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1st Round ~ TH WIN

2nd Round ~ TH WIN

3rd Round ~ TH WIN

4TH Round ~ TH WIN

HOLD UP, Wait a Minute …. we didn’t win? W.T.H#!!

MTV Does it again!

MTV Hides Vote Results 1 hour before round 4 ended.
TH were at 54% und rising at THe time MTV put THeir cloak over THe vote.
Over an hour later, Round 5 Opens, und TH are NOT in it.

THis ist how MTV now shows THe results as being
What Bull Scheisse!

THis year’s MMM’s started mit Fans being THe ones to Nominate THeir favorite Artists into THe competition. I personally believe MTV would have put Tokio Hotel onto THe MMMs even if not voted in, but I also feel THis ist THe way MTV runs everyTHing since we will never know anyTHing MTV doesn’t want us to. Once TH were in THe vote, we just simply HAD to Support THem! To boycott & not vote for TH at THis point ist not only pointless, but utter nonsense, as it only lets TH down. MTV don’t care. We Vote for Tokio Hotel, NOT in support of MTV, und nein, THese two THings are not THe same.

So what I suggest, ist THat we, mit utmost respect, politely request of Tokio Hotel, THat THey decline any entry into future MMMs. If THe MMM’s are started again mit anoTHer Nomination Entry, & TH decline, MTV have to respect THat und not put TH in. If we are unable to get explanation to TH as to how twisted MTV are in THeir conduct, MTV puts THem in it next year, und TH want to be a part of MMM, we will support THem Whole Heartedly, as always.

What are your THoughts? Being respectful of oTHer’s views, Feel free to express yourself in comments for THis posting.

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Maor Cohen – Los Angeles

“An exclusive look at #MCohen #AfterHours. Custom #Jewelry
#Design for special guests @thesquadco and #TokioHotel”


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Los Angeles


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