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Tokio Hotel: One-time teen idols in Batschkapp

Frankfurt – What hysteria in girls’ hearts: When Tokio Hotel’s “Through the monsoon”, hit the charts in 2005. Millions of wins and criticism pattered on them. On Friday their fifth studio album “Dream Machine” will be released. By Enrico Sauda

On 16 March, the boys come to Frankfurt’s Batschkapp. We were talking. Bill and Tom Kaulitz about their new uncompromisingness.

They know a lot of cities from their tours. What do you like about Frankfurt?

Bill: The airport. The has a great smoking area.

Tom: When I am in Germany, Frankfurt is always the first city I reach. Of course I do not see anything. But we have friends in Frankfurt who always come to our concerts.

Festhalle, Gibson, now Batschkapp – how is that from big halls to smaller?


Paris, France

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Berlin, Germany

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(premiere 21.06.2006)

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Team World interviewed Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel:
I will be in Milan for Fashion Week

Team World reached Bill Kaulitz by phone, who with Tokio Hotel are expected in Italy in late March with two stages of the Dream Machine World Tour 2017.

During our chat, Bill told us that he will reach Milan during Fashion Week scheduled February 22 to 27 and that during the highly anticipated tour, the band will perform a song from the very first album.

Each album is very different from the previous and witnessing continuous development of sound, text, speech. What should we expect from Dream Machine?

We started from last album, talking about sound is like a journey that started with Kings of Suburbia but is much more surreal and a little ‘more free, the previous album was definitely much more commercial than this. I truly believe that this is the most beautiful album we’ve ever done, are only 10 songs and we were only four of us in the studio. It ‘a bit’ nostalgic and brought us back to when we were in the rehearsal room, just the four of us.

Is there any artist in particular that inspired you for this album?


The brand new video of “Tokio Hotel”

Finally: the video for the single “What If” is here
and celebrates with us it’s WORLD PREMIERE

Since the monsoon and wild hairstyle experiments on Bill Kaulitz‘s head have now passed 12 years, but Tokio Hotel are not yet logged off. Tom, Bill, Georg and Gustav are currently playing their fifth album. “Dream Machine” is both a gateway to a new sound sphere of the return to the beginnings of the Magdeburg band, in front of dozens of platinum, seven million sold phonograms and world tours. “This is the album that we always wanted to make – just us four, without someone chattering us. It felt like 15 years ago in the rehearsal room,” explains Bill. “We did not need a producer or any songwriter, we are now in a position to take control. As a band, we were finally able to realize ourselves honestly musically.”

The guys laid the foundation in the Berlin Red Bull Studios. There they literally “locked” themselves, wrote songs, were simply together. Five of the ten tracks from “Dream Machine” were made in the capital. No single title should be album fillers, Tokio Hotel makes no compromises, but only what they really want.

What we hear is analogous retro-snyths, modern beats, strong Baselines, indie pop – slightly playful and detached from typical song structures. “The songs live from mixing programmed sounds with real instruments. No track comes without guitar, drums or piano,” says Tom. “The album sounds extremely free.”

What If is an up-tempo electro track, dominated by a progressive beat, borne by a playful melody and Bill‘s unmistakable voice. The song is the big question about missed opportunities. “Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves and miss the big opportunities because we are not brave enough. That’s what’s going on in the track,” says Bill.

The album “Dream Machine” will be available from 3 March.

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