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On Tour with Teenmag


Have you ever been in Tokio Hotel?

Bill: I must say, not yet. We have not been there, but we would like to go there, it’s our big dream, to go to Tokyo to play a concert there, we hope that we may succeed next year.

You are often on the road and ride from place to place. What is to be on tour all year round?

Bill: Actually, it’s nice, of course, we love touring, we love to travel, but most people are missing your own bed. We love sleeping, and every day we are in another hotel in another bed or sleep in any tourbusu … so we are missing your own bed, just sleep at home.

What you miss the most when you are on tour?

Tom: As far as people, so they are best friends and our parents. We can not appoint one person … just friends and parents.

Georg: And of course our animals.

Tom: Oh, the animals! Yes, sometimes we are missing my little dog.

What’s the name?

Tom: His name is Scotty?


Tom: Scotty, yeah.

You live a bizar life. All the girls are screaming and yelling when they see you. What do you think of that?

Bill: It is indeed very strange. It is a big change for us. From today until tomorrow came totally new life, we began to live completely different. But we wanted to, it’s a big dream for us, who we met and we can all play a concert and you can see a lot of countries, so it’s cool life, but it was a big change.

If you do not want a normal life, where we can go to the party, flirt with the girls, without the big event?

Tom: Well in terms of flirting … Georg tries to flirt all day. However, our live has changed when it comes to the girls, there are more and more. There are sometimes situations where you want to go to the movies or something. I think a date with a girl is harder, you can not just take her to the cinema. Then you choose for a hotel. It’s better, it’s faster.

So it’s really a great dream, but there are things that are less pleasant?

Bill: In any case, it’s great dream, a dream band, and to be successful, and this is absolutely great. But of course, there are moments that you feel alone. It’s almost so that you do not have time for family and then you feel lonely sometimes. … when you just want to go on the street, to be at least 1 day unknown. Of course, This sort of moments are the down sides from the dream.

It is possible for you to go on the street? Do you ever go incognito?

Tom: Sometimes we try to go out when we go I was wearing a hood so, so that you can not see my hair. I will not speak to the details or I would be otherwise known. Sometimes it does not help. The real fans see us anyway and we give them an autograph.

Have you already had your holiday this year?

Bill: At the end of each year we have 2 weeks holiday, and of course we know there some days off, but otherwise work the whole year. At the end of this year we are going to a small island. I am a complete fan of small islands, so that’s the place we choose for our holiday.

Do you go with the 4 of you, or are you tired to hang around with each other?

Tom: Sometimes we go together, but now we think: “Okay, we’re together in 345, 350 days , we need some time to be alone with family and friends.

You yourselves are pretty famous, but here are there bands with which you would like to perform?

Bill: I think a big dream of each to perform with Metallica, AC / DC or Rolling Stones.

Tom:You just do not say no to that, “any” bands such as these.

Bill: I think this would be really cool, but it would be also be an honour to work with them.

Tom: I think it’s hard, you do not know personally if you really want to work and perform together you must understand one another, because the music is really special thing. Music is an emotion and you have to be on the same level. So it’s hard to say. I think now it can not tell. As far as me, personnaly I want to work with rap stars. Maybe someday there will be a collaboration with them.

(Aug. 2008)


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