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Oberhausen, Germany

Comet Awards – Backstage pt III

Comet Awards - Backstage pt III

Gustav: I think it’s exciting, when there is always people there who scream for you… that’s cool.

Tom: Of course things have changed for us; we can’t just walk on the street without being recognized. We’re travilling a lot with the band, we also have a break of a year with school. So we can organize everything a bit better.

Bill: We’re doing now what we’ve done after school all the time. After school we always went straight to the rehersal room, we’ve only been making music. Now we can do that all day long so it all just turned around; when we have time left after making music, we do schoolwork. It’s going well.

Georg: There was always press waiting in front of the school und they also went inside the building. Sometimes I got called to the teacher’s room in the middle of a class because some guy from one or another magazine was waiting there who wanted me to give him an interview. That just doesn’t work.

General try-outs, 2 hrs till showtime

Tom: Well, maybe Gustav plays for his love. But I can imagine when I would be in love right now I would want her to watch. But further you’re totally free up on that stage; it’s a rock show; we play for our fans.

3 mims till autograph session at the red carpet.

Georg: We always wail around like this, we don’t specially change befor a show.
Bill: No,… We come like this in the morning und stay like this all day.
Tom: I would go to school the way we look now; I always walk around like this.

The Red Carpet

Bill: Impressive.
Tom: Indeed.
Bill: I didn’t think there were even so many people at the red carpet, I was really surprised so many were standing there.
Tom: Now we’re getting a little bit excited.
Bill: Yes, the nervousness is coming.

Comet Awards – Backstage pt IV

Comet Awards - Backstage pt IV

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Backstage, pt I


Oberhausen, Germany

Comet Awards – Backstage pt II

Comet Awards - Backstage pt II

Tom: It would be really hard to create a proper relationship now, because you don’t know if they are true feelings or if the girl wants you just because you’re famous.

Georg: I mean, for a relationship there is simply not enough time right now. A good relationship asks much time to really get to know each other und I simply don’t have that time.

Tom: Well, when someone in the band would change we would all tell him. I mean, we know each other for a very long time. Und family und friends would also say something.

Gustav: We’re just freinds; we know when someone is going through a bad time und when to let someone alone, how to create a good atmosphere und what to expect from each other. We understand each other perfactly, but of course everybody also has his own freinds.

Georg: It’s always extremely funny, und I’m always happy when I see the bus with everybody in it und I know that my stomach will hurt in the evening because we’ve been laughing all day.

Arena Oberhausen, 7 hrs till showtime.

Tom: A 1/4 to 2 und there is no breakfast anymore, ridiculous!Bill: I got to say; in contrast to other things they really have a good catering. A good atmosphere here too, so… Yes,Tom: The best catering we’ve had in a long time.

Backstage, 5 hrs till showtime

Bill: Looks, we’re not on it because we’re going to be nominated afterwards.
Tom: Look, Die Toten Hosen! They have the coolest –
Bill: This is the love nest of Sarah und Marc, their cozy corner… I think Tom wanted to help Marc out a little…
Tom: I’ve heard help is needed…
Bill: Yes, it’s needed.

Bill: Everyone gets dancing girls, even Stefan Raab has dancing girls und we don’t. I think we also should have dancing girls! All the way I’ve been waiting for only one person; Nena! But we haven’t passed her room yet, we’ll have to see…

Nena: Finally we meet!
Bill: Hallo
Nena: Hi!

Nena: When you’ve got some time left afterwards just pass by und I’ll introduce you to my band!
Bill: Yes, cool.
Tom: Right.
Nena: My room is there around the corner.
Tom: Yes, we’ve already passed it once…
Nena: (laughs) Okay. Bye
TH: Bye

Bill: Yes, that was cool! I’ve waited very long for that, it’s really nice. Now you notice, thats the cool thing; you get to know so many people on events like this. Und we’re just the same as before, but we’re allowed to go to this sort of event. Thats incredible.

Interview with ‘Sugar’, 4 hrs till showtime.
Interview with MTV

Georg: We absolutely love to play live, und that stimulates us, sometimes we’re like: “We’ve got a performance tomorrow und we’re still giving interviews now”. But I don’t mean that we’ve had enough of the interviews; it has always been clear that we would do that kind of thing und we’re enjoying it actually.

Photo shoot with ‘Bravo’

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Backstage, pt I


Oberhausen, Germany

Comet Awards – Backstage pt I

Comet Awards - Backstage pt I


Arrival at Arena Oberhausen, 27 hr till the Comet Awards.

Bill: I was really stunned, because it was really beautiful, that it goes all the way up there und so on. When it’s filled with the audience und the lights are on I think it will be quite impressive. I think it’s really done well.

Sound Check, 26 hrs till showtime.

Bill: The situation in which the singer is like, more important und the others are jealous because of it has never occured to us I have to say. Gustav is the one who’s calm. He often withdraws himself und is very happy he can sit behind the drums und doesn’t have to go to the front of the stage. Tom is a real poser with his guitar so he backs me up on stage und Georg is really the typical bassist; a bit reserved und quiet. This is who we are und I think everyone is quite happy the way it is.

Tom: Bill is like, the mysterious one of us. He often withdraws himself so he sometimes misses things und when he doesn’t feel like taking part in what we do, he just walks off.

Tom: Try-outs are so boring, it’s really nothing special.

Bill: You have to wait all the time…

Tom: Try-outs suck.

Hotel room, 9 hrs till showtime.

Bill: I’m really looking forward to it. I want to go back there again, und after that the nerviousness comes. I think that’s just part of it, I mean; when we wouldn’t be excited it would be pretty pathetic. We’re excited before every show.

Tom: Open the door Georg!

Georg: I think this is going to be a very cool show. A hour before the show it kind of starts, then you get all jittery…

Gustav: Then you’re excited, an hour before the show. And then you’re on stage; the shortest minutes of your life. Then the applause comes und you get off the stage; that’s always a nice feeling.

Hotel Lobby, 8 hrs till showtime

Tom: I think that it’s great we have so many female fans, but of course I’m also very glad when we have male audience, which we get surprisinly much. We start getting more und more fan mail from male fans. Maybe no love letters, but they like our music und that makes me happy. Und waht also really makes me happy is when we get fan mail which says; “We’ve started a band and want to do it just like you do”. I find that extremely cool, when we show other people that it’s very well possible at our age.

Gustav: Luckily I don’t stand out too much now, I’m glad actually. I still can walk on the street normally for 20 meters; Bill would have had to write at least five autographs in those 20 meters.

Bill: I got to say that it’s harder to find a permanent girlfriend, personally. Because you can never know if the girl would have been interested in you in normal life. For that reason it’s a bit harder, but of course I get to know people more easily now und get to talk to them. So there are two sides of this, you can never really be sure.

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