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 (June 30, 2008)

“I haven’t really been in love yet!”

In Bravo the bassist from tokio hotel is showing his soft side 


Bravo: You are the oldest from Tokio Hotel. Are you also the smartest?
Georg: Actually, the smartest one is Gustav. But I am very close. But I also get into a lot of shit.

Bravo: Do you watch the other ones?
Georg: No, absolutely not. It is not my intention to be the father figure in this band and tell them what to do. I would never say: Dont do that. They have to learn from there own mistakes.

Bravo: Arent the other ones more childish?
Georg: No! We already know each other since seven years and are totally like each other. The others are more mature or I just remaint childish (laughs). I think we just meet in the middle.

Bravo: You look very cool – how would you describe yourself?
Georg: I am just a really cool dude (laughs)! No, seriously: Actually I am very shy. But I also like to party and have fun and off course music is the most important for me.

Bravo: During photoshoots you usually dont smile are you even happy?
Georg: I am, but I just cant smile because I have to. I only smile or laugh when something is sincerely funny.

Bravo: What makes you laugh?
I dont really like comedy shows, or that kind of comedy. Mostly I laugh about myself, I am just a really clumsy person. I always trip over things, thats just the way I was born. Tom, Bill and Gustav always have something to laugh about with me.

Bravo: What is your biggest strength?
Georg: That I am very calm. I always stay calm and think about stuff quietly.
Another strength from me is: punctuality (laughs to death).

Bravo: Was that ironic.
Absolutely. I am working on it and it has improved. But I just cant wake up in the morning. I am the only one in the band who gets 3 wake up calls, because I just cant get out of bed. I pick up the phone and say “I am awake, and then go back to sleep. I dont know why. I actually cant stand it when people arent punctual.

Bravo: How is it for you that Tom and Bill are almost always in the spotlight?
Georg: I think it is totally fine the way it is. Every band has a front man and in our case that is Bill and he is doing an absolutely fantastic job. I am more in the background and I am having fun there. I am happy that we have such a good time as a band.

Bravo: With which band member can you relate to the most?
Georg: We all share much with each other. There is not one of them I would trust more with a secret. The other boys are all my best friends and we stand very close to each other.

Bravo: Do you also have a life besides Tokio Hotel?
Absolutely, It is very important to me to also have friends that have nothing to do with the band. That way I can totally get away from it when I have time of.
I still have my old friends from Magdeburg who I contact very often and go do stuff with. They are very important to me.

Bravo: What would you be now if it werent for Tokio Hotel?
After I graduated I tried to follow some studies. I always wanted to be a dentist but I cant imagine that now anymore. What really fascinates me now is Physiology. That really is just so interesting.

Bravo: What is important in life to you?
Georg: First is my Family, after that the band and then my friends. Pets are also very important. I have a dog and a cat and because I am an only child they are like family to me.

Bravo: Are you romantic?
Georg: When I really like a girl I am very romantic. I like candle-light-dinners, and like to put up candles. I always surprise her and go by the moment.

Bravo: When was the last time you were in love?
Georg: That is a long time ago. When I think about it. I never have really been in love. If it really was love we would still be together. I am off course totally hooked when I like a girl.

Bravo: Do you want a girlfriend?
Georg: I just can imagine it would be hard. But I think when your real love comes along it will work out. I am not looking thinking, if you dont look for it, you find it sooner..

Bravo: What kind of girls do you like?
Georg: I dont have a certain typ. She should be an open and nice person , someone you can have fun with.

Bravo: What is your big wish for the future?
Georg: We are busy preparing for the tour. I wish everything goes well during the show, nobody is going to be sick and that we can offer our fans a really cool show. 


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Band Photos

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Much Love for Gustav

When news broke THat Gustav had sergury to remove his appendix, THers all over were concerned. Started in THe Czech republic a show of support for our TeddyBear with sticks grew to include many countries. THis video was created by compiling submitions from all over the world. We Love You Gustav

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