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Now he starts a solo

Bill Kaulitz of “Tokio Hotel” tried for the first time as a solo artist and presented in Los Angeles his first 5-song EP.

Black jeans with leather fringes, white shirt, *leopard print* boots, cool gray coat and curly blond hair, so did Bill Kaulitz – he now calls himself “Billy” – against 17 o’clock local time in the “Bar With No Name” in Los Angeles on the stage after the nearly 100 fans had already received his music video “Love Do not Break Me” a little taste of his new sound.

His new video making goosebumps

I’m glad you’re all here. How do you like the video?” He asks the same in the round and receives thunderous applause. “I still crawl on the ground, the sky can not see … I do not want to fight, this time it has made me really ready” Bill sings in the black/white video, the music sounds a little bit like the sexy songs of Zayn Malik (Ex One Direction), but just desperate and looking for true love. Chilling effect!

He still believes in love

Yes, love and Bill Kaulitz. As to his affairs of the heart, the heartthrob has always been a great mystery. “Do you still believe in love,” Wiebe wants to know who was flown in from Hamburg, “If I did not believe in love, I could not get up in the morning,” he replies. Who has however broken his tender heart, we do not find out on this sunny California day, but all five songs, including “Not Over You” or “Odds Are Against Us” act of heartbreak.

Tokio Hotel do not separate

I’m fine,” assured the 27-year-old to and also reveals that he will go with Tokio Hotel on a Spring tour. So no separation of the band! “The boys find my solo project well, and Tom was the whole time with me in the studio and has co-produced,” explains Bill.

VIP tickets cost 214 euros

On May 4, there is the listening party in Berlin, then it goes on to Paris and Milan. VIP tickets, the advance of the Berlin start-up company Treehouse ticketing for $245 (about 214 euros) were sold, incidentally include Bill‘s signed photo book “Billy – Love Do not Break Me” with photos from the video shoot, a 7 ” vinyl of the same songs, a drink, and of course a selfie.

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Solo Exhibit – L.A. California

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

Purchased for $2700.

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The premiere of his new short film art project “Love Don’t Break Me” celebrates BILLY, famous Bill Kaulitz and the band Tokio Hotel, exclusively on Watch the video before everyone else HERE!

LDBM is a “multi-media hybrid” -Kunstprojekt, which includes not only the music, black and white short films, a 128-page photo book and large format, framed prints.

“Love Do not Break Me” will be released as the first song of the EP on 29 April and reflects a minimalist scale “electric ballad” the new sound of BILLY music that is part of his musical development.

The song is just one part of the “multi-media hybrid” art project, which also have impressive black and white short film by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor and a fine-art photo book with selected images from the film and other original photos of the directors contains. A series of large format art prints completed the versatile art project.

I did not want a conventional release for my first solo project,” said Billy, “I needed the freedom to live out all facets of my life as a passion for art and fashion and to combine. A pure music release would be my vision does not do justice as a solo artist. ”

In future, take more artistic initiatives and activities in the fashion industry, the project. “Fashion is like an extension of my music and I can not wait to immerse themselves fully in this world. I believe that music and fashion go hand in hand. This vision I want to bring to life, “says Billy.


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“Love Don’t Break Me“

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