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TH Interview with Patricia Van THein

For an eleven-year-old girl it’s clear; walking backstage at the music show as a reporter is totally cool. Not even the greatest fans get to come as close to the stars like she is now able, and their screaming doesn’t help.  After a while, Patricia (the girl) is right in the middle; on the couch and in conversation.

Patricia: There are so much girls screaming very, very loud. How do you bear it?

Tom: Yes, it is quite loud, but we like the fact that they are screaming for us. The try-outs are also quite loud and we all have ear damage. I always hear a beep in my ears when I go to sleep.

Patricia: Do you actually have…erm…Girlfriends?

Georg: No we’re unfortunately all single.

Patricia: Well, why am I here then!

(Everybody laughs)

Georg: Well, as I said we’re unfortunately all single, but maybe something will happen.

Patricia: I’m now on a middle school and there is a girl with exactly the same haircut as you-

Tom: Middle school? How old are you then?

Patricia: I am eleven. So she has the same haircut as you. What do you think about that?

Bill: I actually think it’s really cool, because every band dreams of having an own single and music video and making successful music, and we succeeded.

Bill: And we also dreamed of little Toms and little Bills and little Georgs and little Gustavs standing on the first line at our concerts. And when you see that it’s really cool. I don’t really care or it are boys or girls.
I’m already very pleased that people like it and want to have the same. But of course people also have to find their own way and create their own style.

Tom: You should let Georg say something too, because I think he likes you.

Patricia: Yes, maybe…

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