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Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz Puts On His Best for Berlin Fashion Week!

Bill Kaulitz shows off his fierce style while striking a pose at the Lala Berlin fashion presentation on Tuesday (January 19) in Berlin, Germany. The 26-year-old Tokio Hotel singer checked out the video installation by the Berlin designer as part of 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter.
“#dandydiary #Berlin #adidas #fashionweek,” Bill captioned with his Instagram post featuring his brother Tom Kaulitz and bandmate Georg Listing.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Bill Kaulitz (26) of Tokio Hotel: “I did not know that it was Fashion Week. That’s a nice surprise!

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Welcome back! Tokio Hotel are working on new album

Bill Kaulitz and his colleagues in the studio in Germany

2015 ended for the four boys of the band Tokio Hotel as promising as the new year begins. Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer tinker with new music …

Back home

Only in November the band’s large “Feel it All” tour through Europe ended, Russia and the US and now the four are already back in the studio, but not from their adopted home Los Angeles, but in Germany. Specifically: Berlin.

Tokio Hotel October 2014 brought their last album “Kings of Suburbia” on the market. The fans may be curious about what the guys come up with this time. Their studio recordings documented on Twitter, the band meanwhile and lets the voltage rise in long nights in the studio on their latest work.


Bill and Georg laid a short break yesterday evening from everyday in the studio. As guests at the opening of Jochen Blume at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, the two artists did not remain long undetected.

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Tokio Hotel Tinker on New Album

Bill Kaulitz (26) makes his fans this year twice as happy: with a solo songs and a new Tokio Hotel Album.

Last night [. 13 January] the frontman of German rock group (‘Love Who Loves You Back’) and his colleague Georg Listing (28) visited the opening of the artist Prof. Jochen Blume (90) in Berlin’s Adlon Hotel. Because their attendance was not announced, ‘BZ’ asked after. Bill said: “Our good friend Patricia Crone Meyer organized the exhibition here It’s obvious that we stop by.” But he does he not live in the US? What drives the musician to the capital? Bill had an answer – which should excite all his fans: “We are just in Berlin to work on our new album.”

Only a few hours earlier Tokio Hotel had put a band photo on Instagram and bear the words “Back in the lab, we are working on new songs.” The 166,000 followers of the group were extremely enthusiastic and clicked more than 20,000 times the Like button.

The pleasure is doubly great, after all, Bill Kaulitz plans this year also to bring solo works to the market. When that comes, he could not say exactly. So far it is, the disc comes in the spring.

The latest Tokio Hotel album ‘Kings of Suburbia’ was released in October 2014, however, ended up not like his predecessors, No. 1 on the German charts, but only on the 2nd place.

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Wirtschafts Woche – by Patrick Schuch

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Hotel Adlon, Kempinski Berlin

It was supposed to be a quiet showing with photos of Prof. Jochen Blume (90). But then: a surprising appearance by Bill Kaulitz (26) and band mate Georg Listing (28). The Adlon was for Tokio Hotel!

Adult women were nervous when Bill walked into the main floor of the luxury hotel. “We are just in Berlin to work on our new album,” Bill told the ሀ.
Bill: “My dream is to go to Berghain times.” But until now he depends mostly from the Soho House.

And what does he do at the Adlon?
Bill: “Our good friend Patricia Crone Meyer organized the exhibition here. It’s obvious that we stop by!

Patricia Crone Meyer, is not only a good friend of the band. The lawyer also gives the musicians legal advice.

Everyone agreed: Photographs by Prof. Jochen Blume are world class! The guys from Tokio Hotel he has not had before the lens, but stars like Sophia Loren or Romy Schneider and Alain Delon.

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mit Prof. Jochen Blume

mit BZ-Online Editor Sylvia Jost

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Doctor Poop

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Auditorio Banamex – Monterrey, Mexico

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Paradise Rock Club – Boston, Mass

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