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Gustav's Appendix Surgery

The Nielsen Company

Digital Track and Digital Album Sales Reach New Highs in 2008

Nielsen SoundScan Canada, the entertainment industry’s data information system that tracks point-of-purchase sales of recorded music product and Nielsen BDS, the music industry’s leading music performance monitoring service, have announced their 2008 Canadian year-end sales and airplay monitoring data, for the 52-week period December 31, 2007 through December 28, 2008.

Anywaaay,…  Look who is at #3  Yay TH!  You Go Boyz!!!

Nielsen BDS: Top 10 Music Video Airplay

         Title/Artist                 Detections

1        Never Too Late/ Hedley         1,300

2        4 Minutes/ Madonna feat.      1,200
          Justin Timberlake

3        Ready, Set, Go!/            1,200
         Tokio Hotel

4        Take A Bow/ Rihanna              1,100

5        Feedback/ Janet                      1,000

6        Love In This Club/ Usher        1,000
         feat. Young Jeezy

7        I Kissed A Girl/ Katy Perry       1,000

8        Low/ Flo Rida feat. T-Pain         900

9        Piece Of Me/ Britney Spears       900

10.     No Air/ Jordin Sparks Duet        900
          w/ Chris Brown

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Gustav’s Appendix Ruptures

In the morning of January 2nd, Gustav woke up with an extreme stomach ache. He told manager David Jost.  During the course of the day pains became worse and worse.
The teenage dream was delivered to the Magdeburg university hospital. Under the suspicion that his appendix had ruptured!
 After a short investigation confirmed this, Doctors moved Gustav immediately into general anaesthetic. In an operation lasting an hour, they removed the appendix of the Tokio Hotel star.

Says manager Jost: “The operation has lasted exactly one hour and was well run.”
Gustav now needs two weeks of rest, won’t leave the Hospital until Monday.

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