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Dream Machine Tour 2017

Dream Machine Tour 2017 has not yet begun.
When Dream Machine Tour 2017 begins, you will be assigned a random place in line
(alongside everyone else who also arrives before Dream Machine Tour 2017 begins).


Egyptian Theatre – Hollywood

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Tokio Hotel Talk New Album at Tove Lo’s Hollywood Premiere for ‘Fairy Dust’

THis write-up has many much mistakes
in THe form of very poor researching on THe part of THe ‘Writer’.
THey had One Job! LOL
but, I’ll post it anyway jus for THe fun of it.



Tokio Hotel and its members look after 15 years of fame
After 15 years, members of the pop rock band look very different

Tokio Hotel was a flagship in the 2000s, a time when they got worldwide fame after signing a contract with Universal, producer with which took five music albums German pop rock band.

Bill Kaulitz

Tokio Hotel frontman, Bill Kaulitz, is the best known face of the German band, who now is 26 years old. He’d had a health problem with his voice. A cyst in his throat and had to be removed by surgery the vocalist away from the stage for a while.

After recovering, Bill Kaulitz is a singer, voice actor and model. His style did not go unnoticed and he became a fashion icon. However, that sinister aspect that characterized him has not only changed in the way we dress, but styling.

Currently, Bill is a solo project now called ‘Love Don’t Break Me’.

Tom Kaulitz

Tom is twin brother to Bill. Is a staunch defender of animals and has worked with PETA campaigns against the mistreatment of animals in zoos and circuses. He currently works as a model for Reebok and has participated as a juror in the Deutschland sucht den Superstar, a Germany style ‘The Voice’.

Gustav Schäfer

Schafer has suffered some tragic episodes throughout his life. In 2008 he suffered an accident in his car, in which he was unhurt, but was then had an emergency appendicitis operation.

Georg Listing

Georg, Tokio Hotel‘s bassist, began playing bass at age 13. His musical influences – Flea, bassist of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Georg’s change is also remarkable and it is clear that the haircut has been very well.

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