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(Feb, 2014)

Pumba Pumba

Pumba Pumba


Pumba’s Album

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”Exciting Journey”

Two of the lucky winners of our 8 years monsoon contest hang out with us in the studio yesterday. We had an amazing day and were so happy that Lauren and Marie came all the way to LA that we decided to play not only 1 but 2 songs of our upcoming album. It felt amazing to share our music for the first time…. We can’t wait to share it with all of you. Thanks again to everyone who participated. We love you guys

8yrs Monsun Kontest – Canadian Winner created a FB Pg to share her experience
& to answer any questions you may have

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DSDS-jury member Mateo seems not to cope
with the victory of Beatrice Egli

“The Tokio Hotel twins came to me in the dressing room after the victory ceremony and congratulated me personally. But I have heard nothing of Mateo” ~ Beatrice Egli

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Tokio Hotel: Fame, sex & rock’n’Roll

Tokio Hotel prepares his return to the stage this year, keeping the euphoria of their controlled fans with weekly attendance of the band Gemini program Deutschland Sucht den Superstar 2013. However, the band who has confessed to all the tracks chosen for their new album, and now in the last phase of production, also revealed all the secrets and mysteries of the fame, and everything that goes with it.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz, in an interview with German Gala magazine, reveal agreement with the ideas of Gwyneth Paltrow and Robbie Williams with regard to fame, being that the actress and the singer claim that artists remain the same age they became famous and which, respectively, increases sensitivity and weakness.

However, the most shocking themes addressed throughout the interview concerned the sexuality of the group members, as well as its relationship with groupies, that is, people who seek to relate emotionally and sexually with the famous.

When we started, the girls had to leave their bags and coats with the security personnel and, basically, were already in our room semi-nude,” Tom Kaulitz confessed in an interview, even though he admitted that would never have a bad reaction if any woman would say she was pregnant, since the guitarist admitted now his relationship and for this same reason, has not involved with anyone else for a long time.

As the lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz reveals that he Misses loving someone, but the love of his brother consoles perfectly: “the relationship comes first, will always be the one that I and the tone we have. Everything else comes after that.

Finally, Bill seemed to “feel better” to learn that Goethe, had had his first time when 39 years of age: “Wow! Now I feel better” were the words of vocalist.

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