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Dateless on Valentine’s

Single on Valentine’s Day? Fret not, ladies, for you aren’t the only ones! We’ve rounded up the latest details on the lives of Hollywood’s hottest single guys. From the small-screen actor to the mega movie-stars to the pop singers, our top five guys may not always be perfect, but they’re guaranteed heartthrobs — and there is probably at least one that is well-suited for you!

Bill Makes MTV’s Top 5 Hottest Heart THrobs!!!

Und Well He Should!

Smexy Panther THat he is!

Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz may be an acquired taste, but the German definitely stands out in a crowd. Kaulitz has garnered equal amounts of criticism and unabashed devotion for his look and spiked hair. Regardless of style, the guy’s a winner — Tokio Hotel’s music and rabid fanbase helped them win Best New Artist at the VMAs last year. TH are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to Scream. Oh, and here’s a tip, girls — he loves candy, so stock up on conversation hearts and get ready to ride off into the sunset in his monster truck.

What THey neglect to mention is THat ALL of our Smexy boys are single!  THats four, count ’em, 4 Smexy Men alone for Valentine’s.  Any volunteers???  THe line forms to the left,… und wraps around THe Planet TWICE!!!

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~ Chapter II ~

‘Honey, please! I’d rather be kissing that than your ugly mug!’  The young woman on the screen flicked a lock of long platinum hair over her shoulder and stormed off down a long empty corridor, disappearing around the corner. A man, looking to be in his late fifties, followed after her, fists clenched down at his sides as he strode.

Tye watched with wide eyes as the characters engaged in heated argument while their little cat and mouse chase continued up a spiraling staircase. She knew what was going to happen. Not just because she had been watching the third running of this very same season, but because even a young child could figure out the predictable plots of these early crime dramas. One couldn’t help but to laugh at the exaggerated acting and forced screams, as the woman fell backwards to surly to her death.

“Typical. Who wouldn’t have seen that coming.”
“Not everyone has committed every episode to memory Tye.”
   Jane stated from the doorway joining the dining area to the sitting room. Holding a bowl to her hip, she stirred a pudding like batter rapidly with a wire whisk. A dusting of flour over her ‘Taste My Cookies’  apron, and a liberal amount powdered across each cheek.

“Why is it that no matter what you’re cooking, you always manage to get more on your face then in the bowl?”  Giggling, she pointed to a large gold leaf mirror that hung on the dining room wall. Jane turned to examine her reflection and soon joined Tye in her laughter upon seeing the white powder coating each cheek.

“Well …maybe I like it there. Gives me that regal, 17th century look, don’t ya think?”   Tye rolled her eyes and turned back to the television denying Jane satisfaction from her amused grin.

Miracle upon miracle, the statuesque blond survived her tumble down the stair. The next scene has transported it’s audience into a blindingly white hospital room. Poor quality black and white combined with the monochrome room blended all objects together. Tye knew every inch of the setting though. The lady’s hair perfectly quaffed, regardless of the ordeal she had just been through, lie partially upright, a band of gauze wrapped her forehead looking more like a fashion statement then a bandaged wound. The nurse tending to a tray of surgical implements, that served no purpose in being there. And the Doctor, A tall, typically handsome man, distinguishedly graying at the temples. And yes, she knew every line as well.

‘Well Miss. Nightingale, you sure seem to find yourself in an awful way more so often then most.
‘Please Dr Hudson, call me Ruby.’

“Must you recite each line?”  Tye hadn’t even realized that she had been doing so.  More laughing from the direction of the kitchen.

“Oh, I’m sorry I dih – “   Just then, something on the screen caught her eye.  “What the…?”   There, in the background. Standing just outside the doorway of the hospital room, there was a man. Hard to make out, but there was definitely a figure standing there. Tye went up to the TV to have a closer look, but just then the scene changed. Back at the ‘Cop Shop’. Being a crime drama, this was the center of every episode, and where this one ended.

 “Hun? Tye? You were saying?”   Jane was in the entrance again.

“Umm, nothing. Shows over…”   She clicked off the TV and walked over to where Jane stood.
“…What is it that you are mucking up anyway? It’s starting to smell really good.”   Jane stepped back into the kitchen. Tye closely following. If this were a cartoon, there would be a smoke-like swirl trailing from the oven and taking hold of  Tye’s nose with a ‘follow me’ beckoning finger of fragrance.

“Well, I thought that it would be nice to take a cake over to Simone. After all, It is us that should have welcomed them to the neighborhood instead of them having to introduce themselves.”

“I really don’t think that is -”

“It will give me a chance to get better acquainted. I really think that Simone and I will be great friends…”   Jane got a particular grin on her face just then. ‘Necessary’ is what Tye was going to finish her sentence with had Jane let her.  Not necessary?  Socially correct, so why not necessary?  In Tye’s mind, ‘not necessary’ because it would prompt another awkward encounter with someone she never was awkward around before.

“… Besides, You can come with me. Spend some more time with that nice young man.”  She turned and shot a wink Tye’s way. Again, she felt a blush raising in her cheeks. ‘What is up with that?!’, she was asking herself. ‘Why do I keep doing that?!’. What would seem to be a normal reaction for most, was quite troubling for Tye. Bill was her friend, her best friend.

“He’s just a friend Jane!”   She fired back. More so to convince herself then Jane.

“Hm hmm, sure he is Hun.”   Continuing to fuss about, readying her offering. Tye wondered out of the room, consumed in her thoughts. As she continued through the sitting room, the TV caught her eye. Just sitting there, screen now dark, lifeless. Her mind carried her back to that figure. The man in the hall. Was it possible that he had been there all along and she just hadn’t noticed? No, it wasn’t! Tye had studied every episode, every set, every character. There was never anyone in that doorway! That was a definite! How could this man possibly be there now?



“Bill! What are you doing up there?”   Simone kindly bellowed from downstairs. THDUMP THDUMP. He was on his bed, laying on his back. Tossing a ball against the angled pitch of the ceiling above him. Bill had never really been the type interested in sports of any kind really, but this didn’t stop Simone from trying to get him all of the standard ‘guy stuff’.  There had been at least one item of sports equipment among the pile of birthday gifts for up to 13 years of his life. After he had gone off to school, she had sent just one more. I small grapefruit sized basket ball. Most of the things had been boxed and donated to little boys that would actually use them, but this last gift he had hung on to. A fond memory of the loving attempts of his Mother. It was this ball that he relentlessly lofted into the air now.

At Simon’s request, he stopped this action. Still lieing there. Staring up. Thinking of Tye. What now? Should he phone her? No, no he couldn’t do that. He hadn’t her number or even the last name that she may be listed under now.

“I should have asked that. Why didn’t I ask that?”  He spoke to himself. THDUMP …oops

“SORRY”  Bill apologetically voiced back. Tossing the ball into a open box of clothing he had yet to unpack properly, he sat to the edge of his bed. ‘This is crazy!’ He thought. Up to his feet he grabbed a cropped black leather jacket off the back of his door and headed downstairs.

“Going for a walk, be back later.”
“But, what, where – ?”  A kiss on her check and out the door he went!


The whole day shot, nothing exciting to speak of. School had just ended for break and she was already bored. How would she ever make it through the summer? ‘Bill’, a small voice in her head whispered. Well, that was true. She had the whole summer to get re-acquainted with her best friend. There was her show, that was an entertaining way to end each day. However now, it held this added mystery to feed her addiction. The ‘Mystery Man’. Tye had tried to locate the series on DVD or even VHS, Beta even!  But, as of yet her search remained unsuccessful.  If it hadn’t made it to video tape sales, it was doubtful that anyone would think money could be made by putting it to DVD.  She hung on to hopes, what with channels like ‘Deja View’ dedicated to reruns of such old series, she hung on to her hopes that it was not only herself that appreciated ‘The Classics’.  That image however, would rot her brain until she could validate what she had seen. There would be a late showing of this same episode at midnight. She’d have to stay up! Watch it again to alleviate her mind.

“I worry that you are taking this show of yours a little too seriously Tye. I mean, staying up so late to watch an episode that you’ve just seen? And that isn’t the first time you’ve watched it either Hun.”   In Motherly mode, Jane expressed her concern as she gathered a large quilt and pillow to aid in Tye’s comfort for her ‘all-nighter’. Just then, the doorbell sounded. The two looked to the door, then back at each other, questioningly.

 “I wonder who that would be?”  Jane piled the bedding on top of  Tye where she sat on the sofa and headed to the door. Tye was unsure of who might be ringing at this hour, but the lurch in her stomach (‘Bill’) and that relentless little voice in her head (‘Bill’), gave her a clue.

“I’m sorry Mrs… um, Miss huh… -”
“Jane, Jane will be just fine dear.”
“Jane…”  He smiled sheepishly. “…I’m sorry for the hour, but could I possible speak with Tye? Please?”
“You most certainly may.”  She stepped back to let him in. Once again, she was impressed. Everything about this boy was attractive, but mostly, it was his Ora. There was just this positive ‘feel good’ vibe that radiated from him. And he was tall too, tall in nice.

“Someone here to see you Tye.”  Bill walked to the entrance of the sitting room and stood, fingertips shoved into tight front jean pockets again, looking a bit uncomfortable with his decision to show up there.

“May I take your jacket?”  He slipped it off, and handed it over to Jane. A quiet “Thank-you” as he did so. Jane was standing behind Bill and off to the side. Her eyebrows raised as high as her hairline practically, the silly faces had started. The ones that this time were trying to convey; ‘OMG, he’s sooo cute! SAY SOMETHING ALREADY!’. Tye tried to discretely fire a ‘Oh please just go, you’ll embarrass me!’ face, back at her. Bill felt there was something going on between the two that he wasn’t privy to. He looked back to Jane in time to catch her a ‘Invite him in!’ grin, although he wasn’t able to dicipher the code.

“Well then,…OK. I’m off to bed! You two behave yourselves.”  She gave a wink to Bill, layed his jacket over the back of a chair that sat in the front hall and proceeded up the stairs to her room. ‘behave yourselves’, she had to say that!? Embarrassment confirmed.

“I’m sorry, Please excuse her. Come in, have a seat”  Giving the blankets a toss into the neighboring chair, she patted the couch.
“I shouldn’t have come so late. Maybe I should go.”  said as he slowly took a few steps around the end of the couch, then stopped. Standing still with fingers securely in his pockets.
“Nonsense! It’s only 10:00. Sit, I insist.” 

A large bowl of popcorn, and several cans of cola later, Tye awoke with a start! The two had reminisced until falling asleep on the couch. Both tucked under the blanket, Tye found herself resting on his arm. She looked to him, he was out like a light. Thank goodness. That saved her some awkwardness waking first. Oh wait! The time! Had she missed it? 12:38am. Whatever woke her from her slumber right at that moment, had perfect timing!

‘Well Miss. Nightingale, you sure seem to find yourself in an awful way more so often then most.’
‘Please Dr Hudson, call me Ruby.

OK, here it was. The hospital room. Tye got off the couch ever so carefully as to not wake Bill.  Having to explain to him what she had thought she had saw that she had never seen before in an old Dick Tracy knock off show that she has seen over and over, was not really something she wanted added to her undefined emotional stirrings when around him.  She sat on the floor in front of the TV. THERE! Once again, in the doorway! There Was a man there! She knew she hadn’t imagined it!  She moved even closer to the screen, straining her eyes to get a better look. He seemed, familiar some how. It also seemed as though, he was looking straight back at her.


Twin Tyes – Chapter I:

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