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Bill Kaulitz talks to us about painful love
& the attraction of power women

Bill Kaulitz has always been a fictional character. The hair, the makeup, the styling and then eventually the tattoos – in Germany there is hardly a musician with such an extravaganza, with more glam factor and with more talent for transformation. Just recently, the artist has reinvented himself again: For his solo project, a black and white short film by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor, a fine-art photo book and the album ‘I’m Not Okay’ called Billy – and is unusually approachable and private in the Ref29 interview . So a fictional character may also be down to earth and sow-sympathetic …

Billy, are you okay?

Now yes [laughs]. I have processed on the EP a relationship that was painful in many ways. When you leave, then there is only anger and aggression and then you go on to the phase in which one is sad and vulnerable. Sometime you just go to the point where it is believed that one should try again. All these different phases I went through and I wanted to put it on this album.

So all five songs are autobiographical?

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mit Cleo Toms



A film by Oliver Schwabe

The film tells the heroic story of the former teen band Tokio Hotel. While Gustav and Georg have remained faithful to their homeland Magdeburg, the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz now live in LA. A Million records sold, 68 times platinum, a German and later an international teenage generation forfeited the East German guys. Thousands of kids around the world to learn German – because of Tokio Hotel.

An incredible story that not only attracts fans in its spell.

The film embarks on the real Pop-tales and shows the production, preparation of interviews, the world tours, the press data Backstage situation at concerts, business meetings and strategy meetings. Always from the internal perspective of the band that is entirely self-determined. We look beyond the world of Tokio Hotel. We do not wait for the concert, we are with the band for the concert.

Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg talk about the reality behind the pop business. Desires, fears, stress but also happiness, friendship and Private life is discussed.

The film allows a view directly into the heart of Gustav, Georg, Tom and Bill, and shows the closeness to the protagonists, like the dream to be a star could be true.

Here are Tokio Hotel a very unique way – far from any extraneous determination by the music business.

Book + Director: Oliver Schwabe
Editing: Christian Becker
Producer: Birgit Schulz
In co-production with RBB, ARTE, WDR
Funded by the Film and Media Foundation NRW


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Gustav Schäfer Becomes a Vader

Tokio Hotel busy all last year working on new material. Now comes the drummer, Gustav Schäfer out with other news.

Schäfer has said via Instagram that he has become father. In February, the drummer already announced that his wife was pregnant. Schaefer has not yet indicated whether he is the father of a girl or a boy. Browse through the photos he’s shared on his Instagram.

We wish the new parents a lot of happiness and love!



How sweet, the first Tokio Hotel-baby is here! Drummer Gustav Schäfer is dad for the first time – and has become a photo posted by his offspring

DW – PopXport

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