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Ricardo Bielecki was formerly A Tokio Hotel fan

What was it like to stand on the big stage?

Ricardo: “….Yes, I have no fear in front of the stage, I feel very comfortable on the stage, I enjoy every second and the jury verdict was super and I find it mega funny that they had addressed the cigarettes. Because I’ve stopped smoking, because they have also stopped smoking. They credit me, because they have really smoked much and so. Those who have smoked mega much on the set and on the beach, Smoked so much, it really struck me. Yes, and otherwise super experience….”

How is it to get Bill on the jury?

Ricardo: “I must admit it, at thirteen to twelve, I was a giant Tokio Hotel  fan. I can identify a bit there with Tommy, because he is a bit more tangible, somehow. Tom  had inspired me at that time already a bit. Not of the styling, but the career and passion, he has already inspired me, although that was not my genre. And yet that has swept me somehow and I had of course never admitted in school. I somehow like the jury especially since Mateo had the same jacket on as I. Was really cool.”

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The German Idol live video chat On
Friday, the 15 March 2013 at 2 pm,

The two DSDS judges, of the anniversary season of ‘Germany sucht den superstar”
Bill and Tom Kaulitz here in the video chat.
You can ask your questions live chatting with them.


DSDS 2013: Live-Videochat mit Bill und Tom Kaulitz

Chats with the superstar judges, on Friday, the 15th of March at 2:00 pm.  In the tenth season of “Germany sucht den superstar”, Bill and Tom Kaulitz  from “Tokio Hotel” are part of the American Idol judges.  On Friday, the 15th of March, you have the opportunity from 2:00 pm, to live chat with the twins.  You can ask all questions that have always burned under your nails.  The two “Tokio Hotel”  Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz  sit next to Dieter Bohlen and Mateo by “Culcha candela” in the jury of ‘Germany sucht den superstar”2013.

On March 15, they come to us in the Studio and you can chat with them live.  Whether the jury members, the American Idol candidate, or the live shows – you can rid your questions here.  You can register for free at Ask your question to Bill and Tom Kaulitz!  Finally you can learn what you have always wanted to know about the twins from “Tokio Hotel“.  Then, there are the highlights of the video chat video clips at to see.  You can watch in the video chat in full length.

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Denis: “I had a wonderful time at German Idol”

As we have announced on the YAEZ Facebook page
that you are visiting us in the Newsroom,
many fans have asked questions to you.

How do you find the members of the jury Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel?

I find Tom sympathetic, he is of his own opinion, but not always open to new ideas. Bill is a real ray of sunshine as a jury member, with his positive reputation which is not so much trampling on the feelings of the candidates.

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DSDS Promo Posters – XXL

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