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THis site dedicated to providing the best that I can for TH Lovin' Visitors. My site is not affiliated with Tokio Hotel. There is only ONE 'Official' Tokio Hotel site, & that is

All photos & media belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement is ever intended. Credits to Andrew Brawl. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns.
Vielen Dank for visiting.
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Affie/Elite Application

Just drop me a line or two, T
Hats all THat you need do!

Contact: Gmail

Leave your site’s name, link, und what you would like me to use as an image to represent you. If you are unsure of an image I’ll create one from your sites layout.

Oh und please keep in mind THat my site DOES NOT Support twincest, OR similar THemes. By THis I also mean to include Fake Body images of members of Tokio Hotel depicting THem in sexual/sensual situations THat TH THemselves would not have posed in/for.

THis ist a disrespect to Georg, Gustav, Tom und Bill.
THerefore I will not Affil/Elite wiTH sites THat do.

I reserve THe right to drop Affiliation wiTH any site THat since our connection posts twincest or similar, of any form be it Images, Video or FanFiction.
(& I check Affiliate sites regularly plz keep in mind) ; )

Looking forward to connecting wiTH you!

This Site DOES NOT Support Twincest,
OR similar Themes

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