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Heidi Klum Didn’t Think She’d Get Married Again: I Was “Shocked”

Heidi Klum ’s smitten with her fiancé Tom Kaulitz. The America’s Got Talent judge phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, February 1, to celebrate her engagement and help promote her future hubby’s band Tokio Hotel’s new single “Melancholic Paradise.”

The supermodel, who was previously married to Seal and Rich Pipino, admitted that the proposal came as a total surprise.

“Is this a proud [fiancée] or what?,” Klum gushed on-air, sharing with Ryan the German rockstars’ new song. “I never thought I was going to say that again,” she added, after referring to herself as a fiancée. “I didn’t think that was going to happen, no. I’ve done it twice and it didn’t really work out for me that well so I was kind of shocked that this was going to happen again to me but I’m super excited.”

The musician proposed to Klum over the holidays, and made sure her four children, Leni, 14, Henry, 13, Jonah, 12, and Lou, 9, were involved.

“He did talk to my children before and they made this little plan on Christmas morning,” Klum recalled. “All four of my kids came in with a tray and there were flowers on there and a little box and they were very, very cute. … Henry, he’s 13, he was like, ‘Oh! What’s the box on the tray?’ And Lou, who is 9, was like, ‘Henry! Don’t be so obvious!’ So it kind of happened quick from then on. It was very sweet.”

Listen back to the full interview above for more and to hear Tokio Hotel’s new jam!


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!!!! GET IT NOW !!!!

Melancholic Paradise


watching the sunrise
only blue skies
my heart’s pumping to the beat

but you and I we know
that soon the night will show
a gloomy light that’s underneath

our souls they need
peace and harmony
but in the moonlight we get lost

when things get kind of crazy
take a break with me ma baby
no more trouble
let’s make love all night

cause I’m high on life
in this melancholic paradise
cause I’m high on life
in this melancholic paradise

our hearts open wide
we get hurt we cry
but it’s all worth it in the end

we have come too far
to let it go just now
I’m so happy I could die


At the controversial blue ball opening “Through the Monsoon” by Tokio Hotel was danced to

On Friday, the Freedom Party invited once again to the controversial Akademikerball. Official ball start was at 21 o’clock. However, guests arrived at the Hofburg for a dinner before 5 pm. Among them Burgenland’s FPÖ leader Johann Tschürtz and Salzburg’s liberal state party chief Marlene Svazek. FPÖ chairman and vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, together with wife Philippa and the managing FPÖ club boss Johann Gudenus arrived shortly before the opening.

And with this there was just a surprise. Because as you could SEE guests danced during the opening to a classic version of Tokio Hotel‘s “Through the monsoon”.

click  HERE to WATCH

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