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Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz is half-naked and tattooed

At this sight the “Tokio Hotel”  need to  fans to look twice.
Bill Kaulitz  shows half-naked and presents his tattooed body!

The “Tokio Hotel”  star has rarely permitted so much shown. In his Instagram profile, was posted a top PIC of the 24-year-old that presented his body to the public. So the photo,  not unnoticed of course, sent the fans immediately into raptures at this sight. Comments such as “love it, so cute, very sexy, Bill” are just a few of many determined rejoices about Bill Kaulitz.

Bill Kaulitz after showering

Under his hot snapshot the singer  wrote “After Shower Selfie“.  For the first time, the fans see his coveted body, because it is a rarity of the “Tokio Hotel” singer to be so permissive. At first glance, you can see a lot of tattoos that cover some parts of his body and even his pierced nipple should never be overlooked. Such images would likely be often wanted the fans of Bill Kaulitz.

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20 Hugely Popular Musicians
Who Haven’t Gotten Famous in America

(5th mention out of 20)

Seven years ago, German glam rockers Tokio Hotel seemed on the verge of conquering America: They’d just won an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist, and their English-language debut Scream was hotly anticipated. And then they just kind of fizzled out. Scream debuted at Number 39 on the Billboard 200, and 2009′s Humanoid entered the charts just as meekly. However, perhaps thanks to their oddly misspelled band name, the group has been killing it in Japan. Despite a long hiatus, Tokio Hotel also still has a large following in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Apparently it’s just Americans who didn’t want to check into the Hotel for any prolonged period of time.

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Riverside, California



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