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What do Bill and Tom Kaulitz regret? It was 12 years ago when the brothers became teenie mega stars with Tokio Hotel. Not everything went all smooth with that. What mistakes they made, that they told David Morcherat.

Our interview date with Bill and Tom Kaulitz starts warm-hearted. Before it gets more serious though these too argue with each other about fashion – Bill a bit more fancy and his brother Tom more practical, rustic

Tom is not that brave?!

Tom: No I`m not that brave. I am very much inspired by the cold here in Germany and I left my coat on today. I have to take it off in a bit though.

Bill: With me it is very different. I`m very unpractical. I for example didn`t bring my jacket, that means I`m rather cold. Cause I didn`t have a matching jacket to the outfit so I thought I come without and prefer to freeze.

Tom: Yes and then he is standing outside and smokes. But soon we go on tour and this is all just unbelievable and can`t be true.

Yes it can. Cause styling has always been very important for Bill as the view in our archive proves. He didn`t miss out on any look. And it all started 2005 with this song: Monsoon – changed 2005 everything. The then 14 year old boys suddenly become mega stars who couldn`t have a quiet minute anymore.

If you watch old videos and see your 14 year old self, what do you think?

Bill: Sometimes it feels a bit like a different life. I feel like that was a lifetime ago.

At some point all the attention gets too much, they escape 2010 to LA. Since then the visit Germany regularly. Like today for the Berlin Fashion week for the La La Show.

Bill: When we left Germany that kind of saved us. Interpersonal but also with our career, just with everything about us.

Now that they are 27 and have a new album, Dream machine, to release, they are definitely wiser. They have learned about their mistakes.

Bill: Read the contracts with more caution.

Tom: Yes, exactly.

Bill: Well, this is what comes spontaneously to my mind.

Tom: Yes, be more selective with what you want to do and what you don`t want to do. That is what we can decide better today. We probably did some things we are not very proud of today or we wouldn`t do today anymore.

Bill: Yes.

So we talked about the business part now, let`s talk about the private parts. And about that we get something in our camera directly.

Bill: I`m totally open for something new!

translation by: Betti


Berlin, Germany

To see photo sets, click an image


Berlin, Germany

To see photo sets, click an image


From the teenage swarm to fashion boy: Bill Kaulitz was a guest at the Maybelline Show on Monday evening in Berlin

What does Bill Kaulitz actually do at Fashion Week Berlin?

As if he had guessed that the Red Carpet at the Maybelline show in Berlin would not be red but pink, Bill Kaulitz (27) appeared in a pink coat. And because Fashion Week it is, the “Tokio Hotel” singer laid still extra tons of pearls à la Coco Chanel († 87) around his dainty neck. Pretty fashionable – but also stylish? makes the check and explains why Bill Kaulitz is now one of the most important Fashion Week guests.

Time and again Radio silence was around the success band Tokio Hotel. Over twelve years ago, singer Bill Kaulitz and his boys with “Through the Monsum” conquered the hearts of countless teenagers around the world. But now there is a fulminant comeback – at least for the ex-frontman Bill. The girl swarm from Magdeburg was one of the prominent guests of the “Maybelline Xhibition” show at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Bill, the new fashion superstar?

Just a few seconds after his arrival, it was clear: Bill is THE superstar of the show. The flash of lightning lasted longer than with all the other star guests (including Cathy Hummels, Franziska Knuppe and Ann-Kathrin Brömmel) as well as the open mouths of the bloggers in the front row showed quite clearly: Here are the amorous teenagers from then and their skies Emo-boy again.

And his short Fashion Week game did not stop there: on the evening of the evening, Tokio-Bill was spotted at the Malaik Raiss show in Front Row. Later that evening Kaulitz took part in an exclusive Fashion Week dinner at the Nobelrestaurant Borchardt.

Bill Kaulitz in the latest autumn / winter mode 2017 at the show of Malaika Raiss on Tuesday evening

The wonderful transformation of Bill Kaulitz

How is it that Bill is now a frequent guest of Fashion Week Berlin? Certainly, it’s on the one hand his style transformation. Instead of an Emo-Boy with black Struwelpeterhaaren, the singer has been enthusiastic about fashionable looks since his move to Los Angeles in 2009: whether with “Maybelline” in Madonna imitation look with exhilarated hair, lots of pearl jewellery and a septum ring in the nose or in minimalism -Military-style as with Malaika Raiss – Bill always carries the latest trends from the catwalk. Even his size-zero figure is not a drawback, so he fits perfectly into the tight-cut fumble – even in those of Womenswear designers!

And one factor makes him so desirable for the Front Row: Bill is very close to “Lala Berlin” founder Leyla Piedayesh (46) – and Leyla is one of the most fashionable designers in the German fashion industry. Even with design legend Wolfgang Joop (72), Bill connects a close friendship. Certainly not so uncomfortable, which concerns a career in the fashion sector. So we would not be surprised if we see Bill even soon at the International Fashion Weeks …

And who wonders what Bill Kaulitz actually looked like twelve years ago: Here is a small summary of his wild fashion years:

So it all started. In 2005, Bill Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel were honored with “Comet 2005” by “Viva” as the “best newcomer”

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City Palace ~ Berlin, Germany

Bill's Photos

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos

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