Bravo #38

It’s a little dachshund girl. Totally dear, sweet, and cuddly.” Bill told us, with a radiant smile on his face, in the Bravo Interwiev. “She is a little bit spoiled. But that’s a good thing. I would do anything for my dogs. I love them madly!” The Tokio Hotel-Star doesn’t want to give away the name of the Lady-Dog. He’s afraid that when a lot of people call out her name that the dog might be upset by it. By the way, Bill rescued the sweet dachshund girl from the shelter.

This proves that Bill has an XXL heart! And the fact, that the dachshund feels great with Bill on it’s side, is hard to miss. The little dog is even a Super-Fan of Tokio Hotel. “She loves our music.” the singer laughs, “Well, ‘Durch den Monsun’ she now hear a little bit too often. But when she ‘Humanoid’, she always starts wagging with her tail.”

At home in Hamburg, Bill and his twin brother Tom (20) have 3 more sweet barking dogs: another Dachshund, a Doberman-Labrador mongrel and a German Shorthair. AND: All of the 4 dogs sleep with Bill in his bed. “I could never give up my dogs,” the Tokio Hotel frontman makes clear.

I don’t care about the fact that a dogs place is not in a bed – the closer they are to me, the more beautiful it is. I can just give everyone the advice: Take your dogs into your bed. They often wake me up in the morning by nudging their nose into my face.” Bill says. “It’s nice to see how they enjoy some of the simplest things.”

Will more dogs follow? Bill: “The 4 dogs are, probably, enough for now. But who knows, maby someday we’ll have 10 animals…

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Formed in 2001, Tokio Hotel are fast becoming the German group’s most famous in the world. Their often dark mix of pop and rock has allowed them to cross the borders of their country, and to transcend the language barrier, placing several German titles in the top 10 French.

This fall, the twins Bill and Tom, accompanied by Gustav and Georg are back with their third album “Humanoid”, recorded in English and German. While in Paris, the group gave an interview to Ozap, where they talk numbers: sales, concerts, price clips … The opportunity also to ask them what they think of their fans, artists, French, or …A flu. Interview.

“We did not know that Carla Bruni singing”
How many times have you come to France before the visit?

Bill: Uh … twenty times at least!

And how many French artists you know?

Georg: Is it necessary to name them after? (laughter)

Maybe one or two …

Georg: Well … Gérard Depardieu … Carla Bruni … Justice!

OK … then three! You may know that Carla Bruni is great demand right now, you would consider a duet with her?

Bill: To be very honest … we never heard his music! We only learned yesterday that she sang!

How many French fans have shouted your name, do you?

Georg: It’s gonna be a lot!

Tom: How many has he inhabitants in France? (laughter)

Approximately 60 million …

Georg: Well at least 60 million! (laughter)

Tom: No, to be honest, I doubt there has been so!

It’s been several years now that those millions of screaming fans when they see you. Is that sometimes you’re not tired of these reactions a little hysterical?

Tom: It happened exactly zero times.

Bill: Not at all, rather the opposite!

Tom: From time to time, rumors say they are irritated because people scream incessantly. But I think that is what is best for a group, and for us it is never strong enough.

“It was we who paid the video for Automatic”
How many songs have you recorded this new album?

Bill: On the normal version of the album there are twelve songs, and there are sixteen of the collector version, but it has obviously seen much, much more!

And how these songs they are an evolution from your previous albums

Bill: Actually, it’s hard to really describe this evolution. For us, it was a normal evolution, not something planned … It did not say “bah right now, we will change things.” In fact, as we had not written long ago, it was first asked what he wanted to write, so we tried many things with instruments, and that’s that is born the new album.

How does translation songs in English?

Bill: We worked with four producers of the new album, because even if one speaks English well enough, we still need a little help. They, of course, speak fluent English.

Tom: And it’s easier for us to write English than to speak – in an interview for example (laughs).

Bill Tokio Hotel in the clip “Automatic”
Do you know how much it cost your clip for new single “Automatic”?

Tom: Yes (laughs). It is we who have paid!

You pay your clips?

Bill: Yes, we invest ourselves today. Record companies have almost no money, and if you really want to have a nice clip, I think it is essential to invest.

Tom: I think it cost so much that within six months, we will not win a penny!

Bill: I think we could easily buy two beautiful Ferrari with the price of this clip!

“You hate the paparazzi”
Exactly, if there is less money in the coffers of the labels is partly because of illegal downloading. You have young fans, and a number of them probably practice piracy. How do you react to that?

Bill: I hope that we do not pirate!

Tom: Anyway, no one can escape the illegal downloading. It concerns the world of music entirely, and I think no artist is immune. On the other hand, I think our fans like having the real CD, and when they occur they show us they have purchased.

How many times were you asked if you were single?

Tom: In total? Not so often that it …

Bill: If, nevertheless, that makes the world!

Gustav: Almost as many times as we asked where our name comes

Georg: At least a five-digit number, I think!

You feel the pressure of the celebrity press, with all these questions about your privacy?

Bill: Yes! It hates the paparazzi! This is not something which can be used, and there really are times when one feels one’s going to blow a cable … we may do whatever they want, but we always stick …

“Why are we not take seriously our audience?”
How many people attended your concerts in total?

Tom: There are also concert in Paris under the Eiffel Tower?

No, it’s cheating that there were many other artists!

Gustav: 10 000 per concert venue for touring …

Tom: So 400 000 per round, plus other concerts …

Bill: There were three rounds, so it must be total … in 1.5 million?

And among these 1.5 million viewers, how many were girls?

Tom: I would say … between 60 and 70%.

You do not feel that this very public and very young women may prevent you from being taken seriously as a musician?

Bill: But why not take seriously the girls?

Tokio Hotel
It is often said, wrongly or rightly, that girls are more susceptible to fads …

Tom: He must still say that our fans are very loyal, so I do not know if we can talk about fad. And then I think that we should not generalize. The image people have of our fans is a bit distorted, and maybe it comes from the boy band he quine or ten years, where fans were actually a little less faithful.

How many albums have you?

Bill: Five million of media but I do not know how many CDs from this figure.

Some artists know what kind of numbers by heart: the number of sales positions in the charts … These are things that do not interest you?

Tom: No, actually, it does not really interest us …

So if I ask how you hope to sell new album, then you say …

Tom: 100 million! (laughter)

“We will not cancel the concert due to influenza A! ”
A final issue that has nothing to do with numbers … You’re scared of the influenza A?

Tom: (laughs) Georg scares us every day with that

Gustav: Now I’m more afraid of Georg that influenza A! (laughter)

Bill: Georg told us not to be vaccinated because the vaccine has not been tested … It’s just a physician group!

A great French artist, you may know, Johnny Hallyday, recently had to cancel a concert in the meeting due to influenza A. ..

Tom: Yes, we know he was in Star Academy along with us.

You’re afraid of finding yourself in his situation and having to cancel concerts?

Bill: Canceling a concert? No! It flies every day, it is with fans all day, so I do not see why they would cancel a concert … It is difficult to protect, and if it should happen that catch, it will catch.

Georg: Yes, but in large spaces such as a concert hall, the risk of contamination is higher … So it’s more dangerous for the fans!

Tom: Very good point, Georg!

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