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Much Love for Gustav

When news broke THat Gustav had sergury to remove his appendix, THers all over were concerned. Started in THe Czech republic a show of support for our TeddyBear with sticks grew to include many countries. THis video was created by compiling submitions from all over the world. We Love You Gustav

watch video  HERE

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Gustav in his hospital room in Magdeburg.
In his bed he has his Sony-Ericsson-Walkmen and music magazines.

The drummer lies in a twin-bedded room after his appendix surgery.

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with Bravo from his Hospital Bed

Bravo: Were you in the operation. What exactly has happened?

Gustav: I got up two days after New Year’s Eve with extreme pains. I just drank tea. Occasionally the pains went, but then comes again. But when it became worse in the evening, then I called a friend of mine.

Bravo: you then went directly to the hospital?

Gustav: No, I would not lie in the hospital. I completely underestimated. My friend then came home to me,  thank God, I  went to the hospital.

Bravo: Did the doctor opperate in a hospital  immediately?

Gustav: Doctors thought that if I came a little later, I could turn out badly. It was so so. He knows that, appendicitis can be dangerous. He do not know why I reacted so. My friend, I thank a lot.

Bravo: How the opperation is carried out? How long will it take? Do you still have pain?

Gustav: The operation lasted an hour and I was under anesthesia. Doctors made me three small holes in the belly.  Then by this they could operate. Three days after, I left the hospital again.

Bravo: Are you in pain?

Gustav: Now I hardly have pains. But feel the whole area in the belly of course, you still can …