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Musique Plus
Montreal, Canada

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Appearances/Events, Video


Musique Plus
Montreal, Canada

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RTVE Spain

How long have you been waiting?

Fan 1: I don’t understand. I’m French.

They even come from out of the country!

What does the fan club do? How do you organize yourself?

Fan 2: We organize ourselves with Street Teams. In every city, in every province.Each province has a coordinator. She is in charge of gathering fans & promoting the band in their city.

How long have you been waiting for this concert?

Fan 3: A month.

Out here?

Fan 3: Ya, out here with her (points)

In tents?

Fan 3: Yep, in tents. The 1st day they gave us those tarps. It was a little boring at 1st but there’s a basketball court, ping pong, cards. UNO, she keeps wanting to play. Until 2 weeks ago ppl started getting here & it got better you know.

How would you discribe your music?

Bill: I wouldn’t say we have a certain style. What we do ist simple what comes out. It could be ballads or slow songs. It can be anything, it changes.

Tom: Wait, wait, wait, wait,… If you are looking for a general term, it’s simply GOOD. What we do ist genius. Thats our style, Good und Genius.

Fan 3: Is Bill going to stop smoking?

Tom: But I haven’t even started smoking

(all laugh)

Bill: I haven’t started smoking yet.

(all laugh)

Fan 4: Do they know that not all their fans are little 15yr olds? There are many fans that are 30-40 yrs old. It sorta erases the idea that all their fans are teens because there are many that are not.

Bill: Yeaaa, some ppl have said that… und there are a few more mature ladies, like you said that want to marry me… but, well… –

Tom: We think it ist great if they look good for their age…

Georg: Then its marvelous!

Anyway, you know what is important is that experiance & age go together.

You’re aware of all the fans you have, aren’t you a little creeped out that they shout out your name, or that they imitate the way you dress. Doesn’t that scare you a little bit?

Tom: Nooo, it doesn’t scare us. We love it! I love it! The more people the better, especially at the koncerts. Und Bill und I have always hope that their would be people that could relate to us. Oue style, what we do, how we dress. Und we love seeing that.

How did you feel the 1st time you came to spain? What was your 1st impression?

Bill: Well I feel great being here. We always have a good time. Und I’m thirilled cuz I’d say I’m the type that loves the sun.

Tom: ya

Bill: Und Tom und I are always trying to check out the cities. Und this time we’ve done it in Barcelona. It’s a beautiful city.

Bill: Well, greetings to all our fans. Thank you for supporting us. We hope to have a great koncert tonight.


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