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Released: October 2, 2009
Producers: Patrick Benzner, Dave Roth,
David Jost, Peter Hoffmann
Co-producers: Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz
Label: Universal


1.   Noise

2.   Darkside Of The Sun

3.   Automatic

4.   World Behind My Wall

5.   Humanoid

6.   Forever Now

7.   Pain Of Love

8.   Dogs Unleashed

9.   Human Connect To Human

10. Hey You

11. Love & Death

12. Zoom Into Me

Delux CD
disc 2

1. Phantomrider

2. That Day

3. Alien

4. Screamin


HUMANOID (English), 2010 HUMANOID (English), 2010 HUMANOID (English), 2010

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Bill Thanks:
I thank everyone who supports me and makes me laugh. The ones who never forget who I am, what’s important and who walk this way with me… My mother, my step-dad and my best friend – my family! Most important is my brother. We achieved all this together, we share everything and he never leaves me by myself. I’m so proud of us!!! I also thank my four little, furry friends who I love insanely. They make me happy every day. Thanks for the music, all the experiences as well as each and every second of my life. This album means the world to me. I love each beat and I am so happy that we did it. Guys, I’m very much looking forward to performing this album on stage… Thanks for being there. And this is for all the fans out there: thanks for your patience and thanks for being there! You make all this what it is. I gave everything and got so much back and I will never forget that… I’m looking forward to all that’s about to come!

Tom Thanks:
First of all I want to thank my little brother. I’m really proud of you! It’s so wicked what we achieved together so far… Thanks that you exist! A few people back me up each day, never drop me, shift my thoughts and support me in each and every second. I want to thank my mother, my step-dad and my best friend for doing this. My four little quadrupeds also give me a tremendous amount of love and strength. Even though we are not blood related, you are part of the family. There are also these other guys who are part of my daily life. Of course I also want to thank you guys. It’s incredible what we’ve experienced… and the journey continues! 😉 The biggest Thank You goes to our fans, you turned our dream into reality and never let us down. You gave us the time we needed and waited for us. In return we worked so hard and did everything in our power for you! I’m concluding by thanking myself… Tom!
I love you!

Georg Thanks:
First of all, I want to shout out a big Thank You to all our fans!
Thanks for being there for us all the time, for supporting us in
such an incredible way and for so many amazing concerts! Also,
thank you to Bill, Tom and Gustav for tons of unforgettable moments
that we’ve shared together. Without the strength and backing we give
each other, all of this would not have been possible, and things
probably wouldn’t be half as much fun 😉 Special thanks go to my
family: my mother and step-father who have always been there for me
and supported all the ideas I got in my head. They are helping me
with uncountable things and I can always rely on them. I thank my best
friend who manages to shift my thoughts and also want to thank my coach
for many hours full of sweat. On top of that I want to thank a very
special person in my life: for shelter, understanding, patience and
endless trust.
Thank you!

Gustav Thanks:
I want to thank my entire family. They support me throughout all my
journeys and are always there for me, even at times when we are
thousands of kilometers away. Mum, Dad, Sis – I love you so much!
Thanks to the other tree dudes, what we have been through and what
we will go through in the future has been and will be simply
incredible. Thanks also to Sascha, Heiko, Micha, Katte, Hupe, Markus,
Möhre, Länglich and Mi Ma Mo. You’re always there when there’s
something to celebrate or just to hang out, tell stories or laugh
with me. Guys, it’s great that you exist!