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KK, I looked for the J-14… wasn’t able to find it. Sorry, I’ll keep looking. ; )

Found this THough. Just an add. I know, no big deal. But we don’t have TH in all our magazines. It’s a rare occurance sadly. <=(

(on stands til: 23/02/2009)


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 Bill in latest J-14 issue

 J-14 Magazine 

In an snip-it involving Miley Cirus. 

So sorry I can’t give you more at THis point in time.  THat might not be THe cover of THis paticular issue but it is on stands now.  Wanted to give THose who are interested a chance to get it. <=)

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Appearing as special guests at MTV’s TRL Live show
Rome. Italy,

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Michael Wilfling

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