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 Tokio Hotel come in at #5



They, simply all teens thank their favourite pop-moment of the year to them so: ‘I love you Tokio Hotel’ And now even worldwide: ‘I love.. Tokio hotel ?’
The pretty ‘manga-girl’ from Magdeburg and his band Tokio Hotel have even been to the MTV awards. Yeah, it’s true!
man: Yeah, they’re big stars.
Woman: It’s unbelievable!
Bald man: Crazy!
Man: Cool, right?
Man with glasses: At their age… that’s really spectacular!
It sure is! Just a few years ago, they played alone in their cellar. When they stormed the charts with ‘Durch den Monsun’, everyone thought it’d be a typical one-hit-wonder.
… except for themselves. They wanted to quit school immediately. Okay, maybe learn a little maths…
Bill: We all can’t do maths, i don’t have the logic either.
It’s logical that the plan is now: Quit school, on to ‘Bravo’
Tom: It’s a weird feeling, that when you open it… and here we’re already on the frontpage!, it’s cool.
The conquering of teenhearts and hormones was a succes. Although they’re very succesfull, a lot of people laugh at them too. Maybe it was because of their way of talking.
Bill: Tom had his first real kiss with a girl, and the day after i kissed with her.
Tom: But that was only because i told her to…
But the laughing sustained with real stars, cause Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus & co got at the MTV awards totally unexpected competition.
Britney Spears: Oh my goodness! Hello.. Ew…
Yes, Tokio Hotel were nominated two times even!
Man: For a german band, that’s crazy.
Woman: That’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest musicprise in the world….
-VMA vid-
And there it was, the most exiting TV-moment. Come on… Say it
Man: Yeah! Tokio Hotel Won! Of course i saw that!
Woman: i thought it was super!
Man: That was emotional…
Woman: Yeah, i was a little proud…
Yeah, they were proud! Even speechless! And then Bill made his most important thankword in his life, in English! They didn’t thank their record company, not themselves, but ofcourse: Their fans.
Man: That was fantastic for the guys, ofcourse!
It’s really spectacular that they won in this category.
woman: those are the moments you never forget in your life.
The competition won’t forget either. ‘Tokio … winner? ‘ no-one asked that at the EMA’s anymore! As ‘headliner’, they got their next big prize. Also a beautiful thing. But… so beautifully speechless are people only the first time….

I heard worse thank words from stars that grew up in America!

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The Year in Performances

From giant fests to tiny clubs

 Bill Kaulitz pauses to check out the crowd during Tokio Hotel’s set at the Bamboozle festival.

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Who was the biggest star of 2008?

Who had the most impact on the year that was, who inspired the most headlines or generated the biggest amount of buzz? It’s really tough to say … yet, for decades now, plenty of magazines have been doing just that (we’re looking at you, Time). And so, after years of sitting on the sidelines, we here at MTV News have decided to get in on the act too.

Unveiling MTV’s list of the most fascinating, controversial and, well, German men of the year. These are the artists, actors and pop-culture heavyweights who dominated the headlines here at

6. Bill Kaulitz

2008 Highlights: Maintained his epically spiked plumage and remarkable, porcelain-like complexion for the entirety of the year … Haunted our dreams and tricked fans into singing in German … Took over Times Square and confessed his love for David Hasselhoff … Released his band’s first English-language album, Scream … Gave an interview dressed in what appeared to be Michael Jackson’s jacket from the “Thriller” video … Arrived at the Video Music Awards atop a supercharged monster truck … Immortalized in wax … Professed his love for American Halloween candy (but not warheads) … Got new tattoos … Inspired a level of devotion from his fans that was both shocking and frightening.

Bill Makes #9 !!!

MuchMusic, Canada’s music station, counts down the 20 sexiest guy and girls in music, movies, and TV

in 2008 …check out who landed where and who hit #1 in ’08.

Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz comes in at #9 !!!

show times:

12/28/2008 – 12:00 PM
12/29/2008 –   3:00 PM
1/03/2009 –      9:00 PM

listing of MuchMusic Holiday Wrap Up shows

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