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KK, so what does THis have to do wiTH Tokio Hotel you ask.  Well, THey actually (outta all THe figures THey could have refered to) mentioned Bill’s wax image.  I find THis sehr kuhl. <=)


 Michelle Obama is currently getting — ahem –  “waxed.” Like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz, the First Lady’s busy having a wax likeness of herself created by the… wax technicians… at Madame Tussauds. 

Following THis story we see THat THere was a previous write up on Bill’s immortalizing.  Submitted by a user of the site not from The Insider editorial staff.  But still, THe American entertainment news site (also a TV show) did post THis small entry on our Bill. THis is a good THing.  More promotion fur THe band. 
Bill Kaulitz In Wax: Crazy-Hot Or Just Plain Crazy? 
Now that you’ve had time to let the shock of a wax Bill Kaulitz, erm, solidify, how do you feel about the Tokio Hotel frontman’s immortal enshrinement (woah, that sounds so twilight, by the way) at Madame Tussauds in Berlin?

While the nails and nose are perfection, I personally think it’s a leeeettle creepy, but not as creepy as the crotch-grabbing fan who’s all “LOOK MA!” Or mutter or whatever.

Anyway, your choices are:
A.) Ich liebe es! Total big cinema! Big reizvoll!
B.) WTH, dude? Where are Gustav and Georg and Tom?
C.) Just… nein.


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Tom’s SUV seems well suited to THe Handsome Man THat he is, but…

Could THis be his smexy new ride?

(danke Shelby)

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Comprehensive vehicle spotcheck

Police checked for drunk und drugged drivers today in 9 States.
In Mantburge alone the police stopped more than 1200 cars.
Among them there was Tom from Tokio Hotel.
He caught their attention with his brandnew off-road vehicle.
Both his license and his driving style were alright, so green light for him


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Not long after getting his license und vehicle…


Tom under suspicion?

Interview in a different way
‘Have you taken drugs man?’
The officer checks for illegal remedies.


Tom’s Cadillac Escalade in the Hamburg police inspection

1,243 vehicles stopped in the Hamburg police spotcheck for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. One of them: Tom Kaulitz (18). He had his License show and in the eyes can shine.
But of course the police could find nothing: “I’m really anything but a drug junkie
Tokio Hotel, the guitarist makes clear. “Apart from the sex, I am in this case, shortly before in the Back seat.” his cheeky grin, “that I could not prove really. So they have to let me go


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