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Tokio Hotel: “We really don’t want to put up with music industry bullshit

Earlier this year, consistent German quartet Tokio Hotel put out the fresh and divisive Dream Machine. Having billed it as their most ambitious and daring record to date, frontman Bill Kaulitz and his men trekked the world in pursuit of putting on the perfect live show, one which complemented the new music as pristine as possible. We called up Kaulitz to discuss the record, its live show and where on earth they’ll go next.

Hey Bill. How are you doing?

I’m good, thank you! How are you?

I’m good too, thanks! Your most recent studio album, Dream Machine, came out this year. Can you tell me more about how you approached it, particularly in comparison to previous records?

On this album we were far freer to do whatever we wanted. We didn’t to talk to any record labels or management companies, and we cut out everyone along the way, producers included. We wanted to go back to the basics and just rely on our instincts to create something that made us happy. Tom (Kaulitz) and I went into the studio to write the first demos, and then we spent a full year recording it. We did everything on our own, and nobody else was involved. It was the first time that we’d done it like this, and it ended up being the album we always wanted to write. Afterwards, we played it to people to see who wanted to be involved, and who our best partner could be. We did it the other way round, basically. We were super happy with Dream Machine, and I’m personally still very excited about it.

After you finished the album, you switched from Universal Music to Starwatch. How did that come about?

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A film by Oliver Schwabe

Tokio Hotel – Hinter die Welt // Teaser 1 from Bildersturm Filmproduktion GmbH on Vimeo.

Tokio Hotel – Hinter die Welt // Teaser 2 from Bildersturm Filmproduktion GmbH on Vimeo.


Band Photos

A film by Oliver Schwabe

At the age of nine, twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Magdeburg decided to become famous. At the age of twelve, they form a band together with Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing, who will take over the world as of 2005 under the name Tokio Hotel. They are amazed, ridiculed, hated and revered ….

The success is gigantic: Platinum in 68 countries, sold out concerts and Bill becomes a style icon.

Rich and famous in their early 20s, the twins fly to Los Angeles by private jet, leaving behind thousands of devoted fans and a life behind protective walls. They want their freedom back … without knowing what the future holds.

The film delves into the lives of the band, accompanying Bill and Tom through Californian deserts and visiting Gustav and Georg in their hometown, Magdeburg, on the banks of the river Elbe.. They talk about the price of success, the inseparability of twins, about love, sexuality, home and music. The band comes together in a Berlin studio to produce their new album and to prepare for their next world tour.

With steely determination and a lifetime of experience already, the band follows their childhood dream: the pop fairy tale that is Tokio Hotel continues…

Tom's Photos Twin Photos Bill's Photos

To see photo sets, click an image

Book + Director: Oliver Schwabe
Camera: Benjamin Wistorf
Edited by: Christan Becker
Sound: Filipp Forberg, Martin Ehleben, Oliver Prasniker
Production manager: Rolf Bremenkamp
Producer: Monika Mack
Produced by: Birgit Schulz
Editor: Christian von Behr (RBB / ARTE), Birgit Keller-Reddemann (WDR), Oliver Schwehm (ARTE)
In co-production with the RBB, ARTE and the WDR
Sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
World Sales: New Docs / Elina Kewitz


Schall magazine

Georg's Photos Gustav's Photos

Tom's Photos Bill's Photos


Tom & Bill’s Erfolg Magazin Cover Issue Available HERE


Borchardt – Berlin, Germany

Are you guys talking about your vote? We discussed with our guests last week at the focus dinner. Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel chose the CDU and called us the reasons.

mit English subs


Also our celebrities from Sachsen-Anhalt are present

On September 24, 2017 are the Federal Elections. Why choose Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, Marcel Schmelzer from Borussia Dortmund and Linda Hesse. A project of the Volunteers of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

Celebrities from Saxony-Anhalt call for the Federal Elections

On Sunday all Germans over 18 years can vote at the Federal Elections. Celebrities from Saxony-Anhalt will also be there – for example, Bill Kaulitz. The singer of the band Tokio Hotel originally came from Magdeburg. He currently lives in the USA, but he has already given his voice by letter.

The volunteers of the Middle Germans have asked the Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz, pop singer Linda Hesse and Dortmund captain Marcel Schmelzer why one should definitely be on the Sunday.


The Treehouse ~ Berlin, Germany (03-11-17)
Sold out

Turbinenhalle Konzert Hall ~ Oberhausen, Germany (04-11-17)
Sold out

Rockhal ~ Luxembourg, Luxembourg (05-11-17)
Sold out

Poppodium 013 ~ Tilburg, Netherlands (07-11-17)
Gran Teatro Geox ~ Padua, Italy (09-11-17)
Casa della Musica ~ Naples, Italy (10-11-17)
Teatro della Concordia ~ Turin, Italy (12-11-17)
Sold out

Estragon ~ Bologna, Italy (13-11-17)
Le Silo ~ Marseille, France (15-11-17)
L’Autre Canal ~ Nancy, France (16-11-17)
Sold out

The Treehouse ~ Berlin, Germany (18-11-17)
Sold out


Revolution Live ~ Ft Lauderdale – FL, USA (02-02-18)
House of Blues ~ Orlando – FL, USA (03-02-18)
Masquerade ~ Atlanta – GA, USA (04-02-18)
Baltimore Soundstage ~ Baltimore – MD, USA (06-02-18)
Club Soda ~ Montreal – QUE, Canada (08-02-18)
Phoenix Concert Theatre ~ Toronto – ON, Canada (09-02-18)
Trocadero Theatre ~ Philadelphia – PA, USA (11-02-18)
Irving Plaza ~ New York – NY, USA (13-02-18)
Agora Theatre ~ Cleveland – OH, USA (14-02-18)
Concord Music Hall ~ Chicago – IL, USA (16-02-18)
Cabooze ~ Minneapolis – MN, USA (17-02-18)
Turner Hall Ballroom ~ Milwaukee – WI, USA (18-02-18)
Gothic Theatre ~ Denver – CO, USA (20-02-18)
Ranch Roadhouse ~ Edmonton – AB, Canada (22-02-18)
Vogue Theatre ~ Vancouver – BC, Canada (24-02-18)
Neumos ~ Seattle – WA, USA (25-02-18)
UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall ~ Berkeley – CA, USA (27-02-18)

City National Grove of Anaheim ~ Anaheim – CA, USA (01-03-18)
El Rey Theatre ~ Los Angeles – CA, USA (02-03-18)
Marquee Theatre ~ Tempe – Az, USA (03-03-18)

VIP Upgrade

VIP Upgrades will be available soon and announced on Tokio Hotel’s social media.
VIP Upgrades will not include a regular ticket to the show.
So buy your regular ticket first.
Thank you!

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