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Ancienne Belgique

Band Photos

Gustav's Photos Bill's Photos Twin Photos

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Band Photos

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Twin Photos

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Something new
Boy Don’t Cry
Feel It All
Love Who Loves You Back
DarkSide of The Sun
The Heart Get No Sleep
Cotton Candy Sky
We Found Us
Run Run Run
Girl Got A Gun
As Young as We Are
What If
Durch Den Monsun
Stop Babe


mit Sarah Mangione


Tokio Hotel are among the most commercially successful musicians from Germany, with up to now 7 million sold Albums. After the departure from the major label Universal, the band is now under contract with the ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary Starwatch Entertainment. In addition to singer Bill Kaulitz and multi-instrumentalist Tom Kaulitz, bassist Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schäfer belong to the Tokio Hotel (photo: Lado Alexi).

Through the monsoon – and back on top!

After almost three years of work, Tokio Hotel will return to the spotlight this spring with a completely new sound and new album. I met the four full-blown musicians for the music and recording magazine “Beat” to an astonishing, relaxed and open chat about the production of the “Dream Machine” recorded in Los Angeles and Berlin.

Really, Google? “. I look at my smartphone and distrust the directions in “Maps”. It will be over field roads. And of course it’s raining. “By the monsoon,” I muttered murmur to myself. But actually: At the end of the muddy paths, an old commercial area off Berlin is waiting for me. And in that the studio-ship of Black Box Music, where in addition to a technology rental are also various rehearsals and interview lofts. And a lot of space.

A successful environment for a reboot. And that was urgently needed in the case of Tokio Hotel. The 2014 album “Kings of Suburbia” could no longer build on the rushing successes of its predecessors, a clear musical line could not be identified and the long-standing no longer a reality of a mature band with the previous major label ran out. The fact that Tokio Hotel would once more stick to the ephemeral enthusiasm of a teenager generation now reaching the age of 30 appeared more than uncertain.

Dream Machine, 2017

Full Dream Machine album now online on our Youtube 🎶 ” ~ Tokio Hotel

  1. Something New
  2. Boy Don’t Cry
  3. Easy
  4. What If
  5. Elysa
  6. Dream Machine
  7. Cotton Candy Sky
  8. Better
  9. As Young As We Are
  10. Stop, Babe
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Band Photos

Exclusive dress rehearsal from Tokio Hotel
Shortly before the tour start, selected fans could see the new Live Show

On March 12, 2017, the Dream Machine Tour of Tokio Hotel starts. But already on Thursday evening, 9th March, three days before the start of the tour, 80 selected fans were allowed to participate in an exclusive rehearsal at the “Black Box” in Berlin. Including our winners Paula and Juliane. Both agreed before the concert: a better gift could not have existed for them.

The four guys have already shown in the small, intimate setting that everyone can look forward to a great show. For weeks alone, the stage design and lighting technology and also singer Bill Kaulitz offer a lot for the eye: he has put four unusual costumes on the stage yesterday alone.

In addition to songs from the current album “Dream Machine”, there was also a single title in German – their debut single “Durch den Monsun”. Here the fans were of course all textsicher! For Juliane, there was a very special moment: She grabbed the plectrum (guitar pick) of Tom.

Now they are working on the last touches and then go on a big tour. Including an appointment with us in the SAW country: radio SAW presents you the concert on 1 April 2017 in the house Auensee in Leipzig.

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos


Bill Kaulitz: “The move to L.A. has saved us
The front man of Tokio Hotel talks about the dark sides of fame”

Bill Kaulitz, 27, and his guys from Tokio Hotel have brought out their new album “Dream Machine”, and the accompanying tour is already in the starting gates. Meanwhile, Bill, Tom, Gustav and George are grown up and can deal with the success, but that was once different. In the Talk-show interview by Markus Lanz, Frontman Bill talks about the beginnings of the band and that he was partly very afraid.

Bill Kaulitz talks about the beginnings of Tokio Hotel

Bill Kaulitz and his band Tokio Hotel were almost famous overnight and suddenly filled large concert halls. At that time the twins Bill and Tom were only 15 years old – today – 12 years later Bill at “Markus Lanz” talks about the first time of their fame.

We moved out at 15. I rented a loft from my first advance.”

Bill Kaulitz: “We have built a small prison

After a while, they had to leave their first place after fans had rendezvoused around and had followed them.

We built a small prison outside of Hamburg. So with two-meter fence and so. We had a nice house with a garden, but we could not get out. ”

In front of the guarded gateway to the house stood “always 50 to 100 people” as Bill explained. The real moment of the realization that they actually no longer have a private life came however much later. “With 19/20 we have only realized, crass, we can actually do nothing“, said Bill in the interview. The situation worsened as the fans broke into the house.

“We just saved ourselves. This was no longer possible. They then somehow broke into the house. And we thought before we move again … ”

Escape to Los Angeles

Bill and Tom then rented a house away from Germany in Los Angeles and took flight. To date, the twins have not regretted this decision:

I would always do that again. That saved us.”

And with their new album, the guys from Tokio Hotel will soon visit their German fans again.

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