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It’s official. The Kauiltz brothers, who were the stars in our last baby challenge, have really changed their style……….

If you look carefully at this  photo, you will notice that Bill has dreadlocks and so does Tom (though his are a bit shorter)! Could it be that Tokio hotel has changed its style forever, or is this a passing fad? One thing is for sure, they will still sound great when they sing no matter what their hairstyle.


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After a public vote, Twin newborn polar bear cubs
at the Dvůr Králové zoo in the Czech Rebuplic
were named after the Twins from the German band Tokio Hotel. 

Tom & Bill

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Menší z populárních dvojčat, lední medvěd Tom, čeká 14. února v kotci brněnské zoo na odvoz do Prahy

The smaller of the popular polar bear Twin, Tom, waits on Saturday, the 14th of Feb for the removal to a zoo in Prague.

On Saturday afternoon, 1 year old Tom, who is very popular aswell as his sibling, ‘Bill’.  Bill was relocated to the metropolis of Brnoin, Prague Zoo.  Leave with him came hundreds of people. Tom arrived all right, only the transport made the young bear a little nervous.

Prague zoo spokesman Vit Kahle said that the transport took place as planned.  “Everything was in order and landing took place without any complications to the fact that the movement is in the life of a bear cub pressures on its nervous system”. For shipping boxes Macek said, weighing 110 pounds, Tom got smoothly into the quarantine area & will later have exposure to other polar bears.

“It is in the care of veterinarians, who conducted the entrance examination. If everything is correct, visitors will see Tom within ten days,” said Kahle.  Tom was given in the zoo fish and water, to calm down. In later days he will begin outdoor exposure. 

 Preparing for departure lasted about half an hour.  On Sunday, the second of the pair, Bill, will also be transported.

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Tom’s SUV seems well suited to THe Handsome Man THat he is, but…

Could THis be his smexy new ride?

(danke Shelby)

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