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Between Hype & Hatred

mit English subs

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Tokio Hotel are back. In Los Angeles,
they tell of its five-year “period of maturation” in detail in the interview
– and of course the upcoming club tour.




mit English SUBs

Hello dear friends, we were at the Tokio Hotel video shoot for their new single ‘Feel It All’ and we met them later for an interview. That’s great, because I’ve always liked them for their cool and sarcastic way. Hello, Durch den Monsun was THE shit but now Tokio Hotel is out with a new album, Kings of Suburbia.

We accompanied you at your video shoot today, tell me, what’s going on?
Bill: It was a very different shoot. It’s like a documentary, actually. I’ve played a very different character. I’m playing a drug addicted guy who’s hanging out with his gang and we had a camera with us to shoot us the whole day and we tried to make it like a real movie in one day. To play a junkie, was always my dream part, that’s something I always wanted to do. That’s way I inserted this kind of character in the video.

Why do you want to play a junkie?
Bill: I don’t know, I was always fascinated by this world, by this dark side of humans, so to say. The Basketball diaries with Leonardo DiCaprio and also Kids and Christiane are movies that I’ve always watched as a little boy and which I found fascinating. And somehow I fell attracted to it. I’m interested in the stories behind it and the humane abysses.

Ehm, how would you describe your album in emojis?
Tom: We have our own emojis and I’m using my own emoji already.
Tom: That’s the coolest emoji in the whole world.
Bill: Pumba also has an emoji!
How does your emoji look like?
Tom: It simply looks amazing, it looks like me.
And you say thumbs up?
Georg: Yes
Bill: Pills, cigarettes
Everything. Bombs, knives
Tom: I’d say bombs, cigarettes, there are also injections?
Bill: Yes.

There are also injections? Very good! Guys, we’ve prepared a little game. I will name some character traits, and when the trait is applying to you, you must drink tomato juice, BUT you can prepare the tomato juice with drops Tabasco for each other.
Tom: Okay, and whoever applies to one of these character traits will have to drink it.

Exactly. One sip. For example, if it’s ‘intelligent’ i’d have to drink.
Tom: Yeah and when it’s ‘handsome’ I’d have to drink

Okay, stop
Tom: No, I’m pouring as much as I poured for the others too.
Bill: It’s Enooough. Tommmmm

Okay, first trait: Who’s the funniest?
Bill: Georg! We all decided that it’s Georg.

Tom: Did you drink already?

Why is Georg the funniest?
Tom: Just look at him
Georg: Oh that’s so super spicy
Tom: Drink already!

Who’s the most intelligent?
Bill: Georg!
Georg: Cheers

Who’s the most diligent one?
Tom: I’d say I’m the most diligent but I’ll say Bill.
Georg: I think you both should take a sip, you both are equally diligent.

Who’s the biggest smartass?
Tom: That’s Georg again

Who’s the biggest crybaby?

Who’s most plaintive person?
Tom: I guess that’s you
Me? plaintive

Who’s mommy’s boy?
Bill: Georg I think we all are mommy’s boys.

Who’s the best smelling one?
Bill: That’s me
Tom: That’s me too
Bill: That’s me, for sure.

Whose bathroom smells very bad after taking a dump?
Bill & Tom: Georg!!
Tom: And the thing is, he’s taking that sip with pleasure. That’s all say.

Who’s the most musical one?
Bill: Tom!
Tom: That’s me
Bill: Yes

Who’s the most suicidal one?
Bill: I’m a bit, right?

Who’s the most creative?
Bill: Me

Who can get along well with money?
Bill & Tom: Georg.
Are you stingy?
Tom: Yes!
Georg: Oh that’s such a nonsense!
Tom: He’s so stingy, that’s why he’s responsible for our band’s money box
Georg: I’m clever

Who’s the biggest village boy?

Who’s the laziest?
Bill: I can’t decide between Georg and Gustav, I don’t know.
Gustav: How about you take a sip?
Bill: I think your isn’t that spicy. May I taste yours? You wanna taste mine?
Tom: You guys have to taste mine.
Bill: No, I’d vomit.

Can we give it to the dog?
Bill: I can’t anymore guys… that’s so..
Guys that’s so spicy, I really can’t anymore!

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Last weekend we went to Berlin for an interview with Tokio Hotel. This was the first Dutch interview that Tokio Hotel gave since four years. The men talked about, among other things, the past five years, their upcoming tour, the most recent album by the band called “Kings of Suburbia” and much, much more! Especially for the fans this interview online before the tour begins! At the bottom of this article you can see nearly 30 minute interview.

Tokio Hotel is 21 March in Tivoli Vredenburg. More info on this show can be found on the website of Tivoli Vredenburg!